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  1. AG: I want to post entry to the OCDB, but I think my graphics card is kinda incapable of running 3dmark2006 because it only has 128MB on it (while the 3dm06 requires at least 256MB graphics memory). Any suggestion? No problem with 3dmark 01SE/03/05 though.
  2. i had the same problem when i had the TF550 last time. it came out that it's just some grounding issue. it did not turned on when i put on the testing table... but no problem when i put everything inside the casing. weird.
  3. On the other note, CoolerMaster also have Hyper TX (available in AMD and Intel version) that is similar to AC Freezer64 Pro. Based on some reviews the former does slightly better than the latter, with the same price tag.
  4. It's not that it's unstable with DDR2-800 divider, rather it looks like the value 'does not really exist'....lol
  5. It overclocks just like UltraII-M2 Currently doing 2760MHz (276x10) @ 1.4V stable in SuperPi 32M and gaming (TitanQuest, CS:Source....). Somehow I cannot use DDR2-800 divider, it will automatically drop to DDR2-667, but still with my overclocked setting. Or to make it simple... I can do 2.7ghz with DDR2-667 divider, but when I set to DDR2-800, it still runs on 2.7ghz/DDR2-667. Same happens at default speed.
  6. Athlon64 heatsinks came with pre-applied thermal paste, not thermal pad. :tooth:
  7. It's just the divider which is automatically dropped to DDR2-667, everything stays overclocked.
  8. Other than having different layout than the other nF4 AM2 DFIs (nFII-M2, UltraII-M2, SLiII-M2), it has very similar BIOS options. However, I could not get the DDR2-800 divider working. Whenever I select that divider, it will revert back to DDR2-667. DDR2-800 works well on other Infinity AM2 motherboards. I'm on 3200+ Orleans. Previously I never had any problem running DDR2-800 divider on an UltraII-M2. Could it be just a BIOS issue? There's no new BIOS update so far. The latest one was dated 07/4, but no fix issue mentioned.
  9. I don't see any need of increasing the chipset voltage when you overclock because it doesn't have anything to do with the cpu clock or the memory clock.
  10. Updates: I have now acquired an nF-M2 mobo. My comments: - The PCI-e 16x slot is positioned on the fourth PCI bracket slot (from the top)so the graphic card is now sits low inside the casing. My 7300GT idle temp is at 46'C compare to 44'C on an UltraII-M2 with the card installed on the top slot. This is probably due to less area beneath the card. - The chipset is surprisingly running cool if you compare it with UltraII-M2. Probably because this is due to better chipset cooler (oval-shaped). However, the chipset cooler is still considered loud at full speed, but the noise is not 'whiny' compare to the old square cooler. Instead of around 60'C... the chipset now runs at slightly less than 50'C .... around 47'C to 48'C I should say. - BIOS option is 100% similar to UltraII-M2's.
  11. You might want to check the table (link) posted by Booster for DDR2 values at certain divider.
  12. probably u need to burn it once in a while to keep the speed stable at high speeds. about the UltraII-M2... i don't know... probably i dislike the extra pcie 16x slot since i'd never use it
  13. nF-M2 - SATA 1.5GBps (probably possible to mod to enable SATA2 3Gbps though) - only 1 PCI-e 16x slot - slightly different motherboard layout - different chipset cooler (either better than the small square of those UltraII-M2 or just the same... I don't know) - lack of on-board power/reset button. UltraII-M2 - support SATA2 3Gbps - have 2 PCI-e 16x slots (modable to SLi) - layout is similar to nFII-M2 or SLiII-M2 - square chipset cooler which is noisy and lousy Performance wise...I'm not to sure. I believe the overclocking options are similar, but the question would be the maximum Vdimm supported. I was thinking of getting this board for my new setup because it's cheaper than UltraII-M2, if it provides Vdimm at least 2.5V.
  14. I'm gonna ditch my UltraII-M2 and 3000+ soon... and will get the lower end nF-M2 and 3200+ (for its 10x multi) .... lol I'm crazy. My current 3000+ is weird. Last time when I had an X550 256MB, it was able to get prime stable 2711Mhz at 1.525v. But now... when I plug in my 7300GT it doesn't prime stable anymore. One thing that I noticed was Smartguardian showing +12v rail at 11.97v when I'm on the 7300GT, but it was 12.15v when X550 was running.
  15. 1:1 ratio is achievable with DDR2-400 divider but why going so low?
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