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  1. i have never had problem with SW-IDE...and i think with SW-IDE, there is a lil bit of performance boost with hard drives access. what kind of problem is it that this SW-IDE could bring?
  2. i've run 4 sticks of 512MB before and it was no good...even at stocks and totally lame settings, i would get crash, BSOD etc...I really had no Idea why...i still don't with 4x1GB, woo it might be hell to tweak it out...I don't want to discourage you and i hope it will work...why don't you try the 406 BIOS? It seems nice...
  3. this driver seems good so far, although i had some problems with opening "MY Computer", you know, the problem when your pc thinks too long to show you the list of the Disks you got...and then problem with my asio driver in foobar..i had to change to creative asio instead of using the creative audigy 2 asio...so then i reinstalled it and then it's been great...previously BF2 crashed quite often after some rounds of online play...and then i decided to look up for new nVidia driver and BIOS...yeah i flashed mine to the 406, and i think it's a pretty nice BIOS...and now i have no probs with lots of rounds of BF2...but i don't really know if it's the nVidia driver or the BIOS...the previous driver was the 6.70 and the prev. BIOS was 702BTA
  4. awesome...i'm going to look in to that then
  5. "The Notebook" is a good movie. just saw it last week
  6. maybe that's because i wrote to omega and asked about it wauahhaha...i bet many people have... is it the 5.5 based??? cause i already tried 5.4 based one...it was no go...
  7. sure he can...i was just messing lil bit with him...cause those sentences were just weird and funny
  8. but you aren't the mobos engineer, right???i think the engineers should be the one who test them...or do you mean test as in overclock-test??? it's just funny that you said you were the one who should make sure the CPU to work on DFI mobos... no insult or anything...i just think it's weird...
  9. it sucks when you use x850 series...it won't detect my card...how stupid...
  10. My Sassy Girl (korean movie) Beautiful Mind Resident Evil...kinda because of the game... The Girl Next Door Halloween Resurrection Stalingrad LOTR Matrix1 Spiderman2 Antitrust Star Wars 12456 haven't seen the third Das Boot Donnie Darko Joy Ride Rose Red Band of Brothers The Core Brotherhood of the Wolves??? Count of Monte Cristo yeah...we were soldiers Full Metal Jacket Patriot Italian Job
  11. i have several mem here... G.Skill PC4800 1GBLA...TCCD 440 BP808: 300MHz is easy...to get over it, i think i need some lowerings to do...but i tend to avoid turning off things just for more freq...but i'll test it [email protected] Centon New Advanced PC3200LL TCCD 504 BP808: 300MHz is also easy with tighter timing than G.Skill...i use 2.5-4-3-5 while G.Skill likes 2.5-4-4-8 better. [email protected] Twinmos SP BH-5 PC3500 1A4T: 255MHz 1.5-2-2-5 is damn easy...straight to the point. VDIMM 3.4V OCZ GoldVX PC3200: typical...250MHz 2-2-2-8. Tried 1.5, it wouldn't go...crap for the price cause the TwinMos is simply better witha pretty decent price difference...60€ or so.. but i appreciate thier support...that makes them different.. Mushkin Black LvlII PC3500 2x256MB: BH-5...260MHz 2-2-2-5 is easy...3.5V...this one is my hardcore guinea pig...i just haven't had time to play with it...hahaha..i don't care if it's broken...i'm gonna torture it cheap anyway...80€ for a pair...bought on eBay... These are mems i'd recommend, since i've tried them all...getting more of them is clearly doable...but i hate loosening other settings to get some higher freq...but i might try them out...later... oh my sig is not so up-to-date...maybe i'll fix it later...the [email protected] i put there is kind of an expectation...been trying to get it..but it's so dang hard...my cpu is also now a Clawhammer 3500+...so cpu and ocz goldvx settings are not actually right the rest is alright...
  12. I use the Zalman WBs on both my CPU and Graphic Card, but the rest of the watercoolers are not really Zalman specified model for the CPU i use my own config, and for GFX, i use 2 reserators and then i have The Dual Reserator
  13. yeah i also didn't put that Firewall in from the second i installed the chipset driver...no firewalls at all..and it didn't go. that Duplex Mode is the only thing that works for me. so, is it now half or full that it's working now???
  14. in my case, setting it to full duplex gives me both of my ethernet ports back. try it.
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