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  1. Install it but DO NOT run the setup wizard. Go to the MBM5 settings thread stickied to the top of this forum and download the data file for the nF4 board... YES nF4 don't worry all the settings are the same for our nF3 boards. Copy the data directory directly over the top of the one in your MBM5 directory. Hey presto all done, and yes the CPU temp will periodically read incorrectly.
  2. Here's the same drives as before on 32k Strip and 8k clusters. Is this a good result from these drives? Or should I be looking to optimise further? Again sorry for the slow loading images.
  3. What he said. 711 is a nice stable BIOS, why would you even consider flashing to a BIOS known to be unstable and issue ridden. IMHO DFI should pull the 8/24 from their site.
  4. Sorry about the slow loading images, Anyone know any ways of increasing RAID performance? What should I expect to get from these drive?
  5. :shake: You know what it was just me being a tool. After slipstreaming the RAID drivers everything works fine, my problem is I had left 2 SATA options disabled in the BIOS. Without even looking at them properly I assumed they were to enable/disable channel 1&2 and the 2 options bellow were for channel 3&4 when infact they were vital for enabling SATA correctly. Moral of the story - RTFM
  6. So I finally got round to setting up a Raid array of my own. Never done much work on Raid before, First run after setting up a clean XP (forgot to defrag first though) So I guess these are pretty raw results for now. Everything is set default at the moment, 64K Stripe + NTFS Default
  7. So I finally got round to setting up a Raid array of my own. Never done much work on Raid before so was wondering if someone could critique my benchmarks and let me know what you think. Everything is set default at the moment, 64K Stripe + NTFS Default
  8. Just digging this up coz I'm having some similar issues setting up a new raid 0 array on this board. I just picked up 2 x Seagate Baracuda 120Gb SATA drives for my system. I want to have them in Raid 0 with a 20GB Partition for XP and Core Applications and then the remainder for Music and Video applications. I then want to use my old 250Gb PATA and 60Gb PATA as storage for Audio and Video work. Sounds easy enough. 711 BIOS atm. So I avoided all the unable to save BIOS and no F10 raid setup menu stuff my setting up the BIOS how I wanted it and then installing the drives (channels 3 and 4 by the CPU) Everything else is at stock for now and is bomb proof stable in the last installation of XP I had. After setting up my Raid Array on the F10 menu I boot off my XP CD and hit F6. After a while it asks me to pop in the Raid driver disk and select my drivers. I select both the Nvraid and SATA Storage drivers as normal and installation continues. After setting up partitions and formating for the installation I have a problem. Just after the format completes before files start copying over XP reports it is unable to copy files nvraid.sys or something like that (the drivers of the disk basically) - thing is it doesn't even try to read the disk. I have been trouble shooting this all day now I have tried just having my SATA drives in and the PATA disconnected. I have tried partitioning into one drive instead of my 20gb 200gb split) Still no joy. I'm just burning off a Slipstreamed CD to see if that helps or not, other than that... any ideas or help appreciated. EDITED -- Slipstream completes first section then reports Bootdisk failure
  9. Just a quick note, BH-5 will often refuse to post at CAS 3, it's not designed to operate at that rate.
  10. Just thought I'd kick off a thread specifically for the new BIOS as the other 2 threads are difficult at best to extract information from. http://www.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/bio..._FLAG=A&SITE=UK The latest official BIOS for our Ultra-Ds Not had time to flash yet but will let you know my experiences as soon as I do. Please let the rest of us know your experiences if you are testing this new official release.
  11. AB0 means its a reworked board with r-716 removed. My board, originally A00 came back from RMA with that resistor removed and AB0 hand written on the revision label.
  12. @ Metranome After your USB ports have mysteriously died what happens if you disconnect and then reconnect a USB device? Does it say something along the lines of USB device has malfunctioned? I ask because my board and that of another member had to be RMA'd because the USB ports spontaeneaously died on us. Also check on the sticker on top of the parrallel port to see what revision the board is, if it is A00 not AB0 then it needs to be RMA'd to have R-716 removed and to be updated to the latest revision.
  13. Ok, my board's USB ports all died about a month into its life. The RMA has just got back to me and I'll test it all out later. The have scribbled out Rev .A00 on the sticker and written Rev .AB0 in its place. R-716 had been removed, I also assume other components will have been replaced during the repair. Once she's back up and running I'm gonna seriously take it as high as I can. I'm going to implement a 3.3vdimm mod for my BH-5s and see how she goes. As a side note can someone tell me where the measure point for vCore is on this board?
  14. Try it, it feels more stable but its definitely not finished. Do you have a backup plan if it all fails? A BIOS saviour or a board to hotflash in? If not then maybe think twice when using a beta BIOS, that said this board hasn't ever corrupted an EPROMM on my yet,not like the old nF2s lol.
  15. I'm still on RMA to DFI Europe on this one. Not to impressed with the service so far. I did not recieve an email confirming that they had recieved the board, I had to email and check to see if it had got there a week after I posted it. Not good. Let us know how it goes bartlette. I picked up a Neo2 Plat to go on with and must say I'm not much liking that either, I miss the days of UI NFII and Mobile Bartons
  16. http://www.cpucity.co.uk These guys get my stamp of aproval. Always a pleasure to deal with. The moment there is any doubt or problems with an order I've placed they have called me immediately to discuss before proceeding. The way it should be.
