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  1. Just posting here to say how much I like this idea, I dont have one yet, but am in the upgrade status of my newest rig as we speak, this might be a good idea to start a HTPC.. Its also good to see the point back, I dont know any of the details, but im just glad its back somewhat..
  2. Bitdefender Is awesome.. All in one app and for 2005 and 2006 it has been scored best.. Just my .02
  3. verry impressive, your cpu owns.. My max is 2840 stock volts well 102% above stock
  4. is 2650 your max on stock volts or is there another limiting factor? I can almost get 2.8 stock volts then she scales like crazy to get to 2.9 My WC'ing kit will hopefully solve all this problems for me.
  5. I also have a 0610 dpmw and am loving it Right now shes 24/7 stable @ 2.9 1.47 vcore Im on a crappy 90c and tornado cooling right now, currently about to get my 7950 and a watercololing setup then ill be about 3.1 daily usage im hoping for, the only thing slowing this chip down is the heat, im sure with a good WC setup any ccbbe's will hit 3g no probs..
  6. I was reading over at evga support forums that mobo manufacturers are requiring a bios update to get full potential out of said card, anyone know if theres anything to this? Im on 3-29-06 with no probs so far (If it aint broke dont fix it) If I have to ill throw 704 on there but I just wanna know first..
  7. Ok will give it a try, my newest problem is thn backup OS, Nero wont allow me to choose where to extract to.. What I need is a prog thatll allow me to show extract folder and install folder whereas c: wont be accessed at all.. Hope this will gimme a few more options.. But with 1M left to work with, we shall see..
  8. I have 8354.4 and I so far dont like it, First off I only have a 10G partition for OS, nd vista filled that to the brim upon first restart, Then I cant extract anything to whee id like to extract them, vista wants it to be c: somewhere.. I did ll the things in post 1, but problems with audigy 2 drivers.. Just downloded nero software so I can burn one of my backup OS' and see how they pan out.. I tried it fellas and dont like all the bugs, its slow as nails on my rig, alot of stuff keeps asking me to send error reports, the biggest problem for me is the 10G partition I had used for winXP, its just too small and vista errors when I try to tell it to extract files to s diff Hd.. Ive been toying with it since last night, and honestly dont like it, Hopefully the release version will be more apealing to me, the bugs here are too much.. Throws in the hat, Ive been defeated
  9. I just installed 5384.4 and mam having a bit of trouble, noticed a few games that arent runing, im about to install sound blaster drivers for it now, then raid, then ima try .Net and see if I cant get this resolved, will repost.
  10. 3 g is pushing it, I do know certain dualies get picky once they reach a certain temp, above mid 40s, thats how my 0550 was, If you get a decent WC loop you might get her closer to 2.8 maybe 2.9 high volts but I dunno, Ive been thinking of WC myself as of lately, Id love to see this badirl doin 3.1 watercooled, which I know she can
  11. Os is on my raptor, The 2X250s are working on other OS' but not this one.. It is slipstreamed and all that.. Umm stamped? blah... you lost me there bro, little more details please..
  12. I installed a stripped down version of XP and it errors out when i hit F6 and try to install raid drivers during xp install.. Then once xp installed I go into windows and raid config isnt showing up.. Is there drivers I can install and get raid to show or is this a XP installation thing and I need to install a diff OS? Ive installed the nvidia SW drivers and no go there.. Am I missing something here or is it just never gonna happen with this OS.. I really like the snapiness of this OS but I sure miss my 500gigs of storage.. 2X250 gig sata II raid 0
  13. them temps sound decent to me, considering my 165 @ 1.47 runs @ 55 loaded once I set the temps right in the bios, Im not sure if my temp sensor is really off, buit I set it +6 anyway... sucks your vpwm clocks so badly.. I had a 0550 upmw that clocked pretty much the same, sold it for this 0610 dpwm 2.9 1.44 - 1.47
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