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  1. Have you tried setting the jumpers on the board for SLI? It's not enabled by default you know. If you don't set these jumpers, it only enables the top slot in PCIe x16 mode. The jumper activates the other slot and splits it into 2 x PCIe 8x channels. The jumpers are located right below the top PCIe slot. Move them all for it work. Check your manual if you're not certain. Hope this helps.
  2. The sticks die within months even undervolting them. They run so hot they almost burn your fingers at 2.7v even with active cooling. You can't tell me that they didn't realize that they were crap when they were selling them and knew they were going to fail quickly. Has anyone seriously considered a class action against these guys? I have lost so much time and been through so much frustration dealing with their defective product that I'm just livid. People here have been through the same thing thanks to this POS product: windows errors, lost data, corrupted installations, reformats, RMAs, grief (x10). Companies that pull stuff like this need to made an example of. It's the only real protection that consumers like us have against unscrupulous actions like this.
  3. Well more bad news to add to this thread Set #2 of Ballistix PC3200 died on me. They've slowly been losing timings (had to continually loosen them) for a while and now they are failing MEMTEST v1.65+ @ even 3-4-4-8 latencies @ 2.7v. I suppose I've been more fortunate than many people as they lasted close to 6 months, compared to the first set. I can't play some of my games anymore because they crash out at random times (no doubt due to the failing Ballistix). I've defibulated Windows a couple more times in the past week and now I'm probably going to have to do a reinstall once I get decent RAM (probably going OCZ) because the installation is shacked now. I'm sure they (Crucial) realize that the product was faulty and they should have issued a recall and replace/rebate program and issued an apology. That would have gone a long way to saving face for them.
  4. The 4 replacement 512MB Ballistix that I got after my initial set died have been working ok for almost 2 months with no problems, but I'm not running them near as aggressive and I'm actually undervolting them, whereas the first set died at stock voltage. Last couple MEMTESTs seemed ok, but I'm basically waiting for them to die on me, which I have no doubt WILL happen soon based on my own experiences and the experiences of most of the people in this thread (8-12 weeks seems to be the average lifetime). I just hope they don't take my OS with them again if they do and that I get enough warning signs to make me pull them before that happens.
  5. I'm wondering if anyone here is using this stuff and, if so, what your impressions are of it. I've seen a lot of good reviews on it, including this one at Anandtech: http://www.anandtech.com/memory/showdoc.aspx?i=2369&p=1 They seem to be a good pairing with DFI because of the fact that they like juice and the DFI nf4 boards can put it out. Or would the PC3200 Platinum Rev. 2 be the better choice? I need to find replacements for my failed Ballistix and I have had good luck with OCZ so far so I'm leaning towards them again. Thanks for any replies.
  6. After reading the posts in that link, I can see the exact same problem I had: The PC3200 sticks wouldn't post with anything less than 2.8v (I'd get LEDs of Doom and Beeping), but needed 2.9-3.0v to be stable on the SLI-DR. Anything over 2.6v seems to kill them, but you can't run them at that voltage and even POST. What the hell are we supposed to do in that case? I can't wait for my RMA to get in. The replacement modules are getting sold, I'm buying OCZ and I'm blacklisting Crucial from my future builds.
  7. It's not just their 1GB PC4000 modules. I've had awful luck with their 512MB PC3200 sticks as well. I've RMA'd 2 defective modules that went south after less than 6 weeks and the other 2 I have left are fickle and causing me problems so I'll likely RMA them as well once the replacements arrive for the 2 I've already returned. It's not my motherboard because the RAM is acting funky in two different systems. My OCZ PC4200 EL works just fine on the same boards. I'm wondering if a bad batch or two made it out into the wild or if there's a problem with the chips they're using and the rate at which the silicon degrades.
  8. I've just had bad luck with them in that I got some bad modules OR the SLI-DR is eating them. The first option, I hope, is the correct one. :confused: I guess I just don't understand why they worked so well at first but then took a nose-dive (I ran MEMTEST86+ for over 24 hours when I first got them and no problems at all, ran Prime for 12+ hours to give them a nice burn-in and again no problems or with MEMTEST86+ after the burn-in). It's frustrating to say the least especially after all the fighting I did with them to even get them to work decently. I also don't like the fact that I can't recover from a CMOS clear or BIOS upgrade without using another brand of RAM to get it to POST so I can adjust the timings to something the Ballistix will work with. It's a pain in the behind. I read the reviews and I believe that they are decent modules on certain systems, but I don't think they work the best with DFI. They're really finicky at least.
  9. I play WOW as well and I can tell you it's probably the drivers. I'm running the 81.85 drivers with no problems. If you're a little adventurous, the folks at NGOHQ make a nice set of modded (for performance) Forceware drivers. http://www.ngohq.com/home.php?page=Files&g...veme&dwn_id=210 I noticed a performance and stability improvement going to the 81.XX series in all my games. Make sure your sound card drivers are up to date. If the Forceware does nothing, try disabling sound in the game and see if you still lock up. If this still doesn't help, it might be memory. When I have my bad Ballistix sticks in the PC, I would usually only crash consistently in WOW and it's because WOW is a memory pig and seems sensitive to flaky memory. Maybe try 2-2-3-6 @ 3.0v or even 2-3-3-6 @ 3.0v and see what happens, or you can reduce the other timings a tad and see if there is a difference.
