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  1. yeah it is chipset voltage that defaults to 1.67 (although set to 1.65) on these boards. I can see no reason to change it from its default value at the moment. If you want to use SmartG just change the alarm threshold for that setting.
  2. LDT is your HTT multiplier, its in the main Genie settings page and defaults to x4, it can be raised to x5 or lowered when overclocking. A good rule is to leave it at x4 when stock and lower to x3 when overclocking.
  3. Hmmm do you know how to take a backup of your GCards BIOS? If so would you fancy sending me a copy of it? The GT BIOS in this Gainy is flaky at best - I have used other Ultra BIOS' that were more stable for me but gave other issues. I wouldn't mind having a play with that EVGA BIOS ROM.
  4. Hmmm craps out all over the place with FW on in my rig. I'll play some more, maybe restore the stock GCard bios and report back... What DFI BIOS are you running?
  5. What chipset are you using, are you running an NF3? It is not really an option to leave it on on NF3s, it just does not work.
  6. RDX200 @ CPUCity Looking good
  7. Just a quick post to say stable at 2.7 GHz - 270HTT X 10 on a 166 Div & 2T on my Sandy. Will post more details later, still tweaking at 2.8 for now. Nice board IMHO not had one problem yet except no 1T for love nor money.
  8. @ _xhp_ or anyone else using his plugin, When you set sensors 22&23 to monitor GPU and Mem clock speeds is there a way to get the dashboard widgets to show MHz instead of Degrees C?
  9. You guys should work out what ambient you are both working at. If one of you has a room temp of 28-30 degrees and the other 10-12 that would explain vastly different results.
  10. Was wondering, now that I have a 64 bit system, if Windows XP -64 is worth playing with? I know very few programs take advantage of the 64 bit instruction at the moment but other than that is it a viable main OS? Will games, encoding apps and other things still play well with it?
  11. Just wanted to get an idea of what is considered acceptable voltage on a 3700+ Sandy. AMD rate it at 1.30 - 1.40, I'm hovering around 1.50 - 1.60 at the moment.
  12. What seems to be the general consensus on which ddr slots to use? Orange or Yellow?
  13. Just like to say I've built my system now and had very few problems. I updated my BIOS saviour straight to the 711 BIOS and have not even tried the stock one. No cold boot issues no problems flashing etc. Currently stable at 2.62 GHz - HTT 238 x 11 - 1:1 with Default +3 Volts on the sandy max temps 43 degrees idling at about 37 (its hot here in the UK right now) Sticks in the orange slots. All on 2T at the moment, can't get my BH-5 stable at 1T even at stock right now. If I try and work with 1T I get various BSODs and failed Windows boots. Shame. I'm still trying to open it up a bit more, aiming to get the HTT up to about 255 for an overall clock of 2.8GHz. Need to tidy up some cooling and find the magic numbers for my RAM first though.
  14. I'm running up clocks on this new setup now but can't get my rig stable at stock and 1T. At 2T I can overclock well... Has anyone got some decent clocks out of BH-5 on this board at 1T and if so care to share some timings?
  15. 6800 series card with this motherboard, 3 words for you; Fast Writes OFF!
  16. Hmmm I'm setting up a very similar system as we speak. I was also hoping to find a magic combination of numbers for my BH-5 timings but I guess I'llbe going about it the long way. I'll try and post up my results. Incidentaly if all you're after is 2-2-2-5 @ 1T then just update to the 711 bios and optimise defaults, this set my Sandy and BH-5 to 1T 2-2-2-5.
  17. I used this little app http://h18007.www1.hp.com/support/files/hp...load/20306.html and a windows xp boot floppy. If you have no boot floppy or drive available do it at work or something, after that its all sorted.
  18. AS5 is capacitant not really conductive, but you're right not good to get on motherboards, but really it is so easy to be careful with it and get it only on the cores... Or in the Uk you can Shin-Etsu X23-7783D here
  19. As for the RAM you could stick it in your rig and see if it has any SPD. Set your BIOS to time the ram automatically by SPD then use CPUz in windows to get a reading of the SPD info.
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