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  1. Hey guys, hows it going? Just thought I would update this thread so it could be usefull to others as well with similar problems. Well after a whole week of troubleshooting this board, im about 99% sure that my memory slots on the mobo gave up the ghost. I have tested two dual channel kits of memory (Corsair TWIN-X LLPT 2-3-2-6 1T which is "Winbond Original CH-5" That I know is good) and my OCZ. I tested single sticks at a time in both of the orange slots. Still got errors on every stick with metest for windows. I used the windows live ultimate boot cd and used that to test along with ubuntu 7.04 desktop, overclockix 3.79 etc.. Well its time to RMA this Expert I guess. I got my ASUS A8N32-SLI DELUXE and after the build I was having some strange issues which I will bring up in a relevant thread relating to that priduct. Thanks for the input guys.
  2. My corsair were ran SPD which was 2-3-2-6 1T I Think This motherboard has a bad ram slot.. Because I tested all my sticks single and fail. This mobo worked great with the corsair and the OCZ before for almost a year. Well Im picking up an ASUS A8N32-SLI deluxe tomorrow so well see f that fixes my problem. then Ill RMA this expert.
  3. The Corsair actually went all the way to 3500% no errors when I fell asleep.. thats when I felt the ram and yea while it was being worked out it was pretty hot on load. guess I might have to RMA these OCZ? I dont even know what IC's or PCB these use, thats why I never OC' them. Im about to stick the OCZ back in reverse slots that they were and start testing on a couple of boot cd's I just made with diags.
  4. well now I decided to stick my 1Gb kit of corsair LLPT CH-5 in my system to see if its a motherboard issue. I cleared CMOS, load optimized defaults, etc. I got no errors in memtest for windows @400% coverage so Im thinking it may be my ram going bad, But I don't know, The dimm in slot#2 runs hotter than the one in slot 4. It feels like its around 105-108 F . The OCZ and Corsair get equally hot though, is that normal on this board? I never felt them until now as I didn't have a reason to.
  5. ok, I just ran two memtest for windows at once testing 800mb each, I got no errors from one and the other memtest came up with 4 errors at 228% coverage. I got 4 errors like this.. got a message to this efect: Error Detected copying between 75607e and 75604a As result your coputer cant accuratly copy between memory. Now how come memtest86+ didn't pick any errors up? It did hard lock during the 2nd hour of memtest86+ one time but never no errors like this prog. Im starting to think this CPU has a fauty mem controler... considering when I switched CPU's is when all this seemed to start happening. Allthough I removed the ram when I switched CPU's maybe I should try swaping slots.
  6. thing is im running OCZ plats ver.2 @ 2.69v and I got them because of the compatability. I never had any probs with this memory although Im not sure what IC and PCB they use. I do have a 1GB kit of corsair twin x CH-5 I could try. I been using the process of elimination. Now that you guys say memory problem, that makes me think that maybe I got an FX-60 with a bad mem controller? I ran OCCT a couple times and it passed fine.. another thing, Win XP froze and at somepoint my audio driver bacame disabled, as in "do not use this audio device" selected in control panel. Win XP locks up just like vista but not as quickly, and the reason im running vista is because some games are now requiring vista only. thats why the dual boot. The fact that the 2900XT pulls audio from my sound card makes me wonder if thats causing a problem. well back to my delima. Also I got a blue screen one time with the strangest stop code I've seen: STOP: 0x00000124 (0x0000000000000000, 0xFFFFFA8001859040, 0x00000000B2000000, 0x0000000000070F0F)
  7. Oh and it froze during memtest86+ ran from the bios, no errors... just froze and had to reset. Also this motherboard always had strange behavour as in somtimes when I restarted windows it wouldnt post till i hit the reset button, or somtimes I had to remove power cord and plug it back in for it to turn on in a power off state.
