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  1. Try a diffrent bios, maby that helps.
  2. It's normal, they get hot, you can get the temps down pretty much by putting some AS5 under the original heatsink.
  3. Man, reboot your computer before doing bench.
  4. Tried to lower th OC and se if that helps? iow turn everything back to stock. Otherwise re-install all drivers, and if that doesnt help ya, re-install windows.
  5. 12 Edit: If 12 is take i choose 14, Ohh and cpuz, i hope you dont go "up in smoke" at october 31
  6. My UTT is doing great, 263 5-2-2-2 1T 3.36v Its V-Data by the way.
  7. Hmm, BH-5 at cas 2.5? doesnt sound like BH-5, probably TCCD or UTT...
  8. Think my LE was at 1.3v, but dont remember, running 1.4v atm, 1.5v didnt do anything for me.
  9. Get the new nForce 4 SLI board. Then buy a Geforce 6600GT PCI-e video card (around 150$), And when you need more power, just buy another 6600GT and run SLI. And i realy think you should take a look at some UTT memory, (Twinmos Speed Premium for example) They are realy cheap and perform very well! (just take a look in my sig ) /wez Edit: iam always to slow
  10. Dont think so, all memory is different, even 2 sticks of TCCD from the same company.
  11. Does the BlueStorm have pots inside for the 3.3v line?
  12. I will gladly help out, have an bios savior and everything else that is requierd. Cheers. wez
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