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  1. I recently updated my bios from the stock 11/27/03 to the latest 6/19/04 in order to correct the cold boot problems I was having. Unfortunatley I havn't noticed any marked improvment since the flash. In order to boot my computer I am forced to power it up and down atleast 4-5 times, with usually 3-4 reboots inbetween each boot attempt (I can't say why i've decided to do it this way, but it seems the most effective). A person from this forum (whos name escapes me) offered a suggestion that my videocard may be having trouble picking up my second monitor as the computer does spring to life... but, hangs before sending a signal to either monitor- usually hanging on either the 3rd or 4th LED, with the occasional 1 & 2 LED Hang. Since then i have tried numerous cold boots using 1 monitor (i've tried both) but that also does not seem to have had any effect. I can easily say now that i'm clean out of ideas... Any help would be greatly apreciated. Thanks, - Rowan.
  2. Mmmm... I must agree stronly with this point. I did it on my Chaintech 7NJS... thankfully the tech support believed my 'it must of came that way.. i have no idea what happened :(' story. Phew.
  3. I just flashed to the 6/19 bios and both monitors were picked up instantly, so at the moment I'm assuming that it was a cold boot issue rather than a radeon problem. (i'll need to wait till tomorrow to know for sure, as I only really consider it a 'cold boot' if my computer has been off all day.) After flashing the bios and resetting the cmos I took the oportunity to take off the 100MHz FSB Jumper, which subsequently procuded the british police car-esque alarm when the computer attempted to post. I hesatate to call it an 'issue' as it is nothing serious, but it is this a common occurance on most/all boards or just mine? Thanks.
  4. I'm using the default 11/27/03 - Official.
  5. I've done a extensive search of the forum to solve my problem, but i havn't found someone with my exact problem. When I attempt a cold boot my computer always hangs on either LED 3 or LED 4 (usually the 3rd), I then attempt a few restarts which usually does nothing (aside confirm that indeed it will not boot). I am then forced to turn of the computer (hold the power button) and repeat step 1. Usually after 4-5 cycles LEDs 1&2 will come on, shortly followed by the 3rd (1& 2 go out) then 4 (3 goes out), then as both my monitors kick into action LED 2 will come on shortly followed by the rest. as you may have guessed i'm fed up with this problem. Will one of the current DFI Bioses fix my problem, or is my board uniquely broken? Secondly, my Hard-Drive activity light seems dormant at times, especially during the boot process where it will often not flash at all., where as my previous motherboard (Chaintech 7njs) would flash for almost anything. Thanks, - Rowan
  6. What is the 'Toaster' you speak of?
  7. Apparently the hackers of the world have found a hole in the way Winamp uses custom skins. Here's the article: http://www.internetnews.com/securit...cle.php/3400231 - Confirmed by Hardocp (http://www.hardocp.com/) The solution is to download the lastest version of winamp (5.05) here: http://www.winamp.com/player/ Enjoy.
  8. Thank you very much Angry_Games From what I could tell the Rev. B had a bit more room around the socket.Tto be specific the capacitor between the socket and the ATX power connection had been moved to allow the board to accept larger heatsinks & waterblocks.
  9. lba seems to of worked, but I still have 2 questions on my mind What has changing my Hard Drive Access Mode from CHS to LBA done to my hard-drives? and Secondly, I believe my first DFI board was a newer revision of the Ultra B. What's the difference between the Lanparty Ultra B Rev. A and the Lanparty Ultra B Rev. B? (I'm sorry if this is a noob question, but i couldn't find an answer to it via the search.) Thanks, - Rowan.
  10. I've just looked through all the posts in the search from people who have had similar problems. I'm going to change the Hard-Drive access mode and give this another shot. Thanks
  11. Hello, I wish I could of joined under happier circumstances, but i'm stumped and I need your help. I bought my first DFI motherboard Yesterday (a Lanparty NFII Ultra B rev. B). I brought it home to find out it was DOA, the board was receiving power, but it refused to post. Today I returned that board and brought home my current DFI, except this time it was a revision A+. I was able to get this board to post and enter the Windows XP setup. I partitioned my Western Digital 80Gb 8Mb Cache drive, formatted it and proceeded to install the operating system. Windows copied the files that were needed and rebooted to start the install, except instead of loading the operating system install I was greeted with the message: "Error Loading Operating System". Since then i've tried installing XP on my other Hard-drive (another WD 80Gb 8Mb drive) but i've received the same error. I've tried both drives in master & slave modes, but nothing seems to work. Do I have another DOA board, or is there something i'm doing wrong?. Thanks, - Rowan
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