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  1. I'd rather put that money on another geforce 6800 gt pci-e
  2. Agreed, but if i cannot get DFI nForce4, then everything other nForce4 is the same thing to me. I'm gonna need the cheapest PCI-E mobo that can house the cheapest processor. Any suggestions? I want to hold off buying a CPU over $100, since it looks like AMD will be comming up with better batches. As noted by Angry_Games.
  3. Oh man, that REALLY changes plans ... My system was going to be the following ... - some AMD 64 cpu good for oc'ing - DFI nForce4 - 1gb of mushkin bh-5 (already have) - pcp&c 510 express psu - geforce 6800gt pci-e but now i gotta wait till FEB! What am i GOing to do? I already sold off all my stuff too ... oh man, help me great DFI gurus! what should i do? i am heart broken!
  4. Since you are all mad overclockers here, which is the best bang for buck S939 processor? Apparently the 3000+ is multiplier locked at 10x and the 3200+ isn't. Which is recommended?
  5. I had a dream last night, that I visisted a website and they had the DFI nforce4 for sale ... LOL.
  6. I'm thinking of replacing my Ultra X-Connect 500 with either a PCP&C, Enermax or OCZ. I do like the appearance of the PCP&C the most though, if only those things were modular!
  7. How ironic ... over at other forums they favor the PC Power and Cooling power supplies the most. But the funny thing is ... by majority, PCP&C PSU users don't reach overclocks as high as I've seen with people using DFI boards without PCP&C units.
  8. Got Sennheiser HD570 new headphones for 60 bucks and Labtec Pulse 424 speakers for 15 bucks.
  9. That's a good point. But it seems that all that would do is save some time. Thanks to CMOS-reloaded, I did manage to create my own settings for tweaked-up stock level performance. Sure, any enthusiast browsing these threads could probbaly do the config in a few minutes, but a few minutes is still a few minutes. , would be nice, but it's something I could do without.
  10. DFI motherboard owners HAVE to be the most hardcore of overclockers ... therfore ... I would like to know what power supplies the gurus use. For all of you that have systems running stable at 250 FSB+, what power supplies do you use?
  11. Can't wait until my local computer store starts carrying DFI NF4 boards!
  12. I agree, if I didn't want to overvolt and overclock, I would probably get another board.
  13. That is awesome! Oscar Wu is my idol! I wonder if the other motherboard manufacturers are catching up on this. Then again, not everyone overclocks. In a nutshell, how much better do DFI NF3 boards overclock than the others?
  14. It would seem that the only nforce2 board that can push over 240 FSB without volt mods would be the DFI Ultra Infinity. Likewise for the nforce3 series, I'm not sure if it's the highest overclocker just like the nforce2 series. Does the DFI nForce3 boards overclock higher than every other nf3 board out there as well? Makes me wonder ... what is it exactly does DFI do to make these boards overclock so high?
  15. The only difference I see between malves and Lastviking's methods are that they use different ground points. Malves uses the ground next to the screw, and Lastviking uses a point on the motherboard. Could one possibly be better than the other?
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