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  1. problem solved. My bro put things together and forgot the extra power to the mboard
  2. Hi, I'm trying to get my new setup working but no luck (see specs below). I turn it on but I get the error code 88. No beeps or anything else. Any ideas in what to do? So far I've done the following 1. Try with just 1 memory block 2. clear cmos and try again 3. shout at it (seems to be deaf) Any help appreciated Power: Tacens Aeris 680W MB: NF590 SLI-M2R/G Video: XFX 8800 GTX RAM: 2x1GB Corsair XMS CPU: AMD 64 Dual core 5000+ DVD : LG DVD drive
  3. AG, This is the only thing I could find: spdif at atacom This was the only thing and it's the Coaxial Cable. I can not find the cable that goes from the board into the Adaptor. From there to the Sound System it's just a normal Optical cable. Jeez. I didn't think this could be so difficult. I just want to use a feature that was supposed to be available on the board ... What about a schema of the Pins on the part and the board ?. That way I know how they work and I'll do the cable myself
  4. Hi guys. After getting the wrong connector I've got the right Optical one . I only have a tiny problem. This problem is that it didn't came with a cable to connect it to the motherboard (see pic) I have been talking to DFI Support and they have told me that they do not have such a cable (I find odd the fact that you do have the connector but not the cable ???). Anyway, They told me to ask you guys and see if you know anything.
  5. Also try with just 1 chip of ram and see how much u can get out of it.
  6. As angry said, you do not need to do anyting to get your 3200 recognized. Also, no need of flashing the bios if you are going to do stock speed.
  7. Oh nooo !!!, Why me ??? :'( I was so happy this morning, but .... (check the pic) Just sent donna an email about it.
  8. Wehey !!! I'm happy Thanks A_G (Actually Thanks to Donna as she did the real work ) Just got it today. Will try it tonight and see how it works
  9. I told Donna not to put any reference to your name on the Parcel ... (Just in case customs checked it)
  10. Hehe, I do live in London but the one across the ocean BTW: My photo I've talked to her, NO probs. She's going to send it to me over the Post. I'm paying for the shipment charges (Only $10 anyway). After all the efford I rather get it from you guys Hopefully I'll show up in a month or so (hehehehe).
  11. Good, I've put the link to the board on the email, But will send the picture as wel (Just in case).
  12. Thanks a lot AG. What would we do without you ? Just sent her an email
  13. This is what I need AG. This one is for ASUS. I need one for DFI. Is there such a thing ? (I need the top one as it's the OPTICAL one)
  14. Thanks G-Code. I know I can get a converter (That was my Plan B) but as the board has Optical output I thought in using that one ... If I get a reply from AG saying there isn't such a thing then I'll have to go for Plan B. But ... If the option is available in the Board There should be a connector somewhere ...
  15. Thanks Angry As helpful as always Maybe you don't have one but you can find out a compatible model or something like that ... I've seen a review for the LPA and I believe that one did have a connector (but I don't know if it's optical or coaxial).
  16. Nope. I'm not talking about that AG. There are 2 types of SPDIF connections. 1. Coaxial 2. Optical. I can not use the coaxial one (the one at the back of the board) as my System needs Optical. There is something on the motherboard for SPDIF (Digital). But I need a connector (similar to the Firewire ones). As you can see on the Screenshot there is an Optical S/PDIF connection on the board but there isn't a Cable available with the board. I wanted to know where I can buy one.
  17. Hi, I want to connect my digital spdif output from my Lanparty B to my Surround system (USING THE SPDIF Optical output). The board din't come with any connector. Is there any available ? or that option is just there to look pretty ? If so, Do you know where I can find it ?
  18. get memtest86 and test the chips at 190fsb for memory errors (test 5) leave it 5 min at least to see if you get any...
  19. That's the think about O/C. You spend more time in the bios, memtesting and priming than actually using the computer
  20. I know I can get the toaster as it is ... but I'm not happy 'till I get the 250fsb so I don't want the toaster 'till I reach that
  21. WoW. Me wanna, me wanna Thanks Angry, I do want the toaster, but not 'till I reach the 250FSB with my 1GB Ram... As you can imagine It's proving a big challenge. I've managed to turn CPC back on with the cost of some Memory Timings, but Look at the 3dMark01 scores , they've gone up about 1.000 points . The maximun I've ever had and it's also the 24/7 I'll use for my gaming needs I Love this thing PS: uPPS, Just realize my Temperatures are on top of the memory timings (LMAO), hehe. They are 11,4,4,3,2.5 now @ 3.3v
  22. I had an XP 3.0 and It ran quite hot at 2300 mhz (that was the max I could get out of it) Have a mobile 2.5 now and doing 2500mhz no problems (And It's cooler than the other at 2300) I don't think 2.5 vs 2.6 it's a big difference, You just have to get lucky and get a good one, but they usually run between 2400-2600 (real) MHZ
  23. You can try out your old PC2100. I was able to get 180fsb out of my old one Of course it is better to get new one and get 200+fsb ... (or 250 if u get good one). If you are obsessed about high fsb then get 2x256. If not then you can get 512mb blocks I have twinmos twister 2x512 and I wouldn't recommend you getting this ram. It's good if you are not too boethered about the best timings and fsb. If not then you can get other ram for the same price (or even cheaper)
  24. Hi. Sorry, I didn't realize It was that big. Here is the smaller version
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