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  1. Well I think it is time to RMA this board, unless anyone has any other ideas. What is the best way to start the RMA process. I live in the US, and checked the North American DFI website, but do not see a RMA request option. Thanks all. Jnuw
  2. Tmod, Thanks for checking it. If you could send it back, that would be great, thanks. Jon
  3. :confused: Got new bios chip (Thanks tmod), but still can't boot. I popped the new one in, and tried booting with the insert key, no post. Tried factory cmos reset (60 seconds), no luck. Trying long reset now. Assuming this does not work, RMA time? Thanks all for your help.
  4. I also just tried booting with a CPU, RAM, and Video card out of a PC that I know boots just fine (this one). No luck. Should I RMA this board, or order a new bios chip and puller tool? Thanks again.
  5. Sorry the skipping that info. Yes, tried 2-3 day cmos reset, and the insert key trick. Still no post.
  6. Ok, I tried it out on my table, on top of the foam cushion, on top of 5 towels, with ONLY the ATX power, 12v power, AGP Card, Mouse, Keyboard and VGA plugged in. I had nothing plugged into the LED/Button contacts, and I jumpered the ATX Power contacts to get it to start. No luck, no post. Is it safe to say the bios is the next step? Hotflash or preflashed bios savior then right? Thanks again guys for your help. Jon
  7. Forgive my ignorance, but where is the motherboard switch to power it up? Thanks for your help!
  8. Thanks Clay. I'm going to work on it today. If I do find that it is indeed a dead bios, could I try the hotflashing with the bios chip from my Epox 8rda+? Thanks again guys. Jon
  9. Thanks Loggan26, I'll run through those steps and see what happens. Could you give me the link to that faq page, I can't seem to find it, thanks. Jon
  10. Hello all. Well I swapped my rig into a different case over the weekend, and after which tried to turn on my PC, but the video did not initialize, which happens every once in a great while. I hit the reset button, and again, no video/post. I tried about 50 times, but I still am not getting a post. I tried swapping back to the original case, still no luck. I tried resetting the bios with the factory procedure (power, bat, jumper, wait, and reverse), no luck. I tried holding down the insert key, and still no luck. I also don't get the power LED on the case, but do get the HD LED. Both red LEDs on the mobo do light up. I read in another thread that the lack of the power LED on the case can be a corrupt bios. What are my options? Sig below is pretty much acurate, had been running 220x10 for 6mo. to a year. Any help would be very much apprecieated, thanks all for looking. Jon
  11. Hello all. I have the board in my sig below, and want to get an Infrared reader sensor so I can interface my Nokia cell phone to my PC, and use the Nokia software to add stuff to my phone. Anyone know where I can get the reader that would plug into the IrDA Connector on the board? Thanks much all.
  12. Thanks guys, guess i'll try the 1007. The 1001 driver was so much better than the Rev001, it was like night and day. Just didn't want to get another dud. Thanks again.
  13. Hello all. I was just wondering in anyone knew the best Silicon Image 3114 driver for my Ultra Infinity. I'm running 2 SATA drives off my 3114, but not using RAID. When I first got the board, I used the supplied driver, which was listed as the Rev.001. It was terrible. I installed the driver for what is listed in my device manager as "Silicon Image SiI 3114 SATARaid Controller", and got much better HD performance. Now I see that Silicon Image has a new driver out, just wondering if anyone has tried it, or knows what the best driver is for this board's 3114 controller. Thanks.
  14. Whats the best way to blow away old "Reloaded" profiles? Use the backup command to force a copy of your current setup? Thanks. Jnuw