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  1. Take a look at the Viper Sinks for the UT250. Just search for it here on the forums
  2. heheh Yeah, I noticed, it just works... Guess it's just an old habit.... Well. I'm gonna check how it goes anyways... Thanx for the reply
  3. Hey all Well, I somhow managed to get my hands on a NF3 UT250G and a 3400+ with a SG stepping. :nod: Anyways, I downloaded Windows XP 64bit, only to realise that I cannot get XP to use SATA (OK, granted, I don't have the original floppy disk with me...) a) Does the standard install floppy have SATA drivers for X64? B) Is there anywhere I can download X64 SATA drivers? Thanx in advance
  4. Yeah, exactly what It's doing now, 2300, on the noggin. :shake: But we are getting OT now I guess I was just trying to find out whether there is an updated BIOS, but from reading the other replies, it looks like there isn't Thanx
  5. OK, I hope not to get flamed to badly for this, but here goes I've been trynig to keep track of this topic, but I have err..... lost the plot a bit, somewhere in the 19 pages. Long story short: I'm running 2 X 256MB Corsair XLPT Ram (the 2-2-2-5 stuff) with a Barton 2500+ Mobile Currently I am running a hellfire BIOS, (3EG Rev 3, I *THINK*) Which BIOS is recommended for this type of setup? Thanx in advance all
  6. I popped 2 X 256MB Corsair sticks in the machine, and I must say.. YUMMY. With the Transcend sticks, the FSB max was about 212 (Even with a multi of 8) Now, I am prime-stable at 230 X 9 Can't wait to get the waterchill onto the cpu so I can start upping the multi again (Oh, and I am running 2-3-3-8 on a stock standard 6/19 BIOS)
  7. k, so I guess I will be trying the 3eg rev 3 tonight then
  8. Well, here's an interesting question. I got some nice Corsair RAM the other day. Apparently it runs the new Samsung TCCDs (Is that right?) Anyhoo, can anyone recommend a BIOS? 3eg Rev3? Reason I ask is coz it's "Optimezed" for BH5, not so?
  9. What about: CMX256A-3200XLPT, rated for 2,2,2,5 (XMS3208V1.1)
  10. SnaRf


    Seriously doubt I'll be sending my board over the water for someone else to mod it... However, I was wondering if there's any way to stabilize the vcore when running at 1.75v. Mine seems to be jumping up and down a lot, although it might be my crappy little 350W PSU that can't keep up anymore....
  11. Hey all Yeah, me again I'mm still new and still learning, so be gentle please I've read about the warmod (Upping default voltage...right?) and it's almost the same as the L12 mod (Dropping "wars" in the socket, or winding them around CPU pins). Now, looking at malvescorner.com I see a couple more mods. Just a question or 2 about them 1) VDIMM mod will allow more volts to your RAM 2) VCORE will allow more volts to the CPU, or will it only stabilize the NFII's voltages? exactly what will the VDD mod and the VSENSE mod to? I thought the L12 mod was a VSENSE mod? :confused:
  12. Well, looks like I have hit the limit for my current RAM/PSU/Cooling setup. 215 X 11 So, what to do next? 1) Get some Corsair RAM (3200XL, I think) 2) Install the LPB into it's new house with the Asetek Waterchill (Assuming of course I get the case done) 3) Install the 530W PSU 4) Push it some more...
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