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  1. Yay Happy is gone and a new street AWESOME!
  2. Bought the first ps1 just for resident evil.
  3. Mott13

    Myspace anyone?

    Well I use myspace for my band and it really works great for promoting gigs and my music. Oh and H_G you might get annoyed by the music at my site but it certainly aint no HAPPY music:) http://www.myspace.com/mrgrim666
  4. Nice work everyone but null's is my fav...
  5. Mott13


    Did Angry change his name because of all that money he won from teh lottery a while back??
  6. Dragoe that case is some astounding workmanship! it has so much room its begging for some watercooling, I wouldnt be able to resist myself...
  7. Is this what your looking for?
  8. Like the title says looking for a DFI nf3 agp board...
  9. Mott13

    Maxtill mouse pads (updated)

    I want one,I need a new mouse pad despratley... Where and how much do I send A_G?
  10. Mott13

    The Guitar (or other instrument) discussion

    Nice rig A_G, I've been playing guitar for about 22 years now and I love EVERYTHING metal! well almost everything:) I've been using a digitech gen x 3 with a line 6 flextone II head and really liking the tones, coupled with my les paul custom(my pride)and I also have a vai ibanez jem 6 string. Just played a nice lil death metal fest in NYC with my band engorge http://engorge.darkhorizon666.com/ENGORGE.htm
  11. Mott13

    The Guitar (or other instrument) discussion

    Wow awsome pick I would have to agree with you on that but wait... little dolls is also one of my favs,Dime has some of my favorite solos of all time like "medicine man" from CFH then there is the slow feeling solos I love from David Gilmour and guys like beck and clapton,god it's way to hard to pick just one solo:) I just can't do it!!!!
  12. Mott13

    Best Watercooling Fluid...

    I use distilled water+water wetter or zerex.Seems to do the job:)
  13. Mott13

    Where can I buy lanparty decals?

    Or mirror like mine:)
  14. Mott13

    Where can I buy lanparty decals?

    Try here they have some nice decals http://www.shadowmajik.com/Qstore/Qstore.c...PROD=1116565331