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  1. Hi! I pushed an OC a little far, so when I saved my settings in the BIOS and rebooted, it wouldn't POST. Then, I tried clearing the CMOS. I have probably done so about 15 times. I've also removed the battery. I tried switching the ram and video card out. I think the BIOS may be corrupted. Is there any way to flash it with a corrupt bios without having a system that will post? Thanks!
  2. Ahh... it still does the same thing with the corsair, so I don't know what to do. I would appreciate it if someone could help. Thank You!
  3. I am sick of this mushkin ram, so I got a refund and ordered some corsair value ram.
  4. Hi! Whenever I shut down my system by pressing the power button or shutting down from windows, I am forced to clear the CMOS because both of my monitors don't show anyghing when booting up. Whenever it reboots via the bios menu, I don't have to clear the CMOS. What's wrong?
  5. Sorry for being so impatient, but I would really like to use my 6800 OC tomorrow to see how well my system will perform on HL2. Thank You SOOO Much!
  6. It passed memtest with 0 errors. Cas timings should not be 11-3-3-3-2(2 for cas). It said on newegg that they should be 2.5-4-4.
  7. I'm not using the PC3200 and PC2100 at the same time. I've tried seting timings to optimal and voltages at auto. I've tried the multiplier at 5 with the FSB at 200. I would try upping the vcore, but this kid decided to stick his finger into my smaftfan II and it broke two blades off, so I am using a POS speeze fan that doesn't push much air. What HS and fan would you recommend? I would like to keep that under $70. Thanks for all the replies!
  8. Hey! I have my 1 stick of PC3200 512MB Mushkin Basic and have my memory timings set to 2.5-4-4-4-11. Windows won't boot with my FSB set to anything above 110. With some pc2100, it'll boot at 140MHZ. I think I may have my timings wrong, as I know nothing about memory timings. What do you suggest I change them to? Here is a photo of the settings in the bios: [bIMG]http://www.nico.lynkshosting.com/computer/IMG_0018.JPG[/bIMG] Thanks.
  9. I tried setting the drive to LBA and it worked! Thank you so much exeter_acres! -Nico Ritschel
  10. Yes, I set up the boot order again. LBA didn't fix the problem, either. Thanks anyways, though. I think I'm going to RMA the drive tomorrow.
  11. Hey! I just built my new rig and it turned out great! I installed windows XP proand everything went fine. Then, I pushed my overclock too far and the system wouldn't post, so I cleared the CMOS and brought my overclock back down to 2.54ghz. Then, my hard drive partition was deleted somehow and I couldn't boot back into windows. I tried reinstalling windows, but after it copied the installation files to the hard drive, the system would not read the MBR after it rebooted the first time during the installation of windows(I checked to see if the finstallation files were there via knoppix). I have tried installing windows 7 times and windows won't continue installing after the first reboot. SPECS: Mobile [email protected] 1.85v Volcano 11 with Smartfan 2 and AS5 DFI NFII INFINITY Generic pc2100(soon to be pc3200) 80gb WD SE Aspire X-Dreamer with included PSU ABIT TI4200 OTES Thanks! -Nico Ritschel
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