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    Problem with IDE

    OK, I decided to ship the board at next batch and give another try this holyday. I'll post the results Thx
  2.  IronMan.Lok

    Problem with IDE

    hi there, except for dual channel, no other peripherals were connected... to flash the bios, I used the AWDFlash with clear cmos, clear escd, and clear pnp data... (/cc /cd /cp) then I used load optimal settings... when I did this, HD were set to LBA... As I said, my english isn't so good, so could you explain that? I'd like to, but have no time, I need to ship it tomorrow for RMA, I'm quite sure IDE-O is faulty. SATA Raid were always disabled always on I don't remember this setting on bios I tried from 1.60 to 1.75 =( well, thanks anyway, I hope I get a good one soon
  3. Hi there, I just bought a DFI Infinity, and after I've installed it, I've booted with WinXP SP1, and proceed as usual. After files were copied into HD, when XP instalation attempts to boot from HD, it freezes, sometimes with blank screen, sometimes the progress bar cycles forever. At first, I left MemTest running a full batch of tests, and after 8 hours, no problems occured. I've restarted the install procedure, and again the same problem, tried with FAT or NTFS, replaced HDD, played a lot with BIOS settings (SATA always disabled), and nothing... Also tried to flash the latest official bios in DFI site, but no sucess. I've set the DVD Drive in different positions also, Primary Slave, Secondary Master and Secondary Slave, but I could only boot when I set the HDD to secondary IDE, so I suspect that Primary IDE isn't OK. If finally booted, but very unstable, with random freezes, and the mouse were stopping (only the mouse) after the first click. Tried with both USB and Serial mouses (there were no PS/2 here) and the same problem. Even without mouse, I tried installing the NForce drivers. Firstly I tried the latest one (4.27), but at next reboot, WinXP could not load. I've reinstalled XP again, with full format of the partition, the mouse were still stopping responding, and installed the NForce drivers that shipped with CD (2.45). Again, XP couldn't load. Another format, but then, installed only the LAN drivers. Mouse were still bugging, but now installed the DX9 (as the latest drivers asked for it), and reinstalled the rest of the NForce, ignoring the IDE and Sound drivers. XP loaded at least, but still unstable, the mouse were not stopping at first click, but after a random time of use. When I tried to install the Sound drivers, it crashed during the file copy. Rebooted and tried again but with IDE Drivers, the same... After all that, returned to my old ASRock and I'm going to RMA it tomorrow. Is there something I did wrong or is this mobo really faulty? I've triple checked everything I could, but I really could not make it stable. I've read here that the SW-IDE driver make the system unstable, but won't make my HD performance slower because of default windows drivers? Is there any IDE driver that doesn't make the system unstable? Thanks in advance, With Regards, IronMan.Lok PS: Sorry if I mistyped something as english isn't my mother language.