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  1. Yep I totally agree with what your saying, about it not being stable... Its just that opening a browser isn't exactly taxing the cpu. So prime95 which is putting the cpu at 100% load pretty much will run for 8 hours (ain't tested longer). But will stop after 2 mins if I open a browser windowlight load program. What I'm getting at is, this is pretty strange behaviour and would have me believe that its not that the cpu is too overclocked, but that something else is, or some setting or something is too high, like the FSB or something, but the mem is stable, lowering HTT makes no difference. Because of the above, it can't be down to heat... just curious for any suggestions, any changing of voltagestimings or something I can try as its very strange. Never had a system that will run prime95 for hours and hours and only crash when something else is started - immediately, like a couple of seconds? cheers for posting but would like some ideas to try.....
  2. Hi there, my system is pretty darn stable running... 289x11 = 3180mhz mem timings 3-3-3-8-11-14-3-3-2-3 1:1 ratio HTT 3x, about 1800mhz voltages vcore 1.41-ish htt 1.3 chipset 1.6 memory 2.8 Right, the problem is this, the above is totally stable... However, I know my memory can do 300mhz HTT 1:1 at a 10x multi all fine, but obviously not getting the best out of the cpu. I'm trying 291mhz with the above settings except I've upped the vcore to 1.45 as it seems to suddenly need loads of volts at the speed it would be running at (3200mhz). I also upped the chipset voltage to 1.7v to see if that helps but it doesn't seem to. I've tried lowering the HTT to 2x, makes no difference loosening the RAM timings to 4 instead of 3 for the main ones, no difference upped the voltage for the ram to 2.85, no difference. Basically, Prime95 running the cpu stress test will got for hours and hours if left on its own. BUT If even after just a couple of minutes of starting it, I do something else at the same time it will stop, the thing that I'm doing could be just opening internet explorer, nothing taxing at all,as I open it, prime will stop. I'm not really expecting to get a much better overclock but a nice round 3200mhz would be nice, I don't think its heat related as I've got a Scythe infinity on there and my temps aren't too bad at all, and as I said it can run for hours and get much hotter that it would when it crashes after 2-3 mins if I open another program or 2 like IE. Any ideas on what would be causing this, as I'm thinking its prolly not totally to do with the cpu, maybe some fluctuating voltage as a result of using other programs when they access the hard drive, I've got a raid setup so it might be taking abit more power as its accessing 2 hard drives, maybe I'm talking nonsense and clutching at straws....? My psu is top notch so I doubt it is that really :confused: Any help greatly appreciated...
  3. Hi there, I'm after this heatsink for me cpu, currently using a crappy Akasa cheap one (still its giving me 3.12Ghz! ) I've seen a place called Vadimm computers selling it on the net, but its abit pricey at something like £45 + postage, and then its like a 4-5 day wait because they only seem to get them in to order... Thanks Sorry if this topic isn't appropriate, didn't really know where to ask. Mods, please delete if it shouldn't be asked here.
