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    Nforce 4 on its way

    Here And here Are some early reports.
  2. Katch

    Nforce 4 on its way

    I know. Just thought I'd put the info here for those that didn't.
  3. Katch

    uwackme's bh-5 burn-in

    Hmmmmm, yep I'm interested now as well. I have a pair of virgin Hyperx 512Mb BH-5 sticks on their way. Want to get them setttled in right.
  4. Ok, digging this up early as I'm about to have some new developments. Managed to get it stable at 2.5GHz @ 220FSB using a pair of 256Mb Mosel sticks, nothing too exciting really. But, I have now got a pair of KHX3200K2s with BH-5 winging their way over the atlantic to me. As soon as they're in gonna drop to X9 and go 250FSB+ hunting. Will let you know the results once they're here.
  5. So here it is, my new chip; Currently running at... Overclock is severly limited by my slow RAM. Can't wait to put some DDR500 in and turn it all up.
  6. Katch

    Post your desktop here!

    Booster are you Rene?
  7. Katch

    Is this legit BH-5

    Answers own question. Lets thread die
  8. Here Just want your knowledgable opinions on this. BH-5 yes?
  9. I've tried looking for a cure on these forums and the amdmb ones but I am yet to find one. I get a constant whine of static off my headphones/speakers. If a hdd is accessing you can hear that rendered into audio static also. Any ideas how to shut it up?
  10. Katch

    Any R/C flyers here??

    Go for an ARF, purely on the grounds of having some input into the creation of your craft. Also you'll better know how to fix it up again if you stack it.
  11. Katch

    Mosel DDR

    Did some research earlier. Mosel are the actual semi conductor manufacturer. These modules are direct from the source, however I see that Mushkin have used these chips before in their sticks... Mosel Wicked BH-5 listing with mention of Mosel
  12. Ok so I've recently aquired some new modules that I haven't heard of before. Mosel Vitelic. Its 333 rated at 2.5v. Popped it in last night and was surprised that it hit 200fsb @ 3.3v without breaking a sweat at 2.5,3,3,3,11. I'm going to play about with it further tonight. I had it up to 230fsb at a *9 multi but began encountering teething problems, still stable enough to 3dmark but crashing Prime in under a minute. Has anyone got and experience with this stuff or even any advice on what settings to concentrate on when fiddling. I just have 2*256 modules in DC CPC on at the moment.
  13. Katch

    Can we have.....

    A new section of the forum specifically for memory related discussion. Just thought it might be useful to have all discussion relating to specific modules/manufacturers in one place. I often find myself wading through a lot of irrelavent information when looking for information on certain memory specifics.
  14. Katch

    Logitech MX1000

    see my post in best cordlessl mouse
  15. Katch

    Anti Virus Software

    Ok so I'm getting frustrated with certain AV software being almost as bad as the code it protects us against. Recent adventures with the Mcafee AV Scan from the LanParty disk have left a decidedly bitter taste in my mouth. Does anyone know of any decent reliable non-subscriber AV software for XP, preferably an open source project or at least a group of coders with some integrity. I am fed up of being given a license for AV software (PcCillin, Mcafee etc) only to have the company either imediately start demanding I subscribe to them (or trying to hard sell push a different product onto my system Mcafee you bastards; install free AV from DFI LP CD, try to update only to be forced to accept a different piece of software.) All I want is a reliable honest provider of AV software. Mcafee I will never touch again. PcCillin aren't all that bad but their software is questionable. I like the look of Kaspersky but not their subscription contracts.... I'm lost. I give up. Screw it let my PC become a mindless spam firing, keylogging, DDoS raging, warez relaying, compromised zombie pos. :confused:
  16. Katch

    Best Cordless mouse

    The new MX1000 is very nice. One thing worth noting though, for gaming it takes a little getting used to. I'm not sure about everyone else, but when I play I often need to lift the mouse slightly to readjust where it is on the mousing surface. When you do this with most optical mouse after you lift it a few millimeters it stops tracking, which is good, thats what you want it to do so you can sit it back down an mouse from where you left off. Because of the laser in the MX1000 it keeps tracking with the mouse considerably further from the mousing surface leading to erratic movement. After a while you learn how to compensate for this behaivour (sp) and it becomes less of an issue. It takes a little while to get the sensitivity set right but once it's done its done. Overall a very nice mouse. No slow down or lag from the Fast RF in FPS games. Very accurate, all the shots I used to miss with my old $10 generics now hit home. Its a little heavy, but again you get used to it and adjust. I've had it for about 2 weeks now and everyday it feels more and more natural.
  17. Katch

    BH-5 question

    I've been doing a little research on Winbond BH-5 and other RAM that the DFI boards seem to like and have a question. Sorry if it seems obvious to many, I'm a little late of the mark with the old BH-5 bus. Am I right in stating that BH-5 is only available upto 256Mb sticks? If this is the case I'm assuming DC 512Mb 2x256Mb is going to be the most of this super RAM I'm ever going to be able to get on my DFI. Guessing this leads onto the second half of my question. If I want/need 1Gb of memory on side, what chips am I looking for? CH-5? I've seen most people seem to be going for the OCZ low latency pairs at the moment.
  18. Katch

    Logitech MX1000

    Anyone know if you can set the tilt wheel to emulate keyboard yet?
  19. One of mt friends (you know the ones you got after people realised you could make computers work again) just came and plonked a beige box on my desk. Some ghastly Time attempt at a computer. Thing is I can't for the life of me work out how to get into it. Probabally just gonna toss it down the stairs see if it opens itself.
  20. ABC NEWS Ok I'm thinking notepad, and I'm thinking .ini files and .cfg files and all manner of script writting and reg patching I do in notepad. What's your point? Stick your Mediaplayer POS Winamp and BSPlayer for me thanks.
  21. BUMP of respect! Wicked stuff. System is responding like a dream. No more noise of the soundstorm.
  22. Katch

    Anyone got a can opener??

    Did a standing drop down 4 stairs seemed to do the job. The memory timmings are about as tight as an Essex working girl, loose as a barn door... CL3 on 3s but hey, seems to be running smooth. The onboard TNT2 graphic sure took me back a bit. I started to run 3dmark 2001 then thought, 'actually I don't want to know'
  23. Katch

    Anyone got a can opener??

    Stairs worked a treat. Stoopid POS couldn't get the cheap butt SDRAM to run at its stock 133 speeds. Kept bugging out. Motherboard is too simple to tweak the timmings. 100 will have to do. Old AMD 1300 Thunderbird under a whiney stock HSF. Almost tempted to pop it out and see how fast it'd run in my DFI Well anyway installed a bunch of user software, set diskeeper to Joe Sixpack Set and Forget, put a Adware icon suggestively on the desktop. Gaffa tapped the bad boy back together.
  24. In theory by SPD should do it all for you as the sticks are pre programmed to run at those speeds. I would however, set your Speed settings to expert, your memory interface to aggressive and then manually set the 2 2 2 5 timing. Then you can easily play at loosening them up whilst increasing you FSB if you fancy overclocking.
  25. Katch

    1Gmail invite

    No actually I've PM'd you :shake: