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  1. hey, I've found this memory at ridiculous prices.. but didn't find many reviews of it, do any of u know how much Vdimm it can handle and at what speed it normally tops? Thanx, V1P3R
  2. V1P3R_BR4ZL14N

    [Resolved] Infinity.. wtf happened with LAN?

    Thanks a lot dude!!! It worked.. :D :D Thanks for the help Angry, Thunda and Zerocash =]
  3. V1P3R_BR4ZL14N

    [Resolved] Infinity.. wtf happened with LAN?

    kinda like, I have runned prime for more than 5 hours and memtest for 4 passes in test 5.. It IS stable.. Even in stock I can't get the lan back on ..
  4. V1P3R_BR4ZL14N

    [Resolved] Infinity.. wtf happened with LAN?

    put my finger in the heatspreaders.. They aren't even warm to touch.. =/ in both SB and NB I have a fan in the window of the Tower and 2x intake + 2x exit so heating of the mobo shouldn't be a problem at all.. Systemp is now 41ºC and Cpu (playing music, trillian and surfing the web.. ) is 46~47º I know it's kinda high but it's because I have to clean my cooler... can't remove it because I ran out of AS ceramique.. and here it's kinda hard to find good thermal paste in normal shops so gotta ask it from the internet.. 20 days waiting SUX.. gonna steal some from a friend of mine and get back to my 51ºC @ load (yeah.. STILL kinda high, brazil is pretty damn hot ya know? ) PS: Really great support.. =D thanks man. It's almost faster than ICQ =]
  5. V1P3R_BR4ZL14N

    [Resolved] Infinity.. wtf happened with LAN?

    sorry bout that, I only put the sig after having posted that. guess it's all here now, I've read the sticky before, searched for this and there was one user with the same problem I'm having.. tried to increase the agp latency as it was one of the things that could solve the problem according to the topic but couldn't even boot with the higher latency. EDIT: found the topic http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...=&threadid=1345 it says PCI latency.. didn't he mean AGP? couldn't find this in bios anywhere.
  6. Hey guys, first post here and unfortunately its a bad thing.. =/ My Lan was working fine and then PUFF! it was gone.. I've already the "lan dropout cure" but no use for me.. I use a ADSL 256/128 and can't get past the connecting through wan miniport, dunno why though.. Put in an old Generic ethernet from Realtek and it is working fine. but where is my onboard lan? :confused: Sorry bout the lauzy (is the spelling correct?) english but i'm kinda rusty.. got used to a lot of reading in english but almost no writing