  10. I know for sure that 2 of the modules are defective. The other two flaky ones I am going to test on a P4 rig but bringing them to a computer chop-shop might not be a bad idea. I know some folks at a small local outfit but the cost of labour for testing these things probably isn't worth it (I can get them new for $87 CAD). It's weird because they will get into Windows fine on the old rig in my signature, then they just won't get into Windows at all. It's completely inconsistent. I ran MEMTEST86+ for 8 hours and they passed at 2-2-2-10, then the system suddenly goes into a reboot loop when trying to get into Windows. Then it stops. Any ideas about that? Does that mean those 2 sticks are probably toast as well?
  11. The memory doesn't even work unless you tinker with it a LOT. It won't even POST if you try to use it on the SLI-DR after a CMOS clear without first using a stick of other-branded memory to boot up so you can monkey with the timings to allow the Ballistix to work right. I've never seen memory do this before. I've also only had maybe 1 stick of memory go bad on me like this in the last 5 years. But 2 (possibly all 4) of this stuff goes bad? I wasn't abusing it. I wasn't overvolting it a lot without proper cooling. It just died from normal use. It just seems like really shoddy quality to me. I just hope I have as much luck with the RMA as you but I'm just going to sell the replacements when they come in rather than risk using them. I wonder if they can also return the hours upon hours of frustration trying to troubleshoot as well as the headache of repairing the corrupted data and Windows XP installation caused by this?
  12. Have you tried unplugging it? This sounds weird but I've had a really bizarre issue a couple times where my SLI-DR "lost" my NVidia RAID controller and it wouldn't register it until I removed the power cord and let it sit for a minute. Of course, I then had to go into the BIOS and reorder the boot sequence to pick my RAID array again after Soft resets and using the power button did nothing.
  13. I bought the DFI Lanparty UT NF4 SLI-DR motherboard and this memory. In order to even get my computer to start up during my initial build I had to swap out to OCZ PC4200EL (from my old rig) because this RAM will not post from the default settings in my motherboard's BIOS. Once I managed to go through the headache of finding the correct memory timing settings to make it happy (it doesn't like Auto for most parameters) and did a LOT of research on DFI-STREET, everything seemed ok. It seemed to run well at the advertised timings and voltages. At first... However, about 40-45 days later I started to have unexplained bluescreens and crashes (IRQL_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL) etc, etc which are indicative of memory/driver problems. Reinstalled all drivers and ran disk checks and everything seemed ok. The crashes continued and got more and more frequent, but seemed random at the same time. Then I started to get data corruption. I went into MEMTEST86+ and blammo. Errors. I relaxed the timings and made sure that cooling in my case was ok (Aspire X-Navigator ALU so lots of air flow). All temps (CPU, motherboard, etc) were good. PSU rails were good (almost spot on). It seemed to run happier with looser timings but then the errors cames back. Checked MEMTEST86+ again and now there were consistent errors on certain blocks in 2 of the modules even running at 2.5-4-4-8 @ 200mhz. I yanked all 4 modules and replaced them with my trusty old OCZ PC4200 EL from my 2nd PC and it's running beautifully. MEMTEST86+ errored out on the same two modules I tested bad on my new rig on my old one (Athlon XP 2500+). The two modules that didn't test bad are still a little flaky. Sometimes the system just won't POST. Sometimes it will. MEMTEST86+ isn't producing consistent results to indicate if it's bad as well. I'm considering testing them on a friend's P4 rig to see if they are indeed bad then I'll just return the lot. I have an RMA in with NCIX right now for the 2 guaranteed defective modules but I think I'm going to buy the OCZ PC3200 2-2-2-5 Platinum kit instead rather than go through this again. In short, I've had nothing but grief from this memory. Maybe it's just bad luck but I'll never touch this stuff again. If I tried cranking the voltage on it past 3v without proper cooling I could see the memory deteriorating but I didn't do that at all. I hope they don't give me problems with the warranty because I'm completely fed up.
  14. This is normally caused by a bad driver or a memory problem. I would boot into Last Known Good Configuration from the F8 boot menu in Windows XP. Try uninstalling the drivers that you installed before the last reboot in Safe Mode and reboot again. If this fails, run MEMTEST86+ and see if your memory is erroring out. Good luck!
  15. Did you also download and apply the AMD X2 CPU driver update for Windows XP? The MS hotfix mainly just seems to fix issues with Cool n' Quiet and overclocking (from the notes). http://www.amd.com/us-en/assets/content_ty...ties/amdcpu.exe It makes a couple changes, including adjusting your BOOT.INI files. I had stuttering and a speed-hacking like effect until I installed these drivers.
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