  17. I'll be the first one to stand up and give praise to companies that really make me feel valued and provide a good service. But this is not one of those occasions. Over the last week overclockers.co.uk have cosistently managed to make errors and exhibit a complete lack of customer care. Make yourselves comfortable. Wednesday 31-08-05 DFI nF3 Ultra-D gets RMA'd to the Dutch as the USB ports all sponteaneously die. I have lots of essential work that requires my main system to be up and running so place an urgent order with OcUK for a temporary replacement board. Above is the order confirmation emailed to me seconds later. By the end of the day I have my tracking number. I pay extra for a next day service. Thursday 01-09-05 I stay in for 4 hours waiting for the delivery on my day off. 13:00pm the package arrives. To my annoyance upon opening the package I find a Socket 754 version of the board I ordered! Useless! I then spend about 45 minutes trying to get through on OcUKs customer service lines. To add to the frustration they have seen fit to engineer their lines so that if they are unable to answer your call in the first 6 minutes they just cut the line and hang up on you! Finally I get through to a guy and after I tell him my problem he says I need to speak to a different department. Can he transfer me? No they are too busy so he can't! He tells me to go use the online support request form. *deep breath* So I send details of the problem through to them and get a fairly prompt reply. The suitably offer to advance RMA the correct board to me and ensure it will be with me tomorrow. I ask for the tracking number and the guy replies it will be emailed later. Friday 02/09/05 I arrange for someone else to be in to sign for the package as I'm at work all day. Still no tracking number so I set to another 45 minutes of trying to speak to someone. Eventually I get through and I'm advised the board hasn't been sent! Apparently they are awaiting stock! About now I'm getting a little frustrated. The guy eventually agrees to send a different board (at my suggestion), an MSI Neo2 Platinum. I also request that he makes sure it reaches me via Saturday delivery at their expense. This is also agreed. A few minutes later I recieve the following email. NOT AGAIN! Another hecking 754 board on its way! So *deep breath* another 45 minutes of being hung up on trying to get through. Once I get through I get a rather hollow appology and the guy agrees to send yet another board and asks me to reject delivery of the first one. Saturday 03/09/05 Again I have to work and arrange for someone else to be in to sign for the package leaving instruction to reject the first one and recieve the second. A few hours later I get a call from them saying only one package was being delivered and it was the wrong one! *sigh* Several online support forms and over an hour of not getting through on the customer service lines I give up for the weekend and accept that I am going to get drastcally behind on work. I send another online form asking for an email address or postal address to write a formal complaint to. Monday 05/09/05 Finally the right board although with no ATX shield but at least I can build my system back up. I get no replies to my previous emails. I do however start to recieve mysterious sick email spam and porn links to what has always been a clean email address... Tuesday 06/09/05 Still no response to my emails so another request sent asking for all postage costs to be refunded and for them to arrange their own collection of the incorrect Gigabyte board (I will waste no more time with this company).
  18. Junk, learn to optimise your system yourself its not too difficult. Disable unwanted services Defragment Hdd etc
  19. Ok got the info I needed thank you. Just as a side note. Terratec Technical support, very helpful, not only gave me exactly what I needed to know but also offered to send a replacement cable free of charge to me. All this on a discontinued second hand out of warrenty card!
  20. Hi guys I was wondering if someone with a Terratec DMX 6Fire would do me a favour? The ribbon cable used to connect the drive bay unit has a pair of wires crossed over in the cable. I need to make a replacement without the original for comparrison. Could someone please take a look at their cable and tell me which 2 wires are crossed taking the red wire as #1 and counting left to right. Many thanks!
  21. the nF4 files work perfectly with my nF3 Ultra-D _xhp_'s nVidia temp monitoring tool also work faultlessly on my rig.
  22. How did you find that Gigabyte K8NSNXP-939? I've had to RMA my Ultra-D cause the USB controller died, gonna pick up either the K8NSNXP-939 or MSI Neo2 while I wait for the replacement.
  23. ... While I RMA my DFI nF3 UT Ultra-d My UT Ultra-D has corpsed on me so I'm gonna pick up another board to tinker with while I RMA the DFI board. I have 2 options to play with, MSI K8N Neo2 or the Gigabyte GA-K8NSNXP-939 nForce3 Ultra, which do you think I should have a tinker with???
  24. Chipset fan is working and has never had more than default voltage through it. Directx 9.0c is slipstreamed into my XP install. I tried completely re-installing the whole system from scratch, clear CMOS new flash of 711, XP then 5.10s then Windows update etc etc. In device manager all devices appear correct untill I connect a USB device of any kind where it reports as unknown device under the USB tree. On a side note, still no reply from Wendell about whether or not he will accept my RMA. I must say I'm a little disappointed that they can reject my RMA out of hand with in 15 minutes of recieving my request yet after I provide them with detailed and thourough information about my problem they still haven't replied in over 18 hours :confused:
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