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  1. since your p.m box seems to be full I will post this here I would still like the 180.. Up for any trades? I got a retail 165 retail, 170 retail, 2 different sets of 2x1gb some 2x512 set's, 36gb raptor. I would perfer let the 165 go plus pay paypal on my part.
  2. what week is the chip you posted stepping but not date code..... nm 0541 any trades?
  3. your are correctamundo my blind as a bat friend
  4. Will you ship the product to anyone who has around 100+ heatware evals...
  5. Will you ship 1st to people with heat greater then 100+>?
  6. Do you have a picture of what it looks like?
  7. rofl I changed the bandwidth to 5gb instead of 1 so it should be ok as I stated this is the first real time I have used it... Zigchat was using to much bandwith so had to change to registers only... I'm also a Senior for almost 2 yr's @ ocforums. I cant lie I'm a regular @ H, ocforums, pcper, XS, anandtech, and a few others I only posted @ my favorite places. Other then sending out bull on myspace. I'm jonspd on myspace also if anyone wants to add me... BTW I was around when angree and thunda started up DFI street. and been a memeber everysence so thats Y I respected to ask so plz dont flame me thanks... comments or suggestions are great but the other can go. forgot to say Fold On and LMK when you get to 500k as I might be closing in on 6
  8. See if that is any different. Again I'm looking for any error's such as link to should go XXX etc Jonspd
  9. Working on that fixed the post text now just for the post title and title text.
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