  8. and im not using the 400 gig seagate or the ageia right now. out of machine. and now it just froze in safe mode for the second time in vista. Motherboards had it???? im about to pull my hair out...I just cant figure out what it is.. I guess I either should put my x1900 back in or maybe try the 4800+ cpu. I dont know. the problem seemed to have started after I upgraded the CPU but I also upgraded to the 2900 xt 3 days earlier and didn't have no problems in those three days testing games etc. so Im not sure if its the cpu or 2900xt. or even the mobo going bad?? :confused::sad:
  9. Well... I've had a long three days of busting my brain trying to find the cause of this problem. After I cleared and cleaned the disks I did a dual boot reinstall of xp home and Vista Ult 64 on my two raptors and everything ran fine up to a point , but I can't pinpoint the exact issue that caused the probs. Im running in safe mode right now in vista and no problems yet. so far I havent got a lock up in XP yet as I installed all the drivers but been stuck on vista hard locking trying to eliminate as many factors as posible. I used one of the advanced boot options on vista and when it started a promt poped up saying that a serious problem has been recovered from and that it was caused by either PSU, CPU, Memory,System Board. I have took out the ageia physx card and that didnt help. I was just browsing around the device manager and found this: Nvidia Nforce System managment: Conflicting device list: Input/Output Range 1C00 - 1C3F not available. Input/Output Range 1C40 - 1C7F not available. This is in safe mode hopwever. I been testing the cpu with MPRIME from Tmods boot cd and it has passed and passed again 50hr worth. but im not sure if its testing both cores or if you have to start another process using the other consoles;alt-F1 alt-F2 etc. This hardlock problem has really got me stumped not to mention upset. I was thinking about trying the linux live boot cd to test with. Could I really be pushing this PSU too hard? HD2900XT uses hella lot of juice. plus im running 4 DVD-RW's and 4 HD's, 4 fans, fx-60,X-Fi Elite with the breakout box etc. next thing I try is unhooking 2 optical drives to see if that helps. the only thing is I dont think dvd-rw use much juice at idle right? I cant get into windows for 5min before it freezes somtimes let alone run any game at all. well my brain needs a break for a sec. any help is surly welcomed. Thanks Tweak
  10. yea I thought that too.. but it didn't fix. im trying the last resort reinstall windows.
  11. I already went through that and it seems to be better in safe mode but it did lock once in safe mode so I dont know. both OS acting up at the same time makes me afraid its a hardware issue.
  12. are you refering to the safe boot jumper on the mobo? or do you mean safe mode? if so I dont see how that will help me.
  13. Hi all, I don't usually have problems this serious that I can't fix my self but this one has got me stumped. well the exact order of events that led to this point as follows... I was perfectly stable with my 1900XT an 4800+ cpu but I got the itches for an upgrade so I ordered HD2900XT from the egg, and also picked up an FX-60 New from e-bay. I got a good deal thats why the move from 4800 to this. Well my 2900xt arrived and I installed it, downloaded the latest drivers(the drivers before the 2900xt*inf was integrated into the 7.5 CATS). Installed in both Vista and XP, everything seemed to be fine for 4 days or so until my processor came. When it did I prepared to install it, clear the bios etc. swaping cpu's isn't really a fast task because of the heatsink I have. Well everything seem to be fine when I saw the latest drivers for the 2900xt were the 7.5 cats, so I downloaded and went through update procedure etc. then all the probs start. I dont think it's a power issue either. The exact symptoms are hardlock without a bluescreen and sound apears to be looped or sound like a bad skipping cd. (infinite loop?) It happens faster in vista than XP. I don't have the previous driver for just the 2900xt, I deleted it cause I didn't think I would need it for troubleshooting. Also im not sure if this could be the CPU, allthough I did use tmods boot cd and ran MPRIME 24 hours perfect and memtest86+ on test 8 for 24 hours with no errors. Getting frustfrated, been thinking too hard...:confused:
  14. I recently bought some OCZ Memory on my last upgrade. Paid about [email protected] the Egg. 2GB OCZ Platinum EL v2.0 OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K 2-3-2-5 1T @2.66v-2.80 Works Perfect at stock in my SLI-DR Expert. 1GB Corsair Platinum TwinX CMX5123200LLPT XMS3205 v1.2 2-3-2-6 1T @2.60 CH-5. Works perfect in my SLI-DR Expert and my NF3 UT [email protected] Stock I want to try OC'ing and testing this OCZ stuff, so if anyone knows what chips and PCB this kit uses, let me know please. I need to know so I have somewhere to start. Thanks
  15. Next Is a PNY Geforce 6600 DDR 256mb for 60$ w/0 shipping Includes x1 DVI to Analog conector No CD, No Box. Been Used in Secondary rig for about 100 Hours On Time. I re did the Thermal Compound with Arctic Silver 5 on both the GPU and the PCI-E to AGP Bridge Chip.
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