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  1. Yes, it is. Very ageeable BIOS, almost as many RAM tweak options as the DFI NF4 LanParty boards. I'm running a 3800+ X2 in one.
  2. How can I get a hold of an I/O shield for sn Ultra-D? Where can they be purchased? TIA, Scott
  3. I know squat about PCI-e cards. I simply need a card that won't hold me back in my overclock, or suck up system RAM. I just want one that will get out of the way. Will be using a 3800+ Venice that just came. I want to order the Ultra-D, but figure I'll order the VC at the same time. ~~~~~ Also, I don't lose anything, in terms of OCability using a simple Ultra D, as compared to any of the other DFI/NF4's do I? thx Scott
  4. Interested in this setup. Any buddy running it? Any problems, hints, etc? I'm thinking a 3400+ Newcastle might do well with good cooling and the flexibility of many multipliers.
  5. hehe, yep anair. that rumor...about SS being used? wouldn't that be nice? I really am pretty much a newb at this A64 stuff, but what i was thinking is if my CH can do 230 x 11, turned down from 250 x 10 ~~ couldn't a 3400+ NC do 230 or so x 12? Or it is just not that simple? thanks, RGone. Scott
  6. What rev is that 3200? As far as I know, only some of the older XMS PC3200 was BH-5.
  7. Are the 2.4 chips all CG rev? What has been peeps experiences with them as far as system OC. How much headroom is left in them? I was thinking of possibly selling my decent ( 2.5 ) CH to purchase a 2.4 chip as long as I knew I'd probably be able to hit 2650, preferabl y2.7 or more. What I really want is the multiplier. I have a phase change mochine that is in the process of being made able to run and I figger I will either have to spend money on different RAM or a chip, to utilize it to it's best potential.
  8. umm, yeah. - Brings the temp readings down some. - Helps with DTR compatibility, I believe. - Also, "Fixes - when CPU Thermal Throttling disabled, no post"-(9-14 BIOS) There may be other reasons, also. I haven't visited thread recently, til just now. >>> jess's thread Hell, just check out the thread. Lots of info in it.
  9. That is what I'm getting. In fact, I would of already had it, but I ordered the aluminum one by mistake ( and I definitely want copper - the aluminum is 25gms, the copper is 52gms and draws heat better ). So, I had to order again. ( Hmm, no wonder it was $6.50 vs $8.95! ) I've also bought a stepped Zalman chipset cooler. Will be looking to see if that will fit, but I seriously doubt it, considering I'll be putting the VGA Silencer 5 on 6800 this weekend. Something tells me the Zalman will be bound for one of my NF2 systems... Vantec Iceberq Solid 311549 Copper VGA and Chipset Cooler Combo (Shipped) USPS Tracking Number: 01805213907xxxxxxxx
  10. My temps were 67C ( under load ) before I flashed to the 9/12 BIOS. Now they are 45-47C idle. High 50s-low 60s under FaD ( heavy load ). They have to be off. I figure by 10C or more. Do I like it? No. But, yeah I'm gonna try to ignore it. Just wish I had one that read correctly like some fortunate folks do. Luck of the draw, I suppose. I love this motherboard!
  11. The vidcard fits, no problem. Now the question is, what chipset cooler will fit? Especially since I just got this for the 6800 yesterday.
  12. Did you have to bend or modify anything to get that 120 to fit?
  13. and what Vid Card are you using it with ( for fit ), as it is mighty dang close. I'm using a 6800 GT and have a VGA Silencer Rev 5 on its' way here from jab-tech. Wondering what kind of room that will take up in relationship to fitting a chip sink. Wondering what cooler I'll be able to use. I've ordered a ccba1c AND a blue stepped Zalman from svc. I'll see what fits. What ever doesn't will have a home in other systems that should of been done long ago. I've also ordered a Zalman fan bracket to blow over the area ( cheap, too, 6.99 at svc! ). Worse comes to worse, I'll just use the stock cooler w fresh AS5 application and blow hard on it!
  14. I thought Windows XP SP2 & AMD Athlon 64's Don't Mix... Or have they resolved that?
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