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  1. what are your PSU rails showing to be Be SURE your 4pin 12v connector is plugged in! as well, what ram slots are you using?, try slots 1&2, or Slots 1&3 if you havent alreadly:nod: What are temps like?, could your HSF not be seated right? GL -Jess-
  2. just though i would point out...... 10x255 @183(9:10) i bios, gives a 10:11 ram ratio, which at 255mhz,, puts your ram at 231.8mhz, insteed of 229.5. i know its not that big of a difference but, if you wish your ram to be at 230(or 229.5) use 10x253, and this should be equal to 11x230(or 229.5) as the others have mentioned, try setting your LDT multi down some, maybe 4x, or 3x.... GL -jess-
  3. wow im supprised to see a DTR only doing 10x240 on water:confused: but anyway, for the temps moving around so fast, this is "normal" for a64, as mine go up sharply, and come back down justs as sharply. i would try resetting your HSF first. when you say you cant get past 10x240, have you tryed going above 240 at 9x, to be sure its your CPU?, also are you using SATA? if you are, you will have problems getting above 240, if you use ports 1/2(the ones at the bottom) as apposed to 3/4, the ones above the AGP slot, which work great with higher HTT's. i would also try puttin your ram on a ratio, to be sure its not is, try the 166mhz(5:06) devisor for testing..... GL -Jess-
  4. hey man read over this, and then see if you have anymore Q's.... http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=329627 BTW, im sorry to say, it coudl be your CO CPU that is limiting your OC, as many of them hit walls down low. i would increas your vcore to 1.55+110%, chipset to 1.6, and vdimm to 2.9, loosen your timings to cas=2.5 trcd=3 trp=3 tras=10 trc=13 trfc=15 just for starters. also remember that you cant disable CPC(command per clock, also known as command rate. CPC enable is 1T, and Disable is 2T) 2T, usually helps in OCing, but its not normal for it to limit your OC that much what cooling are you using? GL -Jess--
  5. well basicly they are exacly the same, exept, the 97 has heat pipes, and the 947u doesnt. i have both and to be honest with you, the cooling difference isnt much. you will see the most difference at low fan speeds, the 97 will out perform, but at max fan, the 947 will, most likely get with in 1c of the 97. as ^^^^^^ said, with either of them, you will need the NEO backing plate, if you wish to install it on a LP-B. http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/thneoba.html ^^ NEO backing plate GL -Jess-
  6. WOW man, i have just skimmed over this, and am gonna point out one thing, then ill go back and read over it well, and repost, im very sorry to say, that you may not use a socket 939 CPU, in the DFI NF3-250GB UT mobo, this mobo only supports Socket 754 CPU's -Jess-
  7. yeah i know after using either my DFI NF3, or DFI NF2 LP-B, which both have Sata raid, when i go back to my NF7, which has an ata 133 HDD, i feel like the dang thig is never, ever gonna finish booting..... -Jess-
  8. well man a couple of things..... First, you might wana flash your bios to one of the betas to get your temps down. you can download one here http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...=&threadid=2073 i would pull your CPU multi(CPU/FSB ratio in bios) back to 8x, and you LDT multi(LDT/FSB ratio in bios) back to 3x. loosen your ram up to CAS=3 tRCD=4 tRAS=10 tRP=4 tRC=13 tRFC=15 tREF=3120 dram drive strenth=level 1 ok now up your Vdimm to 2.9, for starters, and your chipset voltage to 1.6 now, from there see how high you can get your HTT(FSB) with your ram set to 200mhz(1:1) Im not sure if 2500mhz is a reachable goal on the stock HSF, but its work a shot. GL, and see where thoughs settin get you man -Jess-
  9. HAHAHA:nod: Come on ThunDA, you dont want you dell to feel left out do ya..... but about your problem, does it seem slow when doing other things, or only when you attemt to signing on? -Jess- Me thinks you might be spoiled:shake:
  10. Is your Hyper X Bh-5? if so, with the right tweaks, and the vdimm, you should, aslong as your sticks are up to it. Im still not Totally sure which mobo you are talkin about. you have made reference to s-754, and s-939. if you are gonna get the DFI NF3-250GB UT(s-754), then i would have to recommend a 3200 DTR, CG rev http://www.newegg.com/app/viewProductDesc....-103-443&DEPA=1 for s-754 i think this is your best choice, because they are clawhammer, which usually will give a decent boost over a Newcastel, and the usually OC more consistanty than desktop clawhammers. and, if your gonning air cooling, alot of heatsinks dont make good contact with these open Die a64's, i would recommend using only the SLK-948u hsf, as its a bolt on. and if you are refuring to the futur s-939 DFI board, then i would go for the 3200 Winchested, i think, they are cheep, and OC quiet nicely, especaily for the price. GL -Jess-
  11. ok i feel that the drive strength, and or the slots, might help:D GL -Jess-
