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  1. Sign me up for one minimum. Edit: Sig comming soon...... :spam:
  2. My guess is if you have to up the voltage that much to reduce errors the ram is bad. This is just a guess though and you should get ahold of the manufacturer to sort this out. :eek:
  3. I can imagine. That's why I wasn't playing at all or even on the net much at all over the last few months. Well keep in touch man and take it easy. All work and no play will drive you nuts you know.
  4. Just got back into gameing.....Lots of real life crap had to be taken care of....What happened to you and AG in EVE? P.S. Doing good how are you and Angry these days? :angel:
  5. *Looks in and says hello to Angry and Momma.
  6. Sounds like you might need to flash your bios. It is a possibility it is corupt in some way. Maybe someone else knows a fix for it on the forums without flashing though.
  7. Correct you shouldn't see any errors if the memory is good.
  8. Have you tested the ram in another system to be sure? Also at stock timings and speed you shouldn't need more then 2.6v on the memory.
  9. Those temps have to be wrong. Software really never is the best way to tell your tems.
  10. Thats about as much as it will push the cpu. Folding at Home pushes a bit more and there may be other good burn in apps out there that I don't know about.
  11. Running the cpu at 100% for 4-8 hours helps to seat the heatsink better on the cpu. Programs like Prime95 and folding at home will push the cpu a lot better then even games.
  12. I also have a 120 front and rear but they are low rpm quiet fans and push very little air. I was just wondering if it could be case temps.... Maybe do a good burn in for a day or so and it may help with temps.
  13. Case cooling is another option to think about in temps. I would say for a Prescott that temp isn't all that bad. How many case fans do you have?
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