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  1. Geil and the DFI nforce two was hell just didnt happen, im never buying it again. I have a feeling it is much the same with the Nf3...i dont think youll have much luck with it.
  2. Thats because they were still made then... Here in NZ theres still quite a few, not sure why but I guess with time stock will also run dry.
  3. id say thats going a bit over the top. ive never had any corruption problems except when i went willy nilly flashing and changing back and forth from the savior
  4. GIVE IT THE VOLTS IT WANTS 3.3ram will make life so much easier. chipset, jsut go from 1.9 down, but i find i need 1.9 at high fsb or its all over in seconds. give the cpu 1.75 MINIMUM and up to 1.85 on good cooling, but it seems you dont have that good of a cpu cooler. take the case side panel off, it will reduce your temps a lot since the came remains cooler.
  5. rev 3 hellfire, hes the man i found its not stable, then i cooled the helloutta the NB and all is well, so for 1.9v i need lots of NB cooling, funny that.
  6. ive had it, its a bug only happens sometimes... take away the ini file nad or change it to get rid of the blue text or make custom colors and fonts
  7. wipe the yellor of if you want, it comes off. mine half fell off when taking the chip out etc eh ehehhehehehehehe
  8. thats how it reads to me. seems you are doing something to the boards...4 failures, the chances of that are i dont even wanna think about it material.
  9. yer! the moral of the story is, to get high stable vcore from the bios is, to sink the mosfets and then actively cool them. i could prob crank it up to 1.95 and up the mhz some more but id rather do htat when im close to upgrading and dont care so much about the chip life. or whats the theory on chip life? i mean its just mtbf soo you increasign the chances haha...i like chances.
  10. Good call. converting wouldnt have made it any faster...i would think it would have made it slower. but the differences would have been tiny if their were any!
  11. My new overclock. still working on it, almost final though, going for overnight and 24 hour primes during this week
  12. its coz 3dmark is bs, i got better benches on a via board on a 2500xp barton than i do now at 2600mhz! so its so bs. and tends to give bad scores to the 5900 series. i think i got 1.9v stable, put a fan on hte mosfet sinks and walla stable as ya like.
  13. the as5 will make it better...but how much no one can know on your board and it will be a small small amount.
  14. Well i got some bh-5 :DDDDD anyway im stuck at 10.5x248 @ 1.85v see any higher vcore casuse instaibilities eg 1.9 etc. but i need that vcore to do 250fsb or IE crashes while priming etc. it seems i can map my cpu perfectly on a temp vs vcore vs stability line. 2600mhz is perfect on 1.85 but 2630 requires more volts, but it locks at those volts...any ideas? cooling the cpu works..but i dont want to spend more on cooling or endure the noise.
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