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  1. possible sale on another forum, get it while its hot!!
  2. ahhh man! its the 5th gen 30gb ipod. the new video one. not sure where it says the rev. at but i baught it in january. ask your friends if they are interested!!
  3. last ditch effort. bumpin. looks like the closet is its new home
  4. selling the Arctic Cooling nv5 Silencer, because i need some extra cash and put the stock cooler back on mine. asking $10 shipped. was on my 6800GT and provided nice temps and a cool case. Pics will come if requested. SOLD
  5. it worked! only thing I have to do when I want to use the front jacks is switch it in control panel, which i think is a lot easier than reaching around, unplugging speakers and plugging in the headset. thanks again.
  6. So here's my problem. The unboard audio is annoying the hell out of me. the right speaker always goes out and i have to unplug it and plug it back it. i know its not my speakers fault becuase i tried using my old soundblaster live card and it worked fine. only prob with soundblaster is that I cant use my front headphone and mic jacks and only works with the onboard. so is there any possible way i can use unboard for the front jacks and soundblaster for speakers?? my guess is no, but wondering id its possible or any other cheap solutions. thank you!
  7. yes i know that will work. but it would be nice to use the jacks in the front too. like if i want to plug in headphones at a lan party or something.
  8. and i put in a soundblaster Live 5.1 card i had. all is cool but anyone how I can use the front mic and ear phone ports on my case? it was easy getting it to work with the onboard, but I have no idea how to get it to work with the soundblaster. any help would be appreacatied. (i know this isn't really a DFI problem, but i'm sure a few of you guys have ran in to this problem) thanks!
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