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  1. I couldn't agree more I removed the heatspreaders from Geil Ultra Edition I had and I didn't gain anything from doing so
  2. just love Honda's cars :nod:
  3. Disabling it after installing windows will make it not to boot (if I'm not mistaken there is a way to make it boot after having windows xp installed ). You have to disable it and reinstall windows in order for it to work
  4. IF he knows who did it... otherwise he'll be the one with expenses
  5. Hum, no wonder... 8-4-4-3-3 as timings is damn slow : you would be better off @ 250 with tighter memory timings
  6. it's too small the image for us to be able to see a thing :|
  7. PSU is very important to keep a stable and happy rig going @ 100% full load :nod: aim for an Enermax Noisetaker 475
  8. Nice, but i would expect more performance from that vga than that
  9. yep, corrupted bios... happened to me Hotflash the bios and you'r all set to tweak again (or corrupt bios again :nod: )
  10. can this a corrupted bios? Happens sometimes on DFi LPUB when we don't know what we are doing (tweaking...) :
  11. That's normal. That means that the settings on Bios are back to defaults Just go to bios and load bios defaults and save
  12. Why do you guys go wyning to the mod's and admin's about overclocking? As said before, there are hundreds of topics about people having trouble about their overclock. You MUST read them and see what was done (most of them are sucessful on dealing with the problem and explain what can be done to fix any issue). Just go over to overclocking section and you'll see how many of us have made it to have an overclocked, stable rig. Good luck...
  13. can you post some pic's and how to that mod? would like to try that
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