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  1. Say this doesn't work, would DFI send me a pre-flashed bios chip since it got corrupted from using the default bios?
  2. Thunda, Ok, when I try to do the "AWDFLASH N24ID619.BIN /F/QI/CC/Sn/Py" command it freezes everytime on the "Warning do not turn off..." step and my floppy light stays active but no movement in the drive. Suggestions? And this is one heck of a crappy way to have to flash a bios. I don't even know why it when crazy in the first place...it was working fine for 3 weeks.... Bummed....Mike
  3. I only started this flashing because my bios ate itself in one sense of the issue. It's seems to be messed up, I'm trying the steps above. Mike
  4. When I flash the bios I: 1. DL the newest bios (just tried the 7/28). 2. Reboot to cmd prompt from floppy. 3. awdflash 4. Writes to the bios. 5. Restart, turn off power. 6. Move the jumper to clear cmos. 7. Wait for a few seconds with power off. 8. Move back to normal. 9. Power back on. Works ok for a little while then while making changes it will start having "unknown cpu" and when in the bios if you go to save or exit it just shows a box on the screen with no text or options.
  5. Hey guys, I have been running the newest bios that ships with the board for some time and then all of a sudden my computer was not playing games correctly, so I restarted. It said "unknown cpu type" and after restarting a few times it still read that. I went into the bios and the voltages and were missing and things seemed "off." I updated to the 1/31 and 6/19 bios and both gave me "unknown cpu type" and occaisionally locked up while in the bios. Right now I have the 1/31 bios on and at least it is seeing my cpu as an athlon about half the time. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mike
  6. Fixed, got the newest SATA drivers from SilImage....
  7. Ok, I got the non-raid driver off of the cd and it still doesn't see my hard drive in windows. When I get to the screen to hit F8, it show no drive available. If I hit enter, I get a BOSD that references setupdd.sys. Any clue? I have the WD 74gb Raptor (port 1) with a WD60 (port 3).
  8. The WinXP disc I am using is a SP2 slipstream disc. Not sure if it solved the problem yet.
  9. Hey guys, The semester is about to start and I don't have all the time in the world to search the web for this...so...here's the problem: I have a 74gb raptor on sata1 on my dfi hofinity and I cannot get winxp to even see the hard drive in during set up. I have tried diabling the sata raid and setting it to sata as well as disabled...none work if I don't load the dfi raid driver and the drive is still not found if I do load the dfi raid driver. I'm using the 6/19 bios. If I have the sata raid enabled in the bios, it searches for the drives after the boot and sees the raptor on sata0...but aparently windows does not. Any help? Thanks!!!! Mike
  10. Where the heck do you buy passive heatsinks at a half-way decent price. I'm looking for a large sheet that could be cut to any size. Do you guys have any ideas?
  11. Cool, so the SB comes with a stock sink? Did you guys add anything to the volt. regulators (normally I do)?
  12. What do would you guys recommend for Corsair XMS PC3200 to be ran at at least 200 (with slight ocing) mem settings? TRAS TRCD/Read TRCD/Write TRP CAS TRC TRFC Sorry for the bother here.... Thanks, Mike
  13. Awesome, thanks...yeah I know about those damn clips...I have a vantec iceberq on my KX7....
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