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  1. Hi Guys, I have been running my lanparty nf2B for about 2 years now at around 220x10.5 and I've started to test out what it can actually do. I'm running at 220x11.5 @1.8v now, memtest is fine and it boots to windows but super pi fails near the end. I just installed MBM 5 again and I was looking at the voltages and they seemed a little low. +3.3v is showing as 3.22v +5v is 4.95v +12v is 11.61v Does anyone have some pictures of how I can check these values with a DMM and if these do sound low. Thanks
  2. Update: It appears that the problem all along was my waterblock as it just fried my 2600 mobile when i tried to raise the voltage to 1.75. I had tried repositioning it multiple times but this didnt seem to have an effect on the cooling. I am now back on my volcano 9 and running 200x11.5 @ 1.75 on my 2600+ barton and I can prime stable. Ill have to work on the waterblock to see what the problem is. Thanks for the help, I'll see what this setup can do while i wait to get a new chip. Damn takes so long to get stuff shipped to Aus.
  3. My original set up was a barton 2600+ and some generic pc2700 ram, I was waiting to get the new ram and cpu before I started to overclock Working speed is 166x11 which is stock for my cpu, but even at this speed if I try and tweak the memory timing tbe system becomes unstable. I have tried 200x9 which posts but after a short time it will power off and won't come back on till i reset the bios, raising the voltage seems to have no effect on this. If I raise it to 1.7 the computer just powers down almosts immediatly. @ Lombard, I understand that overlclocking is a gradual process and that not all mobo's are the same. I am just a little annoyed that it seems incapable of reaching even 200 fsb. I am going to try and overclock in increments now and see how long I can hold stable.
  4. Hi Guys, Ive had my NFII B for a couple of months now and I just got my new memory and cpu. Put the chip in and booted fine but if I try to modify the ram timings it will hang before it get to windows. If I try to raise the FSB to 200 then it will boot to windows but crashes when i try to prime. If i try to raise the vCore to 1.6v then it will crash and wont post till I reset the bios I have tried putting the memory in differenct dimm's, different timing's. Even tried putting my old Barton 2600+ and raising the FSB but still the same problem. Any ideas?
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