  4. Thanks peeps, no OCCT for me then Just got 2x1GB Ballistix PC4000 kit now so I'm on to that now.......kind of but it will prolly end in ....and then ???? and then hopefully after hours of messing about
  5. Thanks folks Is it worth doing dual prime, since I've only got a single core cpu? Wouldn't that just be asking for problems anyway, on a single core cpu, especially if its testing the same ram at the same time....wouldn't it just bottleneck it and end up not testing the ram as hard? Soz I'm prolly wrong, just wanna make sure Also, I heard of a program called "OCCT" or something like that, is that any use over prime95 for testing ramcpu? thanks, Rob
  6. Hi there, I after getting a new 4000+ on the cheap I've got it going at 3.1ghz and am now getting the me old ram set up again (Not as in sig will update very shortly). I got it all stable, super pi passedprime for 12 hoursmemtest 6 hours @ 2.5-2-2-8-10-12-3-3-2-3 @ 255x12 1:1 ratio Everything's fine, games etc... But then I was using a program called "Quickpar", it basically verfies downloaded RAR files and error corrects them with recovery files, I assume its very memory intensive....anyways was using this program and got a BSOD with "STOP" at the bottom, restarted the computer and then got another one when using it for a few minutes with "NOT LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO" The ones you get for badtoo far overclocked memory... I relaxed the timings to 2.5-3-3-8-13-15-3-3-2-3 ...now its all fine... The problem is, I was hoping someone would be able to recommend a more intensive memory testing program than the above, as using this quickpar program and getting a BSOD if its gone to far isn't really ideal.... Thank you. (The BSOD doesn't always appear within a few minuites, but if I start browsing the web and downloading at the same time as the "Quickpar" prgram running, it will appear almost instantly) Cheers, Rob
  7. well . the bed, it worked (sorry for obscene language, very happy) Cheers me old pal!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  8. Thanks mate, although I don't really understand...I'll try n think about what you said (I understand, its just I'm not too good at pinpointing jumper pins from text) Appreciate it
  9. Hi there, hmmm ain't been here for a while...hello everyone... Well umm anyway, my computer broke about 4-5 months ago and I thought I'd given up for life...lol, but then I saw some 4000+ OEM chips that were hitting 3ghz so couldn't resist to replace my broken Opteron 146, anyway.... I've just set everything up, and forgot to install my "Karajan" audio module, after installing it it seems that audio is only coming out of the black coloured output (Rear leftright). I'm only using stereo audio so if I could find a way to re-map the outputs so it sends the front audio to the rears that would be fine. I know you could do this with the old nf2 boards with the "nvswap" program but it doesn't seem to work for an nf4 board. I just been looking through the Lanparty manual for this nf4 board, it says there is a connector on the "Karajan" module so you can wire up the audio to the front of your case. The thing is I'm sure there used to be some "jumper blocks" on this connector, and now there isn't (I don't know where they could have got to, but I do have some more). Anyway, could it be this thats caused this to happen, or are the ports dead, or, well....any advice or something to try would be appreciated (Including a program of some kind or something if one exists to re-map the output) Thanks for any help
  10. Yeah, I can't think of anything specifically to be honest, as I've got my settings how I like them. But there's a lot more to fiddle with - and with abit of messing around, you can usually get things running a fair bit faster than with a "standard" bios. I must say though that the standard DFI bios are far superior to the ones from the likes of AsusMSI because they are aimed at people who want to overclock the board. So a modified Asus bios (a good one at least) would open up alot of new options. The DFI boards already have alot of options, well anyway, just give it a shot, and take a look. You can download Tmod's bios ISO in the sticky and burn that to a cd, then you can chose which bios you wanna use. I've flashed the board I'm using now something like 30 times in total and not had a problem with flashing it once so I really would just give it ago. Just make sure you follow the guidlines before flashing, can't remember them myself as I just flash it then "load optimised defaults" and it all seems ok.
  11. Pretty much... more options, tweaked settings to allow better overclocking, injecting of newer RAID bios... ummm, things like setting better defaults so performance ram will bootwork better... dunno specifics really but they are nearly always done to with improved overclocking in mind. Only drawback with them is that they void the warranty of the motherboard, but I've never heard of anyone with the modified bios being the cause of the motherboard messing up.
  12. Thanks, but umm what Tref setting for which dividers? I don't really wanna try em out randomly, because the garbled screens you get just after the post screen are very worrying - I'm sure its not doing the chip any good. Thanks
  13. Hi there, For some reason or another I've always had wierd frame drops (not stuttering) in any game using the Doom3 engine...so thats Quake 4 n Doom3 basically. - skips a frame every half a second or so when moving in any direction but panning around with just the mouse is fine. Anyways, used to use this PCI latency tool on me old NF2 a few years back and thought I'd give it a go on me setup I'm using now and when I start the program... All my settings are at 000 already for some reason, except my Sil3114 controller that is at 32. I know this tool can't set latencies for the graphics card since I'm using PCI-E. So was wondering what settings I should use for the other hardware thats listed, like the soundnetworkUSBHypertransportnVRAID etc...? Any suggestions? Don't wanna mess anything up thanks
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