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  1. First, here are two more good websites to find answeres to your questions. http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/ http://www.ocforums.com/ You might want to go here and read overclocking basics and the amd overclocking guide to start off with. http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/show...ad.php?t=137897 You asked about cooling the northbridge. Here are the spots to cool. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...=&threadid=2732 Something like this would be good for the northbridge and comes with some heatsinks. http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/minochcokit.html This would work well for your southbridge. http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-110-103&depa=0 You should use this to put the heatsink onto your chip. http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-100-007&depa=0 Mix that with the thermal adhesive http://www.arcticsilver.com/arctic_silver_...al_adhesive.htm mix half and half to hold the southbridge cooler on. Also you should "lap" your cpu and northbridge heatsinks.http://www.driverheaven.net/guides/lappingheatsink/ Use some Brasso at the end of the procedure to shine it up well. Then I just put some articsilver #5 on the southbridge fan. The stock fans come right off with a little twist. Hope that helps.
  2. I'm trying to get my rig stable. Im up to 235x11 cpu 1.9v, vdimm 3.2v, and I wanted to see if increasing the chipset and or the agp volts would help with stabilty. Testing stability with 3dmark01 and prime95. They are at default now. What is the actual default volts, and what volts do people usually set theirs too? I am sure it varies but can I set them to the highest volts? I have very good air cooling, with a vantec iceburg on the southbridge, swiftech heatsink fan over northbidge, but stock cooling on my vid card. Thanks for any suggestions and help.
  3. Well thanks so much everyone. I sure appreciate all the help, and getting my puter working again.
  4. Oh man that worked. Thanks so much. I thought that my bios chip may have been screwed up. One problem though. When the puter boots up, and it did this on the bs chip. It says "cmos checksum error - degaults loaded" Press f1 to continue, del to enter setup. What does that mean?
  5. Thanks Black99rt. Ive never used winflash before. Is this what I need? http://www.ecsusa.com/downloads/winFlash.html
  6. I did flash the bios savior. I just cleared cmos, flipped the switch on bios savior and did the clear cmos again. And it booted. So I guess Ill have to flash the original chip again, is that correct?
  7. Im using the same bios as before. I didnt flash or anything. Its the official 6/19 bios. I did tweak the bios before to overclock (just what angry did on his site . http://www.angrygames.com/LP875B_bios1.htm) Reset to optimum defaults before re-installing this morning. I did do a few os tweaks from blackviper but nothing any different than in the past.
  8. I re-installed windows this morning and all my software. Then began the task of overclocking. I've had this rig clocked at 234x11 prior to this mornings re-install. I got up to 210x12 with 1.75v to cpu and 3.2 to the ram. Then I tried 220x11.5 at the same volts. Now the thing will not boot. I tried clearing the cmos twice following angry's instructions. I have bios savior. I tried that twice, but Im honestly not sure how it works. Anyone have any suggestions on what to d
  9. I had my computer overclocked and running wonderfull 234x11 for the past 5-6 months. I started getting weird pop-ups and trojans so I decided to reinstall windows and everything. Problem is, I dont seem to be able to reach the heights of overclocking that I had previously. Before, I could go to 200x12 without having to touch any of the voltage. Now, at 180x12 Im having to increase the volts I noticed that I installed windows with apic on. Does having it off make that much of difference? Also, how do I turn it off before installing windows? Im guessing just going into bios and turning it off then do the windows install. I hate the thought of reinstalling everything. But if having the apic off makes that big of difference I will. oops, i should have posted this in the amd section:rolleyes:
  10. Kamel, Have you checked to see if kingston has any support forums. They might be able to tell you. As far as Corsair goes, which is what I have. They have a list: http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthre...0&highlight=ch5
  11. Well Im proud to say everything is runnin smooth as silk. Windows is loaded, all my drivers and software installed. Now its time to overclock. Thanks everyone for their help!
  12. RGone that worked! Thanks so much. Now can I repeat the same procedure keeping the switch to org, instead of switching it to rd1?
  13. Thanks RGone I'll try that. I also realized that I didnt completely open the n24id619 folder. But when I clicked and opened it. I found an awdflash program with a n24id619.bin program in the folder. I just assumed that putting the n24id619 folder along with the awdflash folder which was on the link from kermit the from on the boot disk was ok.
  14. Well, Ive tried everything. Yes it seems simple enought but it's not working for me for some reason. I just tried flashing the original chip without the bios savior to see if I may have had a bad BS. But that didnt work. When I try your suggestions, I now receive the 2 error messages depending on whitch route I take. "The program files part number does not match with your system" or "The program files bios lock string does not match your system" Could it be the files that I downloaded? I got them from kermit the frog over at pc perspective. His download did contain a nf7d24 file on it. But I didnt put that on my boot disk. I figured that was for the abit nf7. Should I download the bios from the dfi website? Sorry to be such a pain. This has me frustrated.
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