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  1. I tried those settings with all 3 sticks of OCZ. One of my EL 4200 Plat. gives me a tons of errors in test #5 and will not boot into windows. This is all in slot 1 with very relaxed settings. The other two dimms shine, even when I give them tighter timmings or a bit of an OC. I ran the tests a few times, and I am confident that the DIMM is bad. Thanks for your help, I think this is resolved.
  2. Most of the optimized normal settings I haven't touched, they are still on auto. And no I am just trying to run my two dimms of 512 MB OCZ EL 4200 Platinum DC Kit. The other OCZ stick is just for testing alone. I can boot and run ok with one dimm, but I'm having issues with both dimms. I haven't gone over 3.0v up to now. Thanks for the help..
  3. Does that warranty mean I should run them that high on voltage without active cooling? I am out of case right now so I don't have any fans directly on them. Also, at 3.0v, they seem to get hot to the touch. Are you sure its 3.5v? I though the warranty was good up to 3.0v. Thanks for the input, I'll check for some OCZ reps over at Anandtech.
  4. Ok, I have made some progress. After changing the cpu and video card, I wasn't getting anywhere. However, I cleared the bios and managed to boot with just one dimm of OCZ value-type ram (new). In order to get somewhere I had to manually increase the voltage to 2.7v. Then, I pop in my OCZ 4200 EL Platinum 2.5-3-3-X ram, and it will not boot, I still get a shutdown during windows bootup. So I relax the timings to 3-4-4-10, bring the voltage to 2.8v, disable command per clock and it boots into windows and runs for a good while. I was so happy. :nod: Finally, I insert my other dimm of 4200 EL, and I can't boot again. I up the voltage to 2.9v, then 3.0v (just to try quickly), and it loads windows. I turned the system off afterwards because I am not sure I want to run these dimms at that voltage. At 2.8v, those two dimms report no errors in memtest86 but will not boot my windows OS. Any ideas on what I should do? All of this ram is fairly new and has run well for months, and passes memtest86. Is it a matter of bios settings on my board to get it to go? Any suggestions on a starting point?
  5. This is where you should be focusing IMO. I think that many of the members in this forum would say that you need to try a quality brand PSU with 26 amps + on the 12v rail. You seem to say you're running a P4 PSU? The 12v rail could be grossly insufficient. PSU issues can include all sorts of errors from RAM to god knows what else. Process of elimination is the only way you will solve this with our help. Try one step at a time, I would start with the PSU (borrow one or get a new one). I am not the only one who has mentioned this in the thread, please let us know that you have tried it so we can move to the next step if it doesn't work.
  6. Here is a bit more information: - I ran memtest on my 3 different OCZ Dimms, so it is likely that we can rule that out. I currently have the voltage set to 2.7v manually. - I have another Fortron 530W that I could try. I upgraded from this PSU as the 12v rail is not sufficient. What are the chances that my brand new Fortron 500W Blue Storm is causing my rig to reboot/shutdown? - I pulled out both the CD-ROM and floppy drives, and it still shuts down while I load windows on my Raptor. This is a previous install before hardware upgrades. I see the Windows logo and the progress bar going accross the screen for about 5-10 seconds, then I get the shut down. - Before I took the rig apart to replace the PSU, my rig was running fine. CPU was passing prime95, no problem. I am booting the mobile at 1.55v at the moment to try to resolve these issues. I am thinking there's something I am missing here... Could the prior windows install be interfering with a CD-ROM install boot-up? Anything in the BIOS that might be causing this? I always get the shutdowns exactly at the same point, which would indicate to me it's not heat or psu related, but that's just my guess. Anyone?
  7. Hi guys, I just installed a new DFI 250 GB and Fortron Blue Storm since I was having some issues (after I rebuilt my rig I had no post). Those issues appear to have been resolved, but unfortunately I can't get the board to boot like it should. If I try to boot into the autorun Windows install from my CD-ROM drive, my pc will reboot right after the "analysing system settings..." message prior to the setup launching. Also, if I try to boot on my HD which has my old Win XP install on it, it then shuts down. However, I can boot to a floppy or safe mode in windows without any issues. I have tried a different CD-ROM drive, fidling with the cables, different boot settings, etc. I'm not sure what to try next. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  8. Should the 6/23 bios boot a mobile CH without issues? I don't think it officially supports those mobiles, but in general do they come to life at default CMOS vcore so you can then adjust it?
  9. Thanks ! This is very usefull information in troubleshooting my Motherboard.
  10. Will the current shipping bios boot a Sempron 64? If you know what version of bios currently ships on the board, I would appreciate that info as well. Thanks
  11. Awesome, So just to confirm, are my next two steps in troubleshooting this: 1- Try a hotflah or new chip if available, and 2- Replace motherboard if that fails? Thanks guys
  12. Unfortunately not, but I read about badflash.com. Should any smaller PC repair shop be able to do a hotflash for a reasonable price if I bring the bios file on a disk? Edit: I just called what is likely the best PC repair shop in town and he doesn't believe I will be able to find someone around here who can just hotflash a chip.
  13. Thanks, If the board is not posting on two separate cpu's (one is mobile however), with two separate video cards, 3 different sticks of OCZ ram, and two Fortron PSU's less than two years old (530W and Blue storm), can I conclude that I have some sort of a Motherboard problem? Is it logical to order a new CMOS chip, or does it make more sense to just get a new motherboard altogether? Thanks CPDMF
  14. I guess the best troubleshooting question I could ask at this point is: Should my Sempron 64 (newly purchased) normally post/boot on the NF3 250GB with a bios dated October 2004? If it should post, I am leaning towards a bad CMOS chip or motherboard at the moment. Anyone?
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