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  1. Hi Yep, for me, went from 9X312=2808 to 10X286=2860. Slight improvements in the benchies BUT, never could get the X10 multi before so that, for me, was the big difference. Regards
  2. Hi Flashed last night and now have the X 10 multi. I was never able to do anything much with X 10 till last night. Now at 292 X 10, 1M super pi and primed for 30 minutes only but still playing. I think the best I had with the 704-BT2A was about 270 X 10. Regards
  3. Hi I have the same memory and got 314X9. You could try the bios, mem settings and Vmem volts from my sig and see what happens. I use the orange slots. Regards
  4. Hi I'm happy, had an nF2 Infinity and now the nF4 Ultra D. Both have given me hours of pleasure (well almost) and kept me out of the pub. Regards
  5. Hi Sorry if it's a bit late but bought this at the weekend: http://www.tekheads.co.uk/s/product?product=602745 Removed the finger guard and replaced the 2 screws, fitted in seconds with a little AS5. Leaves about 2mm gap under the Leadtek 7800GT. It's really quiet compared to the DFI one and you can make it even quieter from Smartguadian software control option. I set it to 80%. Temps max at 43 degrees, was 50 so I'm happy. Regards
  6. Hey guys Finally found the Hitachi compatability guide here http://www.hitachigst.com/tech/techlib.nsf.../T7K250_com.pdf And guess what, the TX2300 is on the list. Very confused now. Any thoughts?
  7. Thanks guys I guess I'll be sending back the TX2300. Anyone know of a SATA II controller that works with these drives? Regards
  8. Hi, can anyone please help with a SATA II problem? I've installed 2 T7K250 160GB SATA II drives along with a promise FastTrak TX2300 SATA II card in my system. Now the drives come set as 1.5GB (normal SATA drives) and need to be set to 3.0 GB. OK, Hitachi recommend using their (IBM) features tool to configure the drive but... When the drives are connected to the Promise controller they are not recognised by the tool. When connected one at a time to the on board SIL3114 controller, they are recognised by the tool but the tool refuses to change the settings from 1.5GB to 3.0GB. Thanks in anticapaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaation. Regards
  9. Hey, that's a good idea, but maybe 2.4V to 4.0V is a good range (might not boot at 2.0V) and it makes sense to increase the resistance. I'm not sure of the validity of lowering the volts for a higher clock, never ever did that with the Geil memory, but I definitely watched the errors in memtest drop to zero at 2.6 volts as I lowered the voltage. I do have a heat gun and access to SMD resistors so it's worth thinking about. But do I have the courage? Probably need to plan next board, just in case! Regards
  10. OK So, the consensus is alls well. I'll have to get me one of those 64 bit chips and a board to play around with. For me, it was just the odd bios and voltage thing that made me think I've been doing something wrong. Tobias, mem ratio is 1:1 CPC on etc. This stuff is also reasonably cheap, £160 for 1GB. Regards
  11. Guys Been having problems with this new memory. I've had it for about a month. Real problems in the beginning it just couldn't get anywhere near my Geil PC3500 Platinum (was 256x10 at 3.6 vdimm). Normally use a Hellfire bios which has served me well for ages. Faffed around with various bios's and ended up with the latest official. I'm now as per my sig which I'm sort of OK with but The TCCD stuff did seem to promise better. All other bios's (including Hellfires just released latest) only OK up to about 200X10. Oh and strangely, I cannot raise VDimm any more than 2.6 vdimm as I get loads of errors in memtest. Had to remove my VDimm mod and, in fact, if anyone has a VDimm mod to lower the volts and a Hellfire bios based on the latest official I'd probably be a happy bunny. Any thoughts?
  12. Hi I've had these for a couple of weeks since killing off I stick of the Geil stuff. The best I've had so far, is 250X10 at 2.5, 3,3,3,10,CPC on at 2.7V. Prime95 for an hour. Regards
  13. Oh, have two posts in this forum, something’s gone wrong!!! Anyway to answer your questions, I've sort of half heartedly tried mem burn-in for 3 hours (test#5), but still had same 2 errors. Think I read, in this forum, that Geil ram and burn-in don't work as per BH5's but thought it worth a go. Don't know which mem chips I have and don't feel the urge to remove spreaders right now. Did up chipset volts from 1.7 to 1.8 (must change sig) and that got rid of some other errors prior to 254. 1.9V gave me lots of errors (in test#5). Have a 550 Watt no-name PSU which seems to be adequate. I also think the mem volts are a tad high (nuts in fact) be seem to be OK but I reckon I'm probably at the max for this memory. Regards
  14. Thanks AG, don't think these are BH5's since the timings are a bit odd. Don't feel the urge to pull heat spreaders to have a look. Think I'll just leave as is for the moment. Wizard, I think a few others on this forum have said the same. Haven't anything else to try other than a stick of value ram PC3200 in daughters PC. That stick was actually a replacement RMA 'cause I'd taken the A7V8X board to max mem voltage and it didn't like it. Better not try it or she won't be very happy. it's a bit too expensive to buy another pair for a few of extra MHz. Probably wait till I upgrade to 64 bits (maybe a Christmas present!). Still, 254X10 aint bad. Regards
  15. And I don't mean spiritually or chemically! Just a little question, so... was at 248X10 with a couple of errors in MemTest-86 1st pass of test#5 (OK thereafter) at 250X10. Installed the VDimm mod and powered up, XP booted OK and Hardware doc tells me the VDimm Voltage is 3.4V (was 3.25V ish). This is where I wanted to end up so I'm a bit surprised since I set the pot to max resistance (200K) to start. Anyway ran Memtest-86 and still had the same two errors. It felt like I was being deceived and the voltage was at pre mod, so a little tweak later and I'm at 3.6V (Hardware doc) and no memtest errors till 255FSB. Set the system at 254X10 and primes for an hour and 3D2001/3/5 all OK. Been like this for 3 days and all seems very well but wouldn't want to trash these memory sticks for the sake of 60MHz. Is this a reasonable thing to do or is it nuts? Regards
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