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    1Gmail invite

    I've PM'd you :angel:
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    New Graphics card

    http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/970...800_Series.html OcUK Value ATI Radeon 9800XT 256MB DDR TV-Out/DVI (AGP) - OEM (GX-003-OK OR http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/GeForce_6800.html This???
  3. Katch

    New Graphics card

    This one is still killing me. I like Nvidia's unified driver supoprt, but have a gut feeling about the 9800XT. Haven't played with Radeons for a while and really want to. Oh but the clock speeds of the 6800 are unreal ARRRRGGGGGgggggg! :confused:
  4. Just seeking a quick response here. BH-5? any good for our boards? Thanks
  5. Katch

    Another RAM question

    Or should I wait for these to come in?
  6. Does anyone know if I can play a NSTC region 1 DVD on my UK computer???? I know I'm ok with the region but not sure if NSTC will work.....
  7. Katch

    BIOS Shadowing

    Just a quick question. BIOS and video shadowing, is it best enabled or disabled. I've done a little googling and understand the principles and in theory enabling it should be a good thing. I am sure however, that I heard at some point that is was better left disabled. Can't seem to find support for this, can anyone comment.
  8. Katch

    Turbo Charging windows

    Check out this guys page http://www.blackviper.com I have a lot of respect for this guys guide to Windows services, taught me everything I know. He also has a little app to allow you to create your own services reg file. Worth noting he'll be updating it soon for sp2 services
  9. Once a week makes you a little odd....? Hmmmmm there is something seriously wrong with me...... I run them every other day.
  10. Does this explain the low FSB Double side 2.5v rated budget style RAM
  11. I am aware of this, and yes, in truth a 240FSB would be more than enough. But you have to set yourself challenging goals or life becomes too easy. When the time comes, and I have some quality RAM I also have the old LP A+ sitting around to swap test with. As a point of note I could never get the FSB over 178 on that board either At the end of the day the RAM I have is not flash stuff. Its branded as value ram and previous articles have suggested it rarely gets past 175 stable. Gah all this talk makes me so eager to be tinkering further. Maybe I'll get the RAM then the video card..... oh but my FX5200 is sooooooooo trashy.....
  12. So real BH5, is it tough to find these days? Read the topic you posted to. Interesting results but I wouldn't be happy with that. I'm determined to shoot for 250 FSB with the RAM I pick up. What's the deal with the Kingston Hyper X available at the moment? Is it no longer BH5? My memory will probabaly come from either Overclockers UK CPU City (They had some Mushkin 222 specials a few days ago.... all gone now Overclock any advice? My thanks to everyone who has already taken the time to help me learn the subtleties of OCing MB2500s on DFIs EDIT - Do you think this is BH5?
  13. Tnx for all the input guys. Gonna be popping some $$$s on a new graphics card next month and evict that nasty FX5200. I'll dig up this thread the month after when I pick up some new RAM. I will probabaly go for some OCZ or Corsair.
  14. Dracs, I do understand what you are saying. The whole point of the mobile bartons is to achieve high FSBs and low multipliers. However, even with the voltages turned up and the Vdimm at 3.3, if I set a low multi, 9 or 10, and try and move the BUS speed up even 1 more MHz, the system will not boot. Are you telling me I'm better running 178MHz x 9 or 10 with high voltages than 178MHz x 13.5 with low voltages stable as a rock??? As soon as I get some better ram I'll be able to play with 3.3vdimm and low multi on high BUS clocks.
  15. what voltage do you suggest? I far as I can tell I'm not gonna be able to stabalize this RAM past 178mhz, its just not designed to do it.
  16. Ok, in the interest of overclocking science I'm playing with my memory at 3.3v to see if elts_drac is right. Running at 180mhz x 13.5 1:1 Vcore 1.7v Chipset 1.7v Vdimm 3.3v Not stable. 3dmark 2001 competes but upon completion keyboard and mouse are not responding (both usb) Pressing the power button starts to shut down the OS but hangs on the way out. Force to hard power off. I will play some more... Any thoughts?
  17. At 2.4GHz my load temps never get over 49°C The memory I have is really crappy. Trust me it won't go stable any higher than it is now. It is only PC2700 remember! I think as soon as I pick up a decent pair of DC DDR500s it'll turn into a nice little clocker.
  18. Vdimm is 2.7 but the ram is only rated to 2.6. I Had the Vcore higher but couldn't hit any higher clocks stable. Found the point of stability and then lowered the Vcore untill I lost stability. Bumped it back up a notch and left it there. No point putting more power into something when it doesn't need it. I'll be running it hard enough when I pick up some better RAM.
  19. Thanks for the heads up on the RAM. The Kingston is crappy, bugs out at anything over 178MHz. Bumped up my multi a bit, now running... System hangs or refuses to start windows when I nudge at 2500MHz. Hoping this is just my RAM holding me back so I can shoot for a toaster as soon as I get a nice new DC set.
  20. Damn board, brand new, outta the box, installed a brand new XP 2500+ M, popped in the memory and hooked up the drives. Press the switch and......... everything seems to work but nothing appears on the screen! After about 20 minutes of taking things out reseating them, rebooting, incantations and prayers, I noticed the vga cable from my monitor lying next to me on the floor.....:shake: I'm such a noodle. Conected it up, turned it on, cranked up the setting in my bios and away we go, almost without hitch. Will post up some OCing results when I pick up some better RAM Right now I can hotflash that LPA I killed a couple of days ago
  21. http://forums.pcper.com/showthread.php?t=340570
  22. Katch

    Which CPU to get???

    I'm gonna be picking up a 2500-M after the weekend. It's and I stepping and I'll let you know how it goes.
  23. I'm umming and ahring over what CPU to pick up. I know XPs are gonna get harder to come by soon and AMD plans on bumping the price up on them, but what do I go with...? There is little more than £30 between a 2500+ Mobile and a 3200+ Which am I gonna get better flat out performance from? I'm not adverse to playing about with it, in fact I intent to overclock the nuts off it on highend air. I haven't heard much on the overclockability of 3200+s but I am keen to see if the 2500+s live up to their rep.... A little advise would be much appreciated. If you can give me examples of Clock Speeds and BUS Speeds you have achieved with your chips I'd be very greatful. I'm especially keen to get feedback on the 3200+s as I've read a lot about the Mobile 2500+s