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  1. Hey Shinobi: A couple of posts back you mentioned that you had modified the bios' TicTac created for the LPB to the proper P/N for the infinity so it would be properly recgonized. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to have a copy of that bios? Or maybe post it in the forums? I'm sure many infinity users would appreciate that. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi: I'm just seeing how things run with this cheap stick of ram. I'm currently at 220mhz 3-3-3-11 @2.9V on my NF2 ultra infinity. Does anyone have them higher? What settings are you using? Kei P.S. They memtest fine at 225mhz, but I can't get the rig stable at that speed, any suggestions? Chipset is at 1.6V, already tried raising it.
  3. One possible explanation might be that the new BIOS displays the CPU diode temperature instead of the CPU socket temperature. The onboard diode on the AMD chips tend to display MUCH higher temps since they are closer to the core. One way to check is to see if the new higher temps fluctuate faster than the old temps. Although along the same lines though, my NFII Ultra-AL is reporting much higher temps than the machine with the Ultra Infinity, eventhough they use the same CPU (same speed, ordered at the same time) same case, same cooler (thermaltake silentboost), and are in the same room.
  4. I just bought an ultra AL about a month ago. Runs really well, took my 2500+ to 3200+ no problems even with my flaky 300W PS. (The AL has 3 phase power, unlike some of the other "lite" version boards from other manufacturers) The AL has a different layout compared to the Infinity, so they're definitely not the same board with missing chips. The BIOS options are pretty much identical to the Infinity. (I haven't tried all of them as i have a superlocked barton, but they're all there) As for the MCP-T issue, I just use my SB Live 5.1 with audigy2 drivers, sound quality is about the same, if not better (the soundstorm is usually ran through a RealTek ALC650 hardware layer on most nforce2 boards anyways). Plus it doesn't zap CPU cycles like the RT 650 does. All in all, unless you really planning on goin FSB crazy, the Ultra AL is just fine at 200mhz (it'll go higher, but i haven't tried) Hope that helps Ken
  5. Has anyone tried the desktop to mobile mod on these superlocked chips? I made a bad choice of getting a superlocked 2500 barton, and have since been reseaching for ways to unlocked them when i came across CPUMSR (http://www.cpuheat.wz.cz/html/CPUMSR_main.htm), something that lets you change the multi on the fly in windows. I know CPUMSR doesn't work with Nforce2 boards yet (i have a DFI NFII Ultra-AL), something about changing the FID_Command using WPCREDIT to enable PowerNow! support. But i figured that since we here in this forum have people who can get in touch with the DFI engineers we'd have a better chance to get it to work. (perhaps even integrated into a beta bios!) So has anyone given the mod a shot on these DFI nforce2 boards? Ken
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