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  1. Hey I think it is all sorted out, I upped the chipset voltage to the highest and it seems to work ok now Thanks for the help Twis
  2. Hi there So I am trying to run my PC stable at 250fsb. but i'm running into some strange problems. I ran my pc at 250 fsb all day and had prime95 running all day(about 14 hours), but then when I clicked the stop button, prime said that it had only been running for 7 hours. And the taskbar was not responding but everything else was fine. does anyone know what the problem is?? I was running 250 * 9, 1:1, 2-2-2-11, vdimm 3.3, vcore 1.85, chipset 1.8. please, if anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated. I really want to know what is happening here thanks Twis
  3. LOL... I knew some one was going to say that... yeh, I was just testing the lower voltage when I noticed that the "chips" on the motherboard were extremely hot and just want to know if that is normal, or if i should attempt putting heatsinks on?? this is where someone se the heasinks should go... you guys thinik this will help get a better OC in the future??
  4. YEY!!! I just got my Mushkin level 2's and they are way awesome Just wanna ask a quick question, when pushen the fsb on my mobo the mosfetts(if that what they called) heat up quite a bit, is it nessesary to cool them by putting heats sinks on? or is it ok for them to get that hot? If i must put heatsinks on.. how do I attach them? arctic silver ciramique?(dont know if this is the suff im supposed to use) thanks BTW.. the ram is running 240 @ 2-2-2-11 3.0vdim... semi stable
  5. Hey Snarf... its twis from PM here.... LOL... if you look around here you will see that I was stuck with a similar decision regarding RAM... I know that it is probably to late now, but I would say go for the corsair... I bought a pair of the transcend ddr 500's and they were not good... sure you can get a high FSB with them but thier timings are really bad, so I took them back to rectron.. well hope it helped twis
  6. hey there Sorry to drag this on and on.... but just want to find out from you guys if I made the right choice.... finnally after all the options I settled for somthing that wasn't an option to begin with. this is what the guy told me that is selling it: "Mushkin Black Level 2's, I can get 2-2-2-5 timings, running exactly 250fsb (DDR500) with my OCZ voltage Booster, at 3.3Vmem, or 245fsb (DDR490) without the booster on my Abit IC7-Max3 Mobo, and with the same very tight timings"... "it is bh-5" I am getting them for +- R1400 which is about $215(dont know what the exchange is but I used 6.5) please let me know what your opinions are of this RAM. thanks for all the help Twis
  7. Hey Ok.. lol... I have always read ppl trying to get 2-2-2-11 and wondered why 11 and not lower I am not happy with 200 fsb but the problem is that I dont know if the new ram will get high fsb and low timings cos mine can get higher fsb with lower timings and I dont want to end up buying somthing that I have already to add to this, I stay in SA and I am a student. hardware dont come easy and cheap for me , so I cont afford to get this and then throw it out and get better. Anyways, I think I will get the new RAM anyways, seeing that it is ordered already. If it is not too much hassle could you point me to a forum(or site) where the ram timings get discussed... I would like to know which settings I should aim for. thanks twis
  8. I just played around with my current RAM and I can run timings 2-2-3-6 @ 400 stable(I ran prime test for 8 hour without errors) and I can run 2-2-3-5 @ 400, but prime kicks out after 20 minutes or so... is it still worth it to get the kingston?? will I definitly get better results than this?? both these test were at 3.3vdimm twis
  9. Ok, so I decided to go for kingston.... the guy at axiz gave me two options: KHX3500AK2/512 512MB 434MHz DDR Non-ECC CL2.5 DIMM (Kit of 2 - 256MB) and: KHX3500K2/512 512MB 434MHz DDR Non-ECC CL2 DIMM (Kit of 2 - 256MB) Is there any difference between these two, if so, Which of these two are better?? can anyone give me any information as to which chips to expexct on these(bh-5 bh-6 ch-5)?? thanks a lot twis:confused:
  10. Hey guys... could you please help me pick between these two RAM modules.. I have read around a bit and these two look like they are my only options... (sorry if this has been discussed before.. Im in the middle of a project and dont have much time on my hands ) This is the discription on the website of the product: 2 x Corsair DDR400 256MB, XMS3200, 32Mx64, 184-pin DIMM : 2-2-2-5, 6-layer PCB, Unbuffered, non-ECC, with Silver Heat Spreader serial number on the site: [C256XMSL] I dont have a detailed discription of the other but what I do know is that it is, Kingston hyperx ddr433 cl2, that is all the info I could get from the supplier. I would to have tight ram timings(doesn't have to be extremely tight but not like 3-4-4-10)... And I would also like to push the fsb +-220mhz running 1:1... (this is what I would like to have.. if it is not possible which RAM will come closer??) plz help.. it is sorta urgent... (took my RAM back and now i'm using a friends.... ) twism thanks ever one
  11. Thanks for the help so far First of all... what are dfi sisters :confused: ?? secondly... you think that getting kingston ddr400 will be better than getting the 433?? or are you just pointing out that a lot of people like the 400 and the 433 could be the same as the 400(performance wise)?? thanks again!!
  12. Hey, thanks a lot for da help... you think something like kingston hyperx 433 cl2 would be betta for me?? how well do you rate the kingston??
  13. Hi... just registered here.... place lewks kewl. so... in the effort of overclocking my cpu and so, I went to rectron and bought some ddr500 RAM.... And now I am begining to think it was a really bad idea. with my old ddr 400(also transcend) I could get 205fsb with timings 6-3-2-2-2(the order as they are in the bios)... with only pushing the vdim a bit. With the ddr500 I can only get the default... 8-3-3-3-3, and not more(I think i can get the cas to 2.5 but thats not major) even if I put the vdim to full 3.3v I cant run the timings any better and that is at 200 fsb. What the hell is going on here. I thought that one of the main reasons to get faster ram was to push the fsb a bit and run faster timings?? The only other thing that changed was I reflashed my bios.. you think maybe there is something wrong with the new bios's vdimm setting?? I used the 6/19 bios. BTW.. I have lost about 700 points in 3dmark01. please help guys.... twis
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