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  1. Yes you are underestimating this task, by a long shot. I am afraid it would take me alot of studying & learning to acomplish this myself. If I could even do it then. And to put the time & effort into this for one person to use a setup is not something I wish to do. Not that I dont wish to do it, if my skills where good enough to do it in some reasonable time I would have done emailed it to you modded & ready to go, it would have been my pleasure. Maybe someone can accomplish this for you, but I think you are just stuck myself,IMHO......... Sorry. The big problem would be even testing to see if one had it to work, & unless someone with good bios writing skills was doing it there would be alot of trial & error. Unless Oskar himself took this task in hand(and him being a busy compuny man) I would thing that the chance of this is slim, but who knows? I will have to do some searching but I know a of a man & he has a site that you could ask this of him. I dont know if he could or would but I will try to find the site for you & post back with the link. Although you could try putting back a desktop CPU & reseting the bios to setting that may work with your moble CPU, then dont clear the Cmos & maybe find somethink that willl work. If you get it to boot again & it hangs on post, can U get into bios when it does this. You may have to force the multiplier settings & bus speed for it to run. But try using aother CPU & set everything up for what the moble would need & then swap the CPU,s & dont clear Cmos, it might work. And try with just one stick of ram with stock settings. Jess
  2. ThanKs For The Welcome :shake: Hey, sure is nice to see a good welcome, Thanx guys. As far as the family,Things are Ok but still need some improvements. But hey we go threw are ups & downs. we just had to back up & take care the more important things for awail. Not that U guys are not important or anything, but U get the picture. Thunda, well be back in the game as soon as we get some things ironed out. Untimely Death, U always have way with words RGone HeHe..... Hey RGone, our board was not modded, but we do have heatsinks on most anything that needed it. We also cemented them & thats why we didnt send it in for a RMA. But if you think they would replace it that would be nice to have it going again. Do kinda need it for daily use, and have all the hardware,case,PSU still just sitting there that went to it. As for next build As for SLI, we dont have any SLI VID cards yet, but I think the Duel cards sounds like a real gaming rig to me. I would really like to be on top shelf with the next build. If the performance is worth the price. Also what about the Duel Die CPUs that are suppost to be coming out, are they within release date to be worth waiting for,or does the NF4 SLI have the performance to make it worth building a new rig now. I am not hurting for a rig, but I would like to build a real hotrod with the next one. Probably do some water cooling this time. But I want to be sure and make as good of a jump in performance as I can. It will be a gaming rig & as always have to do some major benchmarking hehe...... Also I think with the way games are going I would want to be able to run 2gig of ram for gaming. I have other mem to use when benchmarking. Everything will be from scratch, so I dont have to worry with keeping anything capatable with older hardware. Like I said tho, I have a lot of reading to do before I start buying. But any info U guys can tho in will always be of help. Jess
  3. Hey Guys Sorry for not being around for awail, the family has been having some problems that we had to work though. Things are looking up though & just wanted to see what the latest thing has been. Our 250UT bit the bullit about 3 months ago so I havnt been doing any work with it. I guess I will be looking into the next thing coming up. I couldnt aford to replace the 250 UT at the time & thought I would just wait till I could buy & move up in performance. So whatz the big peformer now & is it worth making the jump. No big hurry in building for me, but in about two weeks it will be time to build. Ill be cruzing & read as always & see what I think, but imput from the DFI clan is always good. RGone & AG wus up Jess
  4. well, i have some 512's and some 256's. the ones that do 265 are 2x512. they are all mushkin pc3200 222 specail. well, getting 239 at 3.2 is possible, but unlikely. as for your PSU, with the proper mods, it will do at lest [email protected] -Jess-
  5. well, for me, BH-6 and teh UT is great. for bh-6 to really thrive, it need Vdimm, and alot of it. at least 3.3v, or more. with a 3.3vrail mod, the DFI UT can get at least 3.6vdimm, no problems, and if your PSU can handle it, you can get even more. i can get up to 250-255mhz stable with most of my bh-6 at 3.55-3.6 vdimm, at 2-2-2-6-9-12. i have two good sticks though, that will do [email protected], at 2-2-2-6-9-12... read over this http://www.ocforums.com/showpost.php?p=3088226&postcount=3 i would say, on average, with bh-6, at 3.5vdimm, you should get 240-255mhz, at 2-2-2-5/6.... -Jess-
  6. AndyA, Something tells me your SnoopDog26 at OC-fourms eh?...HeHe :nod: Afew things man... 1. what bios are you using..? 2. have you tried single channel? 3. what are your other voltages at, and have you tried taking them up higher? -Jess- PS, and see how memtest goes as the others have suggested.........
  7. no i have used two 9800 pro's and a 9600 XT on the DFI NF3-250gb, and MSI NF3, and a Shuttle NF3, all using Windows 2000, and SP4, none of which had any problems, exept my one card that need extra V-AGP for some reason........ -Jess-
  8. bump, i added the official 9/14 to the list, im 99,99% sure it should be identical to the beta 9/14, but i made it a seperate link, just to be sure (PS i know the 9/14 being official is old news, but i have been buisy lately, and havent had a chance for updates:shake: ) -Jess-
  9. *Cough* - http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...=&threadid=2517 - *Cough* HeHe :nod: -Jess-
  10. have you tested your exact Vidcard to be stable in another system? well, to be honest with you, it might be a problem with my vidcard, but even at stock, i have problems at 1.5vagp... when i increase to 1.6-1.7, it all cleares up.. (but if it is a problem, im not worried about it, cuz after cranking it up to 1.7vagp, and alittle cooling, it runs stable at 460/420..... )... -Jess-
  11. @Blåbär............. for give me of such and insulting Q, but is your 4-pin 12v Connector plugged in:D ? -Jess-
  12. have you tried turning off fast writes in bios, or increasing the Vagp? -Jess-
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