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  1. Well looking on OCZ's website...the only place to buy these sticks are at atacom.com. http://www.atacom.com/program/print_html_n...MEDD_OCZT_AG_F2 They're 289 with about 4-5 bucks for shipping. ATACOM Resllerratings As you can see, they don't have a very good rating. It's your decision...
  2. lol... u didn't look long enough:D. http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-146-890&depa=0 This is what your looking for. They may not come back in stock:(. Just cross your fingers and hope so. Have you tried looking elsewhere?
  3. His sticks are not BH-5. The V2's are the Samsung TCCD chips. TCCD chips can run at very high FSB's and frequency's without the extra voltage, like BH-5 needs. As for timings, according to the test over at Andantech, they achieved DDR500 with timings of 2.5-3-4-7 with 2.85 volts. I would try those timings with 2.9 volts and you should be set. EDIT: I just looked at yur sig, chinkgai, and you have the same sticks...wow
  4. I think you should try turning CPC off. That may help. If not, look at this thread: www.dfi-street.com/forum/sho...=&threadid=4405
  5. I just wanted to know what my timings should be. They're all set to Auto right now, except for 5-2-2-2 my regular timings. I know different ones work for different people but what seems to be the best?
  6. OMFG!! I just ran it at 1.85Vcore with 3.0Vdimm and it ran through nature, when it was going back to the desktop to show the score, the computer restarted!
  7. I don't think it should be a concern. Just make sure it doesn't go over 55C.
  8. What's LDT? EDIT: Just found out that LDT is for A64's only. Any other ideas?
  9. Well it's kind of weird now. I tried running it at 230x10 with 1.825Vcore and 3.0Vdimm. Now about nature I think, the screen goes into standby and the 4th DLED comes and and I hear a single short beep. Any ideas?
  10. Well I have everything up to 230 stable. But 230 will not work. I try benching it at 230x10 with 1.85Vcore, 2.9Vdimm, and 1.7Vdd. Whenever I try to run it at that it says one of the files in 3dMark is corrupt. This goes away at lower speeds so it's not the program. Any ideas?
  11. Plz guys. I really need help. This problem is really buggin me!
  12. This is very weird. I ran my computer at 220x8 w/ 1.725Vcore, 2.8Vdimm wit 1:1 on 3dMark and it was stable. Then I tried playing some Counter-Strike. Well I noticed that maybe every 10 seconds or so I would have HUGE lag spikes. So I quit the game and tried the internet. It was very SLOW and DL's would come in and out. So is this OC'ing related and if so how can I fix it? Thank you.
  13. lol. Sorry bout the sig will update here in a sec. I do have an ATI 9800np. So 1.7volts to it would be okay?
  14. Well right now I'm at 230x8 stable. Now 3dmark doesn't freeze at 235x8 it crashes to desktop at Gothic (High Detail). I guess I should try more Vcore?
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