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  1. Here's Microsofts explanation What I would take from this explanation is that the NTLDR is missing error is cause by the new Windows image not laying out accross your hard drive partions correctly. In my experience it has always been a sign of instability. My advice remains the same. Start again from safe and stable settings.
  2. default meaning auto or default meaning stock? I'd disconnect all but the Hdd you are installing on, set stock with loose memory timings and try again. If you still have this problem try droping your CPU multi and or HTT just for the XP install. XP can be very touchy during installation. When I was running my XP-2500+ rig I had to drop back to stock every time I wanted to install and then push the OC. If you are using AUTO settings try and find out what the stock setting should be and set it manually, auto doesn't always get it right.
  3. Are you at stock or OC'd This error occurs when Windows hasn't installed properly, usually because of to higher FSB or HTT whatever they are calling it these days. Drop back on your clock speed and memory timings, re-install, then slowly raise the OC.
  4. 3.3 Sense line mod Another good guide Good guide to making a 3.3 line mod, all you need is a soldering iron, a few resistors and pots, a bit of spare wire and a multimeter.
  5. This Week Only Deals As the crappy dollar rate pushes many other retailers to up the price on their A64s OCUK have some pretty reasonable deals going on. 179.95 for a 3700+ Sandy can't be bad.
  6. Does the 120mm blow through the heatsink and get the dimms as well?
  7. Good. Thats what I've got chalked up then. Any advice for timings on BH-5? Am I likely to keep bow tight at 2 2 2 5
  8. Is this a realistic goal to have on my new NF3 Ultra-D build? Sandy 3700+ and BH-5 HTT - 255 LDT - 11 Mem @ 1:1 For 2.8GHz
  9. Cheers for the replies so far, I'm still after some build pics of these boards for other reasons than whether or not the XP-120 fits (it has been stated many times that it does) I was wondering more about clearance around the AGP slot (my Gainy is a hefty card) and how it extends out over the dimm slots. Plus I'd just like to see some eye candy.
  10. Could anyone with a few spare minute and an NF3 Ultra-D 939 system post picks of your builds. I'd be particularly interested to see anyone using an XP-120. Muchos Gracias
  11. Well beta 1 is out to Developers now and those not so lucky to have a MSDN subscription you can find torrents kicking around at rokanova. I'm still downloading at the moment, you'll need a dvd burner to write the 2.5Gb image. Let us know how it goes.
  12. Ah didn't notice you were talking about Vista. Certainly an unknown quantity at this time. Have to keep testing and see how it goes. I got another day on the torrent before I can try it.
  13. This can happen when your system, for one reason or another, is struggling to layout the system image to the Hard Disk. On my now deceased Mobile Barton System, if I tried to install XP at anything higher than 3200+ stock speeds I would encounter this problem and once installed Windows would often feel sluggish and unresponsive, taking a long time to load (on a well optimised system you should only see the "Windows is Loading" screen for about 4 - 5 passes of the little progress bar). So was this problem dubbed "XP wierdness" I am yet to find a real scientific explanation for what occurs during a "borked" XP install, but it is definitley a sign of system instability somewhere. Try dropping back even bellow stock and see if you get a better result. If this happens at stock settings it is not a good sign.
  14. Ummm, they said they were aware of a second revision but were waiting for DFI to get back to them on availability...
  15. I just spoke with the guys at CPUCity.co.uk and they are aware of a second revision of this board but are still waiting for DFI to say when it will be available.
  16. I'm about to build a new system on this board and I have a 6800, I had heard nothing about any issues between these cards and these boards. Could you please elaborate...
  17. Playing it lots at the moment, or was untill my rig went sunnyside over. Will be back in second half of August, game name Katch Wailan
  18. You said a few days ago that this wasn't a board you felt was worth investing in at that time. I'm most likely going to be picking one up in the next few days. Are you now feeling more confident in its abilities?
  19. A hard question to answer.... I have hardware I OC'd the nuts off 5 years ago and more that is still running and stable. DFI have switched to using high quality Caps on these boards now which will see them right for longer. I would hate to guess at when you'd expect their boards to fail but I'd put it in the order of 5 years or more under normal use maybe less if running too hot. As for what components usually go first, again hard to say. Untill recently I had never had a piece of hardware die on me (and back in the early days when 486 arch was fazing out I was seriously pushing the stuff I had). Then jsut recently I had a hard drive only 1 month old just up and die, no reason no clue (waranteed and replaced), and now also my Mobile Barton is going flakey, but again, I've really drilled that puppy into the ground in terms of overclock and I had very poor cooling to begin with which undoubtably accounts for its early demise. Components I'd say are most likely to flake out sooner rather than later are hard drives due to moving parts and CPUs due to heat. That said I'd average a full system life at say 5 years plus if build on quality components not abused and well cooled.
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