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  1. I couldn't agree more I removed the heatspreaders from Geil Ultra Edition I had and I didn't gain anything from doing so
  2. just love Honda's cars :nod:
  3. Disabling it after installing windows will make it not to boot (if I'm not mistaken there is a way to make it boot after having windows xp installed ). You have to disable it and reinstall windows in order for it to work
  4. IF he knows who did it... otherwise he'll be the one with expenses
  5. Hum, no wonder... 8-4-4-3-3 as timings is damn slow : you would be better off @ 250 with tighter memory timings
  6. it's too small the image for us to be able to see a thing :|
  7. PSU is very important to keep a stable and happy rig going @ 100% full load :nod: aim for an Enermax Noisetaker 475
  8. Nice, but i would expect more performance from that vga than that
  9. yep, corrupted bios... happened to me Hotflash the bios and you'r all set to tweak again (or corrupt bios again :nod: )
  10. can this a corrupted bios? Happens sometimes on DFi LPUB when we don't know what we are doing (tweaking...) :
  11. That's normal. That means that the settings on Bios are back to defaults Just go to bios and load bios defaults and save
  12. Why do you guys go wyning to the mod's and admin's about overclocking? As said before, there are hundreds of topics about people having trouble about their overclock. You MUST read them and see what was done (most of them are sucessful on dealing with the problem and explain what can be done to fix any issue). Just go over to overclocking section and you'll see how many of us have made it to have an overclocked, stable rig. Good luck...
  13. can you post some pic's and how to that mod? would like to try that
  14. Time to move on towards the light... OMG... I SEE DFI LANPARTY JUST AHEAD! :nod:
  15. I would install windows xp pro with SP2 already integrated See if there's any drivers updates online, since they might have installed the one's that came with the computer, usually old versions of actual drivers. Also, if I'm not mistaken, Dell uses intel chipset mobos, so you can also install intel's chipset drivers (did give me a boost in performance in my laptop and fixed a few problems I was having with it - slow bootup,etc). Good luck
  16. yes, also would be a good thing to look at other ppl signatures to see which memories they are using Most popular will be BH5 one's evidently, but for NF2, best chips will be 3200 memories with tight timmings
  17. Most likely its a heat problem. You should improve air flow on that cpu... Had one and it got really hot, even on watercooling... about ~50 on full load (This 3200+ gets about ~42Âșc on full load with this oc...). Also try reinstalling windows from scratch, install the most recent drivers, and yes, put 6/19 bios from hellfire, until now is the best IMO. Install everything with you cpu on default, and only if you see that there's no problems with it on default, you may start playing with your cpu (read oc'ing)
  18. That's if you have bios savior (small device with extra bios chip). Just in case things go bad, you can restore your bios
  19. Well... I don't think the problem is the ACPI ou APIC being disabled... have them both disabled and no problems at all (gives stability @ high fsb's :nod: ). PS: LanParty NF2 Ultra B Rev A ??? Ultra B rev A ?
  20. If I'm not mistaken there's a mod to put 2 PSU's turning on at the same time... google for it
  21. Hum... that leaves the problem out of the memories... Try using your cpu on your brother's rig with the same agressive settings. Sometimes the cpu we have are crap on overclock...
  22. Holly crap! A modded bios by Tictac already ? I'll give it a try tomorrow to see how it behaves PS: Try to find a way to have more than 2.0v on vcore or more vdimm selectable
  23. Well, crying out like a baby isn't in this case the best thing to do... try to solve things, a step at a time... here's a good method to overclock without giving you headaches: - Set your system to its defaults (Load Bios Defaults). - Install windows fresh (better to test the system without woundering if the crash is windows related...). - Install all the drivers you need for your system. Install Prime95 and RC-5 (or [email protected]) - good to test PSU/CPU/RAM settings. - Go to bios, and start by setting the AGP fsb to 66, vcore to 1.65v, vdimm to 3.3v(make sure you have heatspreaders or a fan blowing over them ), vdd to 1.8v and vagp to 1.6v. - Set mem divisor to 1:1, set the default multi of your system and default fsb for it. - Save bios and reboot. Everything should work right, since it's everything on default. - Start RC-5. Use ClockGen to up the fsb, 5 fsb at a time and leave it running for about 10 minutes. You may browse the net, put some music on in the meanwhile. If everything's good, up more 5 and so on until you get a reboot or BSOD. - If you get a reboot, its the lack of vcore at that speed, if it's a BSOD like IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, it may be the timmings of the ram that need some tweaking. - You go on like this until you can't get those 15 minutes on RC-5. Also try SuperPi to test if the mems can hold on @ the fsb you have. Good luck...
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