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  1. yea i got the same thing, im back on my ultra-d for now till something improves, this board is not ready for release in my opinion. maybe another couple bios releases might help. so another couple months or so before i look at this board again for my system.
  2. just download the whole package, the file is there
  3. ive been using the 5.10's and now 5.11's from the ati site for the chiipset and vid card instead of the 5.8's that are on the cd and dfi site with no issues as of yet. they are on the ati site in the drivers section, in the motherboards with igp section
  4. shot an email out as well, this concerns me
  5. the 11/02 bios fixed my reboot problems coming out of the bios fine for me
  6. my dual core worked fine when i did a fresh install, i see the 2 cpu's usage histories
  7. i gave up trying to get raid0 working with my raptors, i tried everything besides going and buying a ps2 keyboard which i wont be doing, i tried a usb-ps2 adapter but it locks up still in the ati raid setup screen and the si3114 setup works to make the raid0 set but windows setup still doesnt allow me to install on it. ill be sending this board back to the place i got it, i never paid good money to be a beta tester, and go back to my ultra-d for now.
  8. well i tried the raid drivers from the download page, tried everything i can think of, the si3114 config works to make the raid set, but installer doesnt recognize it, and the ati raid setup locks my usb keyboard before i can make it
  9. yea i did that, then went to install windows, pressed f6 loaded the sil3114 sata raid driver, and the windows installer doesnt find a hd to install on
  10. Just got the rdx200 today, installed it, went to setup my raid0 array with my 2 74gig raptors, tried every which possibility, ati raid and the sil3114 raid. ati raid of the sb450 chipset hangs in the raid config so thats a no go, with the sil3114 raid setup it works to create the raid array but winxp setup says it cant find any hd's, and yes i loaded the raid drivers with the f6 key during setup. wondering if anyone else could share how they setup theirs. also after rebooting a gazillion times, from trying diff optionsi n the bios, when i save a bios config, and reboot it hangs, when i try a different raid config it hangs, when i reboot in windows it hangs on the post screen and sometimes right after the raid bios setup screen before windows loads. help please.
  11. well i tried 1:1 @ 250fsb, and it was no go, it wouldnt even post, it would before i got my 9800xt, i suspect its my psu, im gettin pretty low on the +12v, i got a antec neo power 480 coming soon. what other bios settings should i look at to help me do it or be more stable.
  12. so i plan on overclocking my cpu, and try 3.6ghz. now my ram will do 250 witout a problem, my question is, in order to set the board to 300 fsb, i should set the ram to ddr333 right? for 5:4, which would be 300fsb, 240mem. i got a 2.4c m0, corsairtwinx 4000 2x256 (3-4-4-8 @ 2.9v), watercooled cpu, tdx block, mcp600 pump, chevette heatercore, 1/2"id tubing and a mcx159-p on the nb. what steps or bios settings should i use for doing this?
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