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  1. sorry about the pic size you can still se pics in the link
  2. here is a pic http://imageshack.us/ The excitement of getting a new toy has made you forget the rules pertaining to image sizes. May the above refresh your memory. - Acegoober more pics and info here
  3. a 7900gt can get close to a 7900gtx but they are voltage limited 0.3v less on the gpu, if you voltmod them they go much higher. a 7900gtx can do 700-710mhz on air with no mods, more should be with better cooling or voltmoding it
  4. i got a picture of it, specs arent disclosed. the pic: http://www.chilehardware.cl/index.php?name...577c0533#211565
  5. new info it should retail for about 170usd
  6. Small resume: Specs: GeForce 7600GT has 12 pixel pipes 5 Vertex Shaders core: 500Mhz, mems: 500mhz 1.4ns Tristar width 128bit you can found 3dmark benchs at chilehardware
  7. you can ask for help in geil forums. http://www.geilusa.com/forum2/default.asp
  8. i'll get the artic cooling we did a review and it was really good. http://www.chilehardware.cl/modules.php?op...&file=200511111
  9. Link: http://www.chilehardware.cl/index.php?name...6838&highlight= there is the link and a bench, it really recomenden for x1900xt/XTX/cf XT owners Regards
  10. bh5 or tccd i dont recomend corsair they seem to have issues with DFI. Good brands: Geil, mushkin, ocz, g.skill, etc.. check this new ram from geil is awsome: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=40512
  11. i dont think so, try removing the battery and clearing cmos
  12. try the 704-2bta i'm using that one with a opty 148
  13. http://www.chilehardware.cl/index.php?name...ewtopic&t=16722 that is as much as we know, thats the first picture of a am2 mobo
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