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  1. http://www.tomshardware.com/cpu/20050725/index.html Just found this rather appropriate article at Toms Hardware Guide, not my favourite site but a good article and some good benchies to boot. Posting here for prosperity etc.
  2. You can get plastic (actually think they are vinyl) nuts and bolts at the hardware store, you can get a better tighter fit if you ditch the push pins and get a couple of these.
  3. Yup I know 3GHz is not realistic, but you have to set your sights high to achieve anything, in reality stable at 2.8 would be more than enough beans for me. My BH-5 are rock solid and hold 250-60 easy, the rails on my PSU are bang on the nose and never drop a cent, gonna stick an XP-120 on to cool her to begin with maybe moving to Water later on.
  4. My mistake I meant a 3500 Venice with 11 multi.... My gut instinct is drawing me toward the 3700 Sandy but its all so new to me at the moment, this will be my first 64bit system and I'm still not 100% on all these new BIOS settings and what have yous. My aim is to get as close to 3GHz as possible with 3 being the golden star...
  5. So in theory if I go for a 3200 Venice with the same 11 multi as the 3700 San Diego, I should be able to reach similar speeds and performance? My system is mostly a gaming rig, also do a bit of DVD ripping and video editing along with a hefty amount of music production.
  6. Right funds are all in place but I'm off on holiday for the first 2 weeks of August so will wait to order the new parts till I get back, also gives me time to see if DFI manage to write a decent stable BIOS for the NF3 939 Ultra-D. Shopping list at present is: 3700+ Sandy Ultra-D NF3 939 XP-120 everything else I need is coming from the system in my sig. Anything I should bear in mind or any further advice welcomed. Also how well are my BH-5s gonna hold up in the new build?
  7. Yeah I've had a good nose through and still there's not much in it. I think I may go for the Sandy, just have a gut feeling that the 1 meg cache may come in useful down the line.
  8. See this is the trade off I'm umming and ahhing over. The 1 meg cache which currently doesn't seem to increase performance much seriously marginal gains or the x 12 multi in the hope of getting a higher final clock speed. I just can't decide...
  9. bad flashed one chip, then without paying any attention to what I was doing badflashed the other in exactly the same way oops! Irony is the moment I hit the power off switch I knew I'd done it, could have sorted it if I had realise a second earlier. Ah well tweak and learn : clock and burn.
  10. I understand about these chips being multi locked. Been building systems and OCing for years. All I wanted to know was the default max multi on each chip as this affects your max potential clock after all is said and done. I admit I was being lazy instead of going and finding the info.
  11. Saw this over at "the other boards" and it made me laugh. http://forums.pcper.com/showthread.php?t=396288
  12. Anyone know what the highest multiplier is for these 2 and what OC they seem to max out at?
  13. Right the funds are all sorted for my next build (and not a moment to soon managed to bad flash my NF2 and the Saviour in my bleary eyed frustration last night ) So I'm gonna get the NF3 939 board so I can keep my nice Gainward AGP card. I'm gonna drop a XP120 ontop of either the 3700 Sandy or 3800 Venice and feed it my old school BH-5. Which chip should I go for?
  14. just need to sell me old laptop and a few bits and bobs and I'll be picking one up.
  15. Some people appear to have no issues others are experiencing multiple problems. The general view is it is still a very buggy board. Hoping a new BIOS will cure many issues. I'm still umming and ahhing over this board and I think I'm gonna take the plunge and get on with it soon.
  16. Just developers but you know it'll be on torrent in no time
  17. http://news.zdnet.co.uk/software/windows/0...39210283,00.htm Beta out in a week, Its Marrathon and Snickers; Opal Fruits and Starbursts all over again
  18. Can someone take a look at their chipset cooler and tell me if a Thermalright NB-1 would fit it.
  19. Sorry to do another "what should I buy" thread, but I've never been so stumped in all my life :confused: So AG and friends steered me right a couple of years ago when I picked up my Mobile Barton and some BH-5 and I'm hoping you can all do the same again now. My Gainward 6800GT GS cost me more than a bit not so very long ago so I'd really like to keep using it, but I guess it can be ebayed if I have to. I am not considering changing RAM, these BH-5 still memtest well over 250 no problems. So; 754 or 939? I kinda had my eye on a 3700 sandy. If i go 754 the Mobo is obvious, if I go 939 and stay with my AGP card then I have to become a beta tester on that new one, if I go PCI-E then it doesn't really matter which board I get out of the three. Am I right in assuming my Antec True Blue 480 isn't going to work on any 939 platform? How about my SLK-947 will it bolt to the 754 board??? I don't want to trade down on any current performance ie. no 6600s etc I'd also like a CPU and Mobo I can play with and tweak higher than the 2.5GHz wall of the barton. Got a top budget of about £650 if I sell the Gainward, but as always I could always do with some of that cash elsewhere. I really feel like this next upgrade is more of a "tidy me over" than the new "hot ." keep thinking that something worth buying is just round the corner but it hasn't arrived and now I have to replace the NF2 and the MobileBarton
  20. Google for Super PI and Prime 95 then run Super PI at 32M loops and see if it completes, then run Prime 95 stress/torture test for 8 hours+ Then go grab Sandra and run the Memory Bandwidth test about 3 times in quick succession. If those 3 test ok run 3DMark 2001 SE through a couple of times. If that all goes ok then your system is as good as bomb proof. NB: Prime 95 is the motherbitch of all stress tests. It can and will expose weaknesses in your system than no other app would, ie. you could run anything else for ever and maybe never have a problem that may arise in P95. Some people never get Prime stable, some people don't care. Certainly a system that will loop 32M of Super Pi and complete 3D Marks can be considered "stable enough" but its nice to know you have Prime stability as well.
  21. Are the USB headers for your Case front ported USB Is a Firewire header for the backplated or frontported Firewire. I'm not sure you need to use those audio cables anymore but if you do then yes & No they are jumpers for settings leave them alone for now Carefully using your manual as a guide and if it doesn't do what it's supposed to (switch doesn't work or LED doesn't flash then you have the polarity the wrong way round)
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