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  1. I've really run out of things to try here, but if anyone can help me find what the problem is, I'm all ears... Spec: MB: DFI Ultra Infinity NF2 CPU: Athlon XP-M 2400 @ 2080mhz RAM: 1 gig BH-5 @ 230Mhz 11-2-2-2-2 GFX: Raddy 9250 HD: 2 x 160Gb sata jobbies PSU: Seasonic 430W (This rig normally pulls less than 250W) Extras: Wifi card, emu1212m, dvd-burner Right, now that's over with, here's what happend. A few days ago I would turn it on, and the fans just spin, but nothing shows on the monitor. First thing I tried, CMOS reset, this normally works on these flakey DFI boards, but no.... Anyway, I tried reseting it a few times, and it booted on the 5th attempt. Strange. Today, nothing, nada. No amount of resets could get this thing to work. First I swapped out the PSU for a Tagan 380w - nothing, just "no signal" on the monitor, and spinning fans. Forst I disconnected the non-essentials, namely the dvd drive, soundcard and wifi card - made absolutely no difference. Next I swapped out the GFX card for a raddy 7000... Still nothing. Now a BIOS hotflash... all went smoothly, but still no boot! Hotflash is normally a last resort but still nothing. I used another NF2 rig for hotflashing, 2 different BIOS chips, still no joy. I think I've gone thru most of the usual troubleshooting things, and this is the first time I've not had the rig boot at some point... If the motherboard is dead, I'd be very surprised, as I can feel the NB heatsink get warm.... I've also tried a different CPU an RAM, it still doesn't boot... Anything else i can try? EDIT: The LED's on the motherboard light up, but the LED's on the front of the case do now... possible power circuit failure?
  2. Ok, I've got 3 ultra infinities, 2 work fine while the other doesn't work at all. I'm trying to fix the non working one, as it used to work fine. First of all, I tried 2 different types of RAM, then 2 different GFX cards, then 2 different CPU's, then 2 different PSU's, yet all of these bits worked fine in my other boards. So I them pulled the BIOS out, and hotflashed it on another board, (19/6) still nothing. No POST, no BEEPs, nothing! :mad: The LED's come one and the CPU fan spins when it's powered on, however. The only thing that's strange about this board is that it makes this wierd buzzing noise when it's on. I sounds a bit like a knackard fan. I can post an audio clip of it if that's any use? Could it be one of those amazingly high quality teapo caps has bit the dust.
  3. Hi, just wanna say thanks for this... My floppy drive has bust, so this is a godsend. Anyway, my rig has been updated since sig... I've now got 2x512mb of bh-5 at 260Mhz at 11-2-2-2-2 at 3.6v. What would be a good BIOS to use, or shall I do a bit of experimenting.
  4. MikeHunt79

    NF2 Users: Read!

    I've only just found this thread... Thanks for all the effort, I'm just about to give it a go. Also, the link to the guide in the post above is dead... Any chance of a mirror?
  5. Does anyone know a place in the UK that sells 'em? I've got a SLK-900U, and I want to use it with my ultra infinity
  6. Now, until recently, my onboard LAN was working fine, even tho my system runs 245MHz FSB. I say recently, because I came home the other day, and I found my network not working... "Cable is disconnected" to be exact. Now, the cable is still connected, but the green LED on the back of my computer now flashes constantly on and off. It's on for 1 sec, then off for 1 sec. What the hell does this mean? Also, the connection LED on the router does the same thing... 1 sec on, 1 sec off. I've tried resetting the router, swapping network cables, and even disableing and re-enabling my onboard LAN, none of which made a difference. The router is fine, since I am using another PC to type this message now... I'm tempted to buy a PCI lan card but I'd rather get the onboard going, TBH. EDIT: I've tried going back to 200MHz FSB and it still has the same problem.
  7. MikeHunt79

    uwackme's bh-5 burn-in

    Burning progress... now burning at 254 on my slower stick and, and getting around 10 errors per pass and falling. I'm gonna be 250Mhz prime stable with any luck. I'll look forward to seeing your pics. I did a bit of research, and found info the MOD's you mentioned. That OCP one is gonna require plenty of patience I reackon. Thanks for the info. FWIW, I'm using a 35w M-XP aswell. Mine's an AQYHA I think. Now... it seems my chip performs mid-way between the other two. Mine does: 1900Mhz @ 1.35v (9 x 200) 2350MHz @ 1.675v (10 x 235) 2572.5MHz @ 1.9v (10.5 x 245)
  8. MikeHunt79

    uwackme's bh-5 burn-in

    I'm still burning in... one of my 512Mb corsair sticks is stable at 252MHz 5-2-2-2-12-9 while the other one is still burning, but is currently stable at 249Mhz with the same timings. I've also had a play with the alpha timings a bit, and found a way to get a few more MHz outta each stick, but I'm not sure if this will work in dual channel. Let us know how you get on... I'm sure 270MHz stable is gettable with 3.6VDimm provided the cooling is there. Maybe ramsinks would help here? Do you reackon you could post the parts list you need for all these mods, or maybe a link with more details about these mods? I want to try these myself, and would like to get all the bits in one order. I'm pretty good with a soldering iron, and I'm gonna do these mods on a spare infinity. Plus I'm fed up with my board being unstable at 2v Vcore. Also, is it worth sticking some sinks on the MOSFETS near the dimms? On my board, they don't get that hot, but there is another Mosfet around 2 cm from these that gets roasting... I can't keep my finger on it for more than a second without burning my finger.
  9. MikeHunt79