  12. hummm.... well the first thing i suggest you try is... 1. Try each stick individually, it is possible, that you have reseved a bad stick........ what slots are you using your ram in? 2. i would try slots 1&2, and 1&3. have you messed with any off the other timings? 3. try setting Dram Drive strength to level 1. what Vdimm are you at? 4. try 2.7 and 2.8vdimm For your temp readings.... this is a known issue with the stock bios, here is a download list of all the bioses http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...=&threadid=2073 all are betas(exept the OEM one, of corse) so use at your own risk.... no one has had any flash problems, so far, and many are using them GL -Jess-
  13. It is a known issue, that Vrail reading, and temp readings are not the most accurate. By chance, are you sure your 4-pin 12v connector is for sure plugged it man, your 12v seems low, even for it to just be hardware monitering inacuracy..... GL -Jess-
  14. i appreciate your imput Shroom, yeah, i only use 10x to, because i have BH-6:nod: i would really like to get to the bottom of this though, because i know there are alot out there trying to use 9x........ GL -Jess-
  15. yeah, i dont know, some with mobiles had problems with other CPU mulities, and once they changed it once in windows, it "cleared" there problem up, so, at this point i think anything is worth a try GL -Jess-
  16. If you want to get a TCCD, and you want the best chances of haveing the best possible overclock(its the tried and true mang), i would get the OCZ 3200 EL Plat rev. 2, if you wish to be on the pioneering side,the Gskill, because not that many have tried the Gskill but thoughs that have, have seen good results, and if you are on a budget, the PQI 3200 turbo(2-2-2-5-t1 ver. only:nod: ), it should do good, especially for its price. some of the TCCD's like mushkin 3200 lvl2 V2, and the Corsiar XL stuff, seems to hit walls down lower than the other, and dont seem to hold as good of timings. And its just MHO, that geil, and crucial have QC issue on to much of there ram, me to risk getting a good OCing, some of it might be awsome, but some will most likely not :shake: One of the best things about the TCCD's is that they are friendly to almost all platforms/Chipsets, and as the others have mention, will be good for potecial futur upgrades. And usually the need very little Vdimm to reach there maximum clocks, usually no more than 2.8-2.9 GL:nod: -Jess-
  17. have you possibly tryed changing it with clockgen? i know that some cant get clockgen to work, but resently,(i think anyway) clockgen did an update on teh NF3 one, cuz i redownloaded it, and ever sence, clockgen works:nod: -Jess-
  18. i suggest you flash her again, be sure to do the "clear/update all blocks):nod: GL -Jess-
  19. yeah, some times double and even triple(i know it sounds like nonsence:drool: )flashing has fixed some of there "odd" bios issues. how did you flash the first time man? GL -Jess-
  20. Have you tryed to flash back, and be sure you were stable with the 9/14 bios?:confused: GL -Jess-
  21. Yeah, very very very strange:eek2: have you tryed a bios reflash man? yeah, SHroom, if you coudl tell us wud bios you are using man? GL -Jess-
  22. M__M man, dis is really perplexing meh brain:confused: you said you tryied the stock bios right? and you have reflashed mutliplie times?, i knwo you said you had no WinDozes, but i feel you need a WinFlash flash:nod: , and let it CLear/Updated all blocks, and Clear Cmos(from winflash). have you tryed clearing Cmos with the battery in, and moving the jumper only? Try usin one Dimm in slot one @RGone... you know AWDflash switches to clear/update al blocks, and clear Cmos? GL -Jess-
  23. yes this is true, i feel the reason Tedy says 10.5 multi is the best, is because, it unknownly puts your ram on a ratio(as does all .5 multies). and it probobly alows hit to get a "higher" mem speed, but really, it doesnt, its a CPU-z/CLockgen/sandra/memtest/anythings else that tells what your mems at, Error/bug. at 10.5(if your at 1:1 in bios) your rams on a "10.5 : 11" ratio. say your at 10.5x238=2500. your ram really wouldnt be at 238, i would be at 227mhz(10.5:11) so 11x227=2500mhz, would, accaully be "the same" as 10.5x238. unknowingly, the usuer thinks there ram is faster:( i know this from experiance^^^^:nod: GL:D -Jess-
  24. what makes you say that man? humm, i have done some testing in memtest at 8, 9, and 10, my max stable at ANY multi, is [email protected] i get no errors at any of those multies. at 260, 8, 9, and 10 give errors. so all my multies are acting the same what your experiencing seems very strange?? GL -Jess- PS. bios=10/15.....
  25. well read over this http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=329627 :nod: if you get a chance, its in the process of an update, so all the info isnt complete. i would try droping your cpu multi down to 10x, and your ldt multi to 3x, and start uping the HTT(FSB). look over meh timings guide, and if you have anyother questions just shoot:cool: GL -Jess-
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