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    DFI-Street Conroe fund (HG/RG)

    Shame On You For Begging Money!! THIS is really bad!!! You should be removed as admin!! STOP giving them money for nothing
  2. Ubermann

    New DFI user.... Ultra-D wont OC!!

    I got an Aspire also, you can mod it to 24 pin. Im running Venice 3200+ at 2.7ghz primestable and 7800gtx at 525/1400. No problems at all.
  3. Ubermann

    ocz press release. 7/21. new ram announced

    3-4-4 timings at 250 sounds awful =(
  4. Ubermann

    Memory Timings

    Bandwidth isnt that very important. High CPU clock is where the gains are for most stuff you do on your computer. Going from single channel to dual channel is like 3% average performance increase ? Low timings and 200fsb is important. Below 200 you start to suffer.
  5. Ubermann

    7-4 fix?

    Its far from stupid to remove it.. You havent told what you need fixed ?
  6. Ubermann

    7-4 fix?

    Bios 704-2 modded with dangerous voltage removed. EDIT by THunDA.. Link removed because that bios still has the voltage bug..Dont want anyone to jump and flash it thinking its a fixed version..
  7. If you buy new "bh-5" ram then go OCZ or other with good RMA and support. They are not good quality and many many dies. But with good RMA its just annoying but no hole in the wallet.
  8. Buy an pci one ? You dont want crap hardware when playing fps online. It will make damage to your keyboard =)
  9. Just say it died and RMA it. Its one thing to modify gfx and kill it that way and sent it to RMA. But this was just very bad luck and i guess you learned something.
  10. Ubermann

    Flashing BIOS?

    Guess not.
  11. Ubermann

    Flashing BIOS?

    Use winflash, select update all then update bios. Reboot and your done.
  12. If you use XP-120 then you cant put heatsinks on gfx cards ram. Space it to small. And i dont think XP-120 benefit from high CFM. But i can recommend it anyway =)
  13. Ubermann

    Gigabit LAN?

    "i have 2Mbit adsl but i can only use 512kbit" i think ?
  14. The most fun with new hardware is the tweaking that comes, to see things improve. FSB goes up and MHZ goes up and all scores go up. But after a month (If there is more then 1 new hardware) you finally find max on everything and how to set bios correct. Then it should be gaming ? No then its game over cuz the thrill of overclocking is vanished again. Then buy new stuff and start all over =) It's still funny so see people that buy BH-5 or TCCD and spend one day tweaking and put their hate words on internet how crappy their new ram is =)
  15. You have pics of the 3.3 line to back of mobo at dimm point ? Only mod i have seen is that one, and it makes you stuck at 3.3volt.