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  1. Well by the part and give it a try cause the part is only like 3 bucks and if it doesn't work oh well it was only 3 bucks. You might get a hum though this is a result of a ground or you might not. If you get a hum try plugging both devices in the same outlet or powerstrip and see if that solves it.
  2. No that thing will not have digital inputs. I thought you got a stereo reciever not a all in one shelf system. That will have RCA inputs so that Rat Shack part will work. I did some googlen and found this as some listed specs. Surround sound: No After some more googlen I found this http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...cs&vi=tech-data It does have RCA Inputs for analog. Winston856 the RCAs on your motherboard are digital not analog so you can't use them.
  3. Now I am confused. You bought a new home stereo and your going to hook it up via analog? Why would anyone in there right mind want to do this? I highly doubt that any new reciever these days doesn't come with at least digital input. If not two one for coax and the red light one thingee magigger
  4. Ya know I think we should forget about Prime95 and just have a loop playback on Unreal Tournament cause thats what really shows if your stable in my opinion.
  5. I have to agree you should either clear the CMOS and boot windows at stock settings and test it or up the VCore on your proc. I have a Mobile 2500+ @ 2 Volt VCore ( Watercooled ) I would at least bump up the vcore to 1.8 if your not going to clear the cmos and I would lock the AGP at 66 Mhz not the 72 Mhz listed above as we have yet to find the problem.
  6. Send the ATI on RMA worst case they give you another 9600Pro or better back.
  7. Ok well I am still gunshy on using a beta bios. So I am just going to wait till it becomes offical. I was able to get pc to pass prime95 at 220*12 with a 2volt vcore and 3.2 volt on ram. But sense ram is rated at 2.6 stock and 2.9 max I just put it back on 200mhz system bus put ram at 2.6 and set to a 13x multiplier. So I am now booting stable at 2700 Mhz like I was on the nf7-s I had.
  8. Ok its makes mention of not using the other 6/19 bios that are floating around. I would assume that the 6/19 bios that is on this site would be the one that I want to use. Damn now I have to find where I put my floppy drive. Which is funny cause I have a 100 pack of blank floppies for some dumb reason.
  9. Are they any other switchs that I should know about?
  10. MikeZ101

    Water cooling plunge

    Well try the 210 in a week so your CPU grease can do its job. Then in another week try again.
  11. Ok I just yanked out my NF7-S *which died and is on RMA* and have succesfully installed my NFII Ultra Infinity and managed to keep my XP Pro without having to do a reinstall. Now on my old setup I was doing 2700 Mhz (200*13.5) on a XP-M 2500+ at 1.95 volt. I have both my CPU and GPU cooled via a Koolance. I am currently running at 2600 Mhz (200*13 @ 1.90v) at this current speed at idle i am 31C at full tilt i am 39C. I also have 2x512mb of corsair xms platium running in dual channel at 400mhz. I am curious as to what would be a modest Overclock on this ram. The ram currently is at 2.8 volt and set to 11 3 3 3 2.5. I am kinda gunshy to even try and OC the ram cause with my old NF7-S even at 201mhz x 2 it wouldn't boot. I am running the 11/29/2003 bios (or something very close to that date) I really do not want to flash to any of the new bios as they are beta and from what I have read in the forums if it fubars its to bad cause warrenty is void. If I can supply any more info to help please let me know as I did try hard to make a signature that contains all the information possibly needed.
  12. I thought I read some where else in the forums if you use sata1 you can't use the primary ide or some crap. I must have been to tired to recall exactly what it said.
  13. MikeZ101

    Help with 3Dmark

    Well it really isn't the one that I bought. I have RMA'd the card 3 times this being the third one finally worked. The others were either dead out of box or did massive screen problems. Ya I wasn't sure with the WC or using the VGA Silencer. Mostly cause my Koolance doesn't hold a tremendous amount of water and its only 1/2" poly instead of the 3/4". I will probly just keep the card WC'd then cause I don't think my Mobile 2500+ is going to go much higher then 2700 mhz. But I will find that out in a day or so once my new DFI board comes in and the NF7-S goes to ABIT on RMA as it is dead in the water.
  14. MikeZ101

    Help with 3Dmark

    Hey ViperJohn Sense we are off topic on the Radeons I have a ATI Radeon 9500 Pro. 102-a-0560204 with Infineon ram. I have it watercooled right now and at stock. But ordered this ( http://www.newegg.com/app/viewProductDesc....-186-110&depa=0 ) as I have been reading people are doing really good OC'n with this cooler. Also all of my ram has copper heatsinks on them except one cause it blocks the power plug for the card. I was just curious if you can tell me what bios I should flash too or not and what would be a normal OC for this card as I am not going to be pushing the last Mhz out of the OC. Thanks In Advance ps. Not that this will make a huge difference but this is the thermal paste I am using http://www.newegg.com/app/viewProductDesc....-100-007&depa=0