    uwackme's bh-5 burn-in

    I found what my problem is... I was using the wrong DIMM slot on my motherboard. I had to use DIMM 3. I've got one module that likes Dimm slot 1, and another that likes Dimm slot 3, so it's all good. Now burning in @252 with 5-2-2-2-2-9-12 timings, and at less than 600 errors per hour. Wow, that is a real good OC. I'm going to order a Maze 4. Let me know how you get on when you try adjusting the voltage, I still can't believe you got to almost 500MHz. My R360 core only does 420 with a arctic cooler.
  10. I got around to installing my zalman northbridge cooler yesterday, and I had to take the motherboard out to do so. Now, after installing to the new heatsink, I found a tiny tiny surface mount capacitor on the bottom of my PC case. It must be around 1mm x 2mm. I meaasured that it was 0.1uF using a multimeter. Now I guess this mustv'e come off the back of my motherboard at some point, but my motherboard continues to function correctly... so is it really that much to worry about? Also, I have a spare untouched ultra infinity that I'm currently using to burn-in some RAM (cheers for the guide uwackme) . Now, would it be a good idea to swap motherboards, so I'm using the one with all intact caps for normal use? I plan to heatsink all the MOSFETS and do the VDimm MOD to my main board you see... I don't want to go to all this trouble, and find that the lack of a damn 0.1uF cap will cause problems.
  11. MikeHunt79

    uwackme's bh-5 burn-in

    I'm STILL burning in, since I have one stick 250FSB @ tight stable and the other stick isn't. Anyway, I got a seperate board to burnin on, and I'm getting strange results (I'm using the 1/21 BIOS on it, btw). When burning in, I used to get say 2 - 8 errors every or every other pass, but now I seem to get 5 or 6 passes without an error, then I get around 100 errors all at once! Anyone else had this? Also, I've been experimenting with the multiplier a bit, and I've found that an 8x CPU multiplier gives a higher band width than either 9x or 10x. For example, @ 250FSB @ tight, I've found that an 8x multi will show 1450MB/s, but a 9x multi will only give around 1420MB/s. BUT,... I've had the board constantly lock up when using the 8x multiplier, it just freezes during memtest86, so I cannot use 8x multi for burning in. Since I now have 2 DFI boards, I'm gonna have a play with hellfires BIOS's, and see if tweaking the alpha's might help at all. Another question... someone mentioned that they were using 80MHZ agp @ 1.8v.... whats the point in this, does it gain stability, it is it only useful if you have a modded GFX card. I'm confused. uwackme, you said that macci and lostviking managed 285FSB @ tight... how did they do this? Did they do the VDimm mod and use heatsinks on thier ram? I searched the forums and found squat. Finally, slightly OT but I had to ask, TheWizzard - your sig. I noticed you got your GPU core up to almost 500MHz with just a maze 4 GPU block... did you have to Vmod the card at all or use a TEC?
  12. MikeHunt79

    Really hot NB

    Ok, thanks for all the tips. Today I tried mounting a fan above my NB, and it made it a lot cooler. I'm gonna try some AS5 under there today, and next time I'm ordering some bits, I'm gonna go for one of those zalman passive heatsinks since I've heard good things about them... It's a shame they don't make a copper one tho.
  13. MikeHunt79

    Really hot NB

    I think it's only started to get really hot due to the high VCore... before I used the watercooling, I never took my CPU above 1.7Vcore. I'll have to experiment when I get time... I really need to cool it since I'm at 200FSB now, I'm thinking it'll catch fire at 250FSB, lol. I must admit tho, I've never had the stock NB cooler off, i'll have to check it for flatness sometime, and whack some AS5 in there at least.
  14. MikeHunt79

    Really hot NB

    Sorry for not searching, I posted this in a bit of a rush since I was shocked at how hot my NB was getting... I've never had it get this hot before. I'll see what happens when I mount a fan over my NB, and if the temps continue to be high I'll have to get a waterblock. I'm eventually going to add sinks to the mosfets, so I'll keep air flowing in the case.
  15. MikeHunt79

    Really hot NB

    I have now got my watercooling setup finished (sig needs updating), so I thought I'd give my CPU a good thrashing. So, I set 200x13 (2600) at 1.85 VCore, and prime failed after 3 mins. I put it up to 1.9VCore. Now, prime never seems to fail, but the NB heatsink get really really hot. I can't touch it for more than 5 seconds without it burning me. I put a temp probe on the NB, and it reads 60 degrees C while priming, and less when idle. Now, has anyone else had this? I'm using the stock BIOS btw, I'm gonna have to give hellfires a whirl. Would something like a northpole keep my NB cool, or am I gonna need to watercool my northbridge. Can someone recommend a good waterblock for the NB?