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  1. maybe i better rethink using the dfi boards. really don't have time for lots of problems. the dfi 875 board i had was flawless and o/ced a 3.0es to 3.75 Please put location in.
  2. Sig created. thankx for the heads up on that.
  3. would the expert model be the next best choice for a opty 165?
  4. anyone know where this is for sale?
  5. would this be a good choice? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817104934
  6. i had planed to use it on the dfi lanparty pro 875b board. since i can't go abovr 2.9 dimm volts, will the ocz vx still work ok?
  7. has anyone tried the geil golden dragon with the dfi 875 board?
  8. which ballistix should i get to use with this board and a 3.0es? pc3200 or pc4000
  9. from anand tech dfi board review. Filling all three available memory slots is more strenuous on the memory subsystem than testing 2 DIMMs on a motherboard. We were very pleased to find that 3 DS DIMMs (1.5GB) of memory worked fine at timings almost the same as the aggressive timings that we used for 2 DIMMs. The DFI is one of the few Socket 754 boards that we have tested which can handle 3 DS DIMMs. You do need to use slightly slower timings with 3 DIMMs, but the 2-2-3-10 is very close to the rated 2-2-2-10 timings of the memory which we used for testing. Stable DDR400 Timings - 3 DIMMs (3/3 DIMMs populated - Single-Channel mode) Clock Speed: 200MHz CAS Latency: 2.0 RAS to CAS Delay: 3T RAS Precharge: 10T* Precharge Delay: 2T Command Rate: 2T
  10. so would i be better off just using 2x256 especially if i want to o/c?
  11. can i use 3x256 mushkin pc3200 level II bh5 on this board?
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