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  1. It should not be difficult to oc that 4300 on the DS3. The DS3 will hit a FSB wall anywhere from 450-500+ FSB. To get to 3ghz, you would need 9x333 which is a fairly easy task. All you should need to do is up the vcore. I'd keep the memory 1:1 as well. Even though you can use a divider to get higher memory speeds, from my testing ive noticed that it operates less efficiently so it just cancels out the extra clockspeeds and just makes the memory work harder. I also have the HSF you are planning on getting and i've got my chip at 1.425v right now with no probs at 3.2ghz.
  2. i think the quad cores prices are falling drastically in the near future. Since you may benefit from that, you should probably wait a little while longer.
  3. no, it's the retail copy, just like you would find in the store. There is nothing different from this copy than one you would see at a bestbuy or whatever. Same shiny plastic box, same contents, same everything. k i guess i was wrong it turns out it was a NFR package even though on the item description it said retail when i ordered it.
  4. yea, i'd use it myself if my school didn't provide me with academic copies of vista business.
  5. Ill drop down to 270 S&H included
  6. they finally are getting me a new card, an upgrade at that. they are sending me a x1950xt 512mb in place of my x1900xt 512mb. Guess its a fair trade-off for their slow process and $15 fee.
  7. they should cast him as the rock guy from Fantastic 4
  8. i got my AXP to 2.5ghz.. is that old school enough or no?
  9. if you get ddr667 you should probably stick with the e4300. also get the 8800GTS 320mb its better than the x1950xt in most cases even at high res. DS3 is a good/cheap board, you just have to tame it.
  10. i tried to go watch it tonight and it was sold out
  11. ive seen a dell with a mac OS on it so yea it is possible.
  12. I'm selling a copy of Vista ultimate in the retail box. Box in unopened. Retail version includes both 32bit and 64bit. Retail stores sell it for 399.99. Newegg sells it for 378.99. I'll sell mine for $300 + $5-6 for shipping. I don't have Paypal yet so i'd prefer a money order but If you can't do that I could probably sign up for Paypal. PM if interested.
  13. BEER!?! GIRL!?! FREE?!!!? ... too bad they are out
  14. Ziggy54354

    Rainbow 6: Vegas

    yea ubi has been sucking lately with the issues in their game (sc4 and RSLV). For widescreen, there are patches out that fix it. I also get crashes when exiting the game but that isn't so much of an issue. The gameplay is pretty awesome though, i set it on realistic and it is actually quite a challenge.
  15. whats so insane about comparing the price to performance of two different products... isn't that the whole reason why we go out and buy something? I'm not going to buy a $50,000 sports car when its slower than a $20,000 upgraded econobox.
  16. why does the review claim cooling as a pro when it performs worse than the freezer 7 when that is only a ~$20 cooler and the Big Typhoon is a ~$50 cooler. I think you should say it sucks... unless TT is paying to help keeping this site up.
  17. the protein i take is also a multivitamin... isopure.. good stuff
  18. i've got a bluegears b-enspirer. check out some reviews, it's pretty good.
  19. i wouldn't say great... i personally think SLI is a waste of money in most cases because a) you are sli-ing two high-end cards and spending about 1k on graphics and most people really do not need that b) you are buying two cards in a short time interval but you could have gotten 1 better card for a cheaper price c) you are buying two cards in a long time interval and now your card is obsolete and even if you do sli, it still isn't up to par with the new cards out there. Since you look like situation b i would suggest u get a 7900GS
  20. get the GT, the problem with memory for a midrange card you probably wont be using high AA settings or super high res so the extra memory will probably not help you. The extra core and memory clocks will always give you better performance in this case
  21. it's hard to justify shelling out big bucks to cool an AXP. The money you would need to get a good cooling system is probably worth more than your mobo, cpu, and memory combined. Sure if you plan to upgrade then you can get a universal one. However if you really insist on WC, and you have no room for a radiator what you can do is mod your case so it is mounted on the top of you case. Get a res in the bay, the pump can just chill on the bottom.
  22. evga is good, they have the asc3 version which is 625/2000
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