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    good JOKE for ya...

  2. What color shirt should I wear when i pick up my lotto ticket winnings, I was thinking red to represent a strong sense of confidence, then again was thinkin of green to represent I will be able to say "Take this Job...." Just asking in advance as I am feeling extremely lucky and need to be prepared.
  3. Budster

    x850 pro 128c

    I would make sure your fan is coming on at 100% at least at 55°. I use ati tray tools and program my fan speeds for my video card.
  4. Budster

    good JOKE for ya...

    Originally Posted by flyingkiwi 8.) Brake fluid mixed with beer makes smoke, and lots of it. 24.) 80% of Men who read this will try mixing the beer and brake fluid. Well, did you get any good results?
  5. Budster

    Help Buying a new case

    The first case i ever bought was an aspire case with the psu. It was a purchase that I regret. The fan controllers quit after a week and the 4 pin connectors were very poor quality. The wires were pulling out with the pins. I strongly advise not to go that route. I was a rookie and did not know any better. At least i did choose a good MB!!!
  6. Budster

    good JOKE for ya...

    I thought brown nosing meant that you could not stop as fast as your supervisor!!!
  7. Budster

    ever fell through your loft

    Remember what happenned to your two brothers. One made a house of straw.... J/k
  8. Verify that this a valid job offer and get the details If it is a valid job offer--TAKE IT 1. it is closer 2. you may have help movin up with "sister's friend" 3. It's your first job, ya gonna screw up and get fired sometime, right? 4. Some people keep gettin fired or find a job they like 5. if ya hate going to work, why go? 6. If ya need reassurance making a decision, maybe ya better sleep on it another night. I have came to realized that if a decision is keeping you up nights and asking other people what they think..... it is usually a...... 1 more thing. Make sure your sister's friend cannot get ya fired as fast as she hired ya just a thought
  9. Budster

    ever fell through your loft

    Back in "76 i remember picking up a brand new Jeep Cherokee 4wd loaded with all the good stuff with Pops. April it was I think. Pop's is beaming picking up the bright red beast as we all said good-bye to that smiling salesman. Mom is happy and I think even Sis is not being her usual "charming" self. To make a short story even shorter, 6.7 miles down the road, this car made a left turn across three lanes and Pops smacked right into it. My dad was a cussin kind of guy, and I do wish I did Have a tape recording of it! He cussed so much and so thoughtful I should have written it down. I heard some of them words before--err most of em actually-- but some of them was pure artwork-- they were brand new and one of a kind-- wish i could remember them ones
  10. Bob Seger "Live Bullet" Right now I am listening to isTravelin Man fading into Beautiful Loser--- Jody Girl getting a turn too! When I go to the pub and this is on the juke box, This gets played. This live version just flows and goes. I do not even have the studio versions of these songs. I have the original lp and the cd of this album. I just like it.
  11. LMFAO I was just running a line of BS about kicken her to the curb! I'm sure I may have managed to rattle a few cages. Some were prolly thinking this guy is an idiot after readin that post. I do agree with you about break ups after marriage like that.
  12. Budster


    I am 40 years old now and I still cannot answer the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Hmmm, maybe i should go and ask Happy what I should be when I grow up in the " Ask Happy or Momma!" thread.
  13. Hmmm.... I was picturing either a large city bus or maybe a train or a subway train (L train?) that was sprayed ( tagged) with a spray can but looked airbrushed with an awesome street logo. Maybe even the side of a large brick building. Something real flashy that did not look like vandelism, graffitti, or a partridge family bus. I have seen many boxcars on freight trains that were just pieces of art work. I have never been to NY and places like that But I am sure that quite a few people have seen what I am trying to describe. Check out this link . http://www.graffiti.org/index.html
  14. Right On! Thanks for the good advice. I just told her to pack her stuff up and get out. She isn't going to get me to marry her just to get rid of me. Dang, you probably just saved me half of everything I own. So on with my next question: Do you think I should check into mail order brides or try one of them online match-making services?
  15. To both Angry, err, Happy Games and Momma I have been with My beautiful woman for 22 years. When & IF we get married do I have to start at year one or can i call it 22 years?