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  1. thats nuts, my evga 7800 GT has been screaming since day one, along with the one i bought for my dad. sorry to hear about your sting of bad luck! -Andy
  2. i bet its something to do with timings of your memory, does your memory require a higher voltage to boot to? i remember i had to stick a different stick of memory in and manually set my settings in bios once. was a while back not sure if this could be your issue. make sure you got both power plugs plugged into the motherboard theres a 5v molex and a 12v molex plug needed to be plugged into the motherboard + the usual big one. -Andy
  3. i just sold my dfi-lanparty nf2 2600 iq stepping rig and i jacked the 2 wd raptors out of it and threw in a 80 giger (didnt have time to do anything withem on that rig bearly got an os installed w drivers ect by the time they came to get it) my problem is i have these drives with all my stuff onem and it would be awsome if i could some how get these drives to boot to my new nf4 system. let me know what i need to do or if its even possible. i had norton ghost but it was seriously confusing lol!! they are 36.6 gig wd raptors they were in raid 0. -Andy/po0ns
  4. rgr that, i decided to take the raptors out of my other comp hehehe, which i just sold today for the same price person doesnt have any idea about computers so he wont feel the difference. (i didnt tellem he was getting raptors lol) but i was gonna sellem to him. -Andy
  5. okay heres my situation my girl bought me 2 ide 80 gig western digis, on the pices of paper i tolder sata 16 meg cache 7200 rpm... didnt get the 16 meg cache or the sata, i still want to put these in raid but is the board capable of ide raid? and if there is a raid array going on is it possible to get the dvd-r/rw drive hoooked up in there somewhere??? got me a opteron 165 ultra d ocz 2 gigers ocz powerstream 520 evga 7800 GT
  6. well i was buying my comp today and just so happens DFI releases there nf4 mobo and yeah i want it. what do you guys think the best proc combo for overclocking on water. (blah you guys are scaring me with your dead boards i just read about ) hmmm.. *edited* 2000$ limit. i want danger den or swiftech kit that will cool my cpu/vga/chipset (no ideas on kits or whats good ect i just know those name brands are good) i want 1/2 inch and i want a couple accessories like flow sensor ect i definatly want amd 64 939 (which version will haul butt on water?) should i go OZC 3200 ? heard a lot of good stuff (or is there faster i can fit in my budget) 6800 GT of some sort (whats a good brand pci E correct?) smart choice to get single card now? or do i have enough for duel? i definatly am going to use this case My case! 169$ Raptor 76 giger and a 160 or some space hdd (raid? you guys making me think this raptor 76 will be just as fast) maybe save some money here for my liquid cooling kit. Power supply? hm 550 should be enough eh? i want something that looks real nice on the cables ect and has ROCK SOLID RAILS (hm fortron?) i want a DVD+R CDRW combo drive (FAST ONE? anyone have one there happy with?) all advise like always is greatly appriciated. -Andy
  7. i dont have any benchmarks or anything but i 100% agree that it was nuts faster loading programs installing things but your right i never seen a big gain in my load times, but im almost always the first one to load a map in CS 1.6 ~ i love raid its one of the biggest performance gains i have seen that you notice, (ive never made any signifant jumps i build 1 computer a year for myself. -Andy
  8. yeah???? but your cutting it in half cuase each file is split and half and loaded on each one sooo each may spec at a certain time to load a 3 meg file but when both half to load a 1.5 meg file the time is cut in half? thats what i was under the impression of though i could be wrong. -Andy
  9. seek time for a 36.6 gig raptor is 5.2 ms, cut that in half and your looking at 2.6 ms wd 76 giger is a 4.5 ms seek time. even in raid its 2.3 which is only .4 difference. or are they benchmarking way over/under there specs? -Andy
  10. i did not know any of that thanks a million. any more advise is greatly appricaited it cuts my searching and reading time down a lot when i get narrower paths to search! checking out that board now. -Andy
  11. how are the temps? usually when it just shuts down somethings getting hot. weather it be northbride/vid/proc make sure your processors seated correctly and tight make sure all your fans are spinning... drivers drivers drivers, make sure to compeltly uninstall video drivers before reinstalling. my guess is your processor is overheating but thats only because mine was doing the same thing a few months ago and would randomly shutdown make sure all your rails are up to specs? and also make sure you have nothing shorting do you here a clicking noise when it shuts down? do you have to reset it in the back when you start it up again? -Snoop
  12. wow i dont want to go 939 it seems too new and i want to go DFI whats my best buy on a processor core that can overclock on water like crazy (like the 2500,2600 mobiles) i sold a duel channel OCZ DDR4000 512x2 for some bh-5 (which im selling in this comp) but i was happier with my ocz. so these ocz recomendations im liking and which version of the DFI board should i get?
  13. i just noticed you could buy the nf4 board on ebay from great britan or something like that.... probably wouldnt be a good idea if its not officialy released eh? -andy
  14. interesting so which mobo/proc/mem/vid card should i get? remember all of its getting water cooled so i want them all to be able to overclock well... 939 im thinking for sure. hopefully the new 90nm
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