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  1. oh ok then....iam sory for my mistake...just try to help here...
  2. hope u will do well on flashing the chip n could perform much better thanks,now i will tried to reach 270 hehehe i wonder if it possible?
  3. ok 260fsb at last... http://img41.exs.cx/img41/1636/9748.jpg i know its quite a time since the last post(got problem wth inet conecction) but i just want to give courage to other that ultra-al also have the potential to reach high fsb
  4. i know there were no bios in dfi street for ultra-al but for LP.A do exist,since LP.A & ultra-al were the same layout.... about the 6A61BD49.RC2 bios i use it to and it really make my ultra-al give more fsb...i can run 260 fsb since i use it http://img41.exs.cx/img41/1636/9748.jpg if i only use official bios i only reach 233 so i think aghya need to list every step when u do the bios update...
  5. i have tried on ultra-al board which is the same i found that: 60k up 0,2v 32k up 0,3 v 27k up 0,41 v 22,2k up 0,55v 12k up 0,8v hope this help...
  6. @snake2k come on push a little bit more:D i dont think my setup were high enough,some people can do more than mine.... @zerocash but i like my timing....huf then i mush make my pc cooler.... *i wonder what should i change now....hhhmmm* but i still dont want to use water...to much complicated for my room....:nod: ill try something...something....something....:confused:
  7. i have a problem to run prime96 above 6h59m heres the setting: ultra-al sempron 250*9 bh5 2-2-2-11 the voltage were: vcore/vagp/vdd/vdimm 1,8/1,8/2/3,3 came stable up to 6h59m,it stop couse of 1error 1,8/1,8/2/3,4 only 12m 1,825/1,8/2/3,3 1m 1,8/1,8/2,1/3,3 4m huf im really confuse about this prime thing....:confused: need some sugessstion....anything that comes in mind...thankyou @snake2k hows the mod going on?sucessfull or u blow it :nod: but i hope u done it well:rolleyes:
  8. R*r

    Toaster Sigs (NF2/AthlonXP ONLY!)

    i can see that all the mobo were lanparty/infinity...is there any chance my ultra-al can have it?if i could then ill make the screnshot...
  9. @snake2k you can put a new resistance in R331,nut make sure you connect it on the lower side of the resistance not upper,lower is near to the sb... R331 - [new resistance] - Ground why i connect to R331 because it was the extention from pin1 of sc2616, it was the voltage regulator for the vdimm...since the 1st pin of sc2616 is to small to be ....?(what do u call it in english?weld?)so i have to find other way to connect the resistance... u can use a trimmer also within the range of 50k, but i rather use fix R but its up to you :shake: i find out the increasement were 60k + 0,2 32k + 0,3 27k + 0,41 22,2k + 0,55 12k + 0,8v :nod: so example....i use the 12k R....when i set 2,8v vdimm in bios it will +0,8v its equal to 3,6v:cool: just lower the resistance for more voltage... fell free to ask
  10. @snake2k which voltage mod do u want to make?the vdimm or vdd?i do have some tut but it still in indonesian language...but i can do in english here if u want to.... i already tried to give the vdd more(2,4v!!!)but i cant post to windows with that voltage..maybe its time to have some water in my mobo....*not sure* because i think if i can post to windows with higher vdd voltage i can chae the fsb with clockgen...but i still cant...the highest i can get is 2,1v but i cant do super pi at 260 huf....i wonder why....? i cant figureit out whats the problem...so any help from u guys...?
  11. @lordbane as i said before, i already trief the LP-B and infinity bios on ultra-al but it gain almost nothing...no improment but more instability...but i only use the oficial one...i dont know about beta/alpha one.... do u guys think south bridge vmod would gain anything...?just wondering....couse it was the las thing that i havent mod yet.... but still i need better bios...so anyone?
  12. same as before just: vdd 2v vdimm 3,4v
  13. 255mhz...but still not stable in prime juat for super pi....
  14. maybe you miss a simple think?just try to relax and think are you sure you put your heatsink right?since your temp were higher than before (7 degree right) couse i had this before in my system...after cleaning with compresor and boot up,it just start shuting down,i cant even post in bios....then i saw that the HSF were not installed right....since aero 7+ have a long clip and could hit the psu if u have a small case hope this help
  15. R*r


    1.you were right,vdimm mod will allow u to get more voltage 2.why do u want to mod the vcore...i think its quite enough for LP,B the vdd is for the North Bridge voltage...and VSENSE?im not sure about this....?couse every dc voltage regulator in mobo have a vsens? CMIW