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  1. Little help guys, I'll bring you all up to speed by posting the PMs I've sent/recieved from uwackme.
  2. I should probabally add it is vital you know what you are doing and have a multimeter to do this kind of mod. Don't want you all frying your lovely DFIs!
  3. Well most other pencil tricks envolve using a 2B pencil to draw graphite along the edge of the resistor then checking the output voltage then adding more till the desired vDimm is reached. Once you have the desired voltage you either put some tape over the penciled resistor or a little clear nail varnish etc.
  4. LOL - How quickly does it reach escape velocity?
  5. Low RPM/CFM fan, low fin count, dunno it just plain sucked!
  6. 1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa - One day God will prove he loves me by sending me on of these!
  7. [bimg]http://www.katch.dsl.pipex.com/toastie.jpg[/bimg] Breakfast? I know I can tweak this further but here's the DFI Grail 250 by 10. Hehehehe loving my 3dMark score :shake:
  8. Coolermaster HHC-L61 sucks monkey pole. Load temps under prime down from 70 degrees C to 40 Degrees after installing a thermalright slk 947.
  9. Here Ah thanks AG Iwas searching 'neo backplate' and missed this one.
  10. Not quite that's about modding the original x plate not the Neo Plate, but thank you.
  11. Ah but still you can bet its along the same lines.
  12. Hmmmm pre drilled hole for a nut and bolt? Source
  13. Wow, never thought I'd see this one crop up on the DFI Street Boards. Where ever did your lecturer get one of these demonstration models? This is very rare high tech stuff. Here's how you do it. Start off with the basic stuff, ordinary bottle and a length of wooden rod. Then you need to get an MX939 Microwave Nano Control Transmitter module and install it in a free PCI slot. Fire up Windoze and install the Nano control platform software included with the module. Right, now we have to get a few other things ready, you'll need approximately 3 grams of powdered iron, 10 grams of silicone powder, 1 high intensity full spectrum UV light and a 1K ampule of Nanobots. Here's where the fun starts; pop the bottle somewhere near the Transmiter making sure you are not between the two, the frequency the transiter opperates on can be hazardous. Add the iron powder, the silicon and the 1K ampule of Nanobots, give it all a good shake then turn back to the computer. In the control platform software click the projects tab and use the drop down menu to select 'Screw in a stick in a bottle'. Turn on the UV light and make sure its aimed squarely at the bottle. Pop the stick into the bottle then click the 'Run Project' button. You'll see various logging occur on the computer screen and movement in the bottle. This particular project takes about 15 minutes to complete. After the Nanobots have finished mulitiplying and constructing the screw, they break themselves back down into silicone residue. After the project has completed and the Transmiter is in standby (remember the microwaves are transmitted at a harmful frequency) you can pour the silicon out of the bottle and admire the results. There you are, hope this helps.
  14. Hi Guys, Can someone just help clarify the installation of the Thermalright Neo Backplate. Like the little plastic washer clips that clip around the standoffs do they sit above the plastic sheet or bellow. They're not meant to go on the CPU side of the board right? I've checked thermalrights website guide but the pics are very small and low res and there is no text to explain anything. Tnx
  15. Wow thanks for the heads up on the Vegas software suite - Looks like just what I'll need. I had been told about Final Cut Pro as being the best for video editing but its MAC only so thats out.
  16. Overclockers UK They have the Gigabyte and Asus SLi boards But wait till DFI get their 939 board out in early 2005, it's gonna be the shintz
  17. Nforce 4 939 SLi - £150 - £200 939 CPU £200 - £500 SLi 6800s £300 each Go on you know it makes sense! Or, about £150 for a stock water cooling kit upto £300 if you buy lots of nice custom parts.
  18. DFI Nforce 4 SLi 939 and dual 6800GTs :nod: you know it makes sense!
  19. Why would you want to? Its an integral part of laptop design to extend the life of conponents whilst lowering power consumption and heat output. If you do something that requires the extra oomph it automatically clocks up. It really depends on the laptop make and BIOS options whether you can stop it or not.
  20. As a laptop it will still 'throttle down' when demand on the cpu is low regardless of whether it is powered by the mains or its battery.
  21. Hi guys, Ok so of tech related things I suddenly find myself stumbling blindly into an area about which I know very little (read - might as well be nothing) I'm starting an English and Media production degree soon and the course contains a hefty element of video production. Great thinks me, time to get a camcorder. Then i realised they come in a hell of a lot of flavours and I don't know what any of them taste like! I have a computer which is well up to the task (See spec - mmmmm 6800GT) What I could use some help with is what features to look for in a camcorder and what software to buy. I'm also mystified as to how I transfer the footage from the camera to my computer and what formats I'll be working in. Any input or advice happily recieved. Tnx
  22. What's everyone's current opinion on pagefiles or 'swap' files at the moment. Seperate physical drive or same as your OS. More than your RAM less than your RAM. Or, controversially no page at all. This is all with reference to a system with 1gig of RAM. Tnx
  23. Old school nickname for me... because I just can't. Put a K at the front instead of a C because I like Ks go figure. So yeah.... Katch as in 'owe with